Chapter 1.20–Summer Fun

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Bookabet Legacy. I’m sorry that’s its been a while since my last update, but loads of things have conspired against me to prevent me updating! The biggest of which is the fact that my PC managed to get infected with a nasty virus and my Sims file needed to be reinstalled. Thank goodness for backup files though, so I haven’t lost any screenshots! The biggest problem with my game though was what turned out to be a patch or University Life glitch that blocked my store content from showing up, even after a reinstall and machine defragment. After much cussing, googling and forum browsing, I discovered a fix and it all seems to be fine. I’ve even discovered store content that I forgot I had! I haven’t loaded up the Bookabets since the reinstall, but fingers crossed that everything is as it should be!

Anyway, enough of that. Last time, Arya and Adam travelled to China where our crazy little fairy was infected with a dose of full moon lunacy. This led to her giving her brother a lunatic embrace which they both found far too … enjoyable for my liking!


Adam: Listen Arya. What happened in China stays in China. You tell anyone and I’ll go all Anti-Christ on you. Understand?


Arya: Who is this and what has it done with my brother?

I don’t know, but it looks like my normally mild mannered Adam is having a rough day. Also, I’ve just noticed something about Arya.

Is it just me, or is there a certain resemblance between Arya and Merida from Brave? Their hair and eye colour is exactly the same, and I think their nose and mouth are quite similar as well. I always knew my Arya was meant to be a princess!


In other news, this picture marks the installation of Seasons. Yes, that’s how long ago I took this screenshot. I’m such a bad blogger I know. *Hangs head in shame*

Ceridwen: I’m confused. If today is the first day of Summer, then what the hell was it yesterday?!

TS3W 2012-11-21 19-55-00-08

I am not amused. Where is my rain?! I’ve had more than enough eternal sunshine thank you very much!!


Franco: Now to carry on with my latest masterpiece. Every artist needs a great view to inspire them and mine is no exception … Wait a second. Something seems different. Who has been messing with my view?!


Franco: Honey. I know this sounds crazy, but there appears to be a park in front of my view. That wasn’t there when I went to sleep was it?

Ceridwen: The removal men came last night and placed our house on the back of their lorry. We’ve moved half a mile down the road. Have you forgotten already honey? Honestly, your absent-mindedness. *shakes head*


It’s true. I moved the household to a blank lot down the road. This one is exactly the same size, but backs on to a fishing lake which is ideal for my outdoorsy Sims and canine treasure hunters. The new lot is now more in the centre of town which is always ideal.

Now for some Gelert pic spam. It’s been a while since we caught up with everyone’s favourite immortal fairy god dog.


Alice: Good morning Gelert. I love you so much. Give me some smoochie-woochies my beautiful baby.

Gelert: Who are you calling baby? I’m older than you are little girl! And watch the ears … I kind of need them you know.


Gelert: Who am I kidding? I love you too kiddo.



Is this not the cutest thing ever? I’m not kidding, the dogs absolutely adore Alice and she doesn’t even have the animal lover trait. I wonder if it’s because she’s good? I wouldn’t be surprised if that was it actually, as they avoid Asriel like the plague.


Gelert: Now that we’ve got the mushy stuff out of the way, how about some breakfast? I can’t feed myself.


Gelert: AND DON’T COME BACK!!! Hugs from the humans? Check. Breakfast? Check. Chase away the mail carrier? Check. What a productive day so far. It’s good to be me. Next up, check on my kids.


Gelert: What’s up son?

Apollo: You’ll never guess what. I saw this MASSIVE rodent in the park earlier. It wasn’t like any rodent I’ve ever seen before because it had four huge legs and tried to kick me when I tried to bring it home.

Gelert: Er, Apollo. That was a horse.

Apollo: Oh. That’s alright then … What’s a horse?


Gelert: Never mind. It’s ok that you’re not the brightest bulb. I love you anyway.

Apollo: Gosh, thanks pop. I love you too.


After a long action-filled day, Gelert is glad to get to bed later that day. It seems like he’s having a nightmare though …

Gelert: Zzzzz My son is being killed by Bonehilda Zzzzz




Oh … Just teaching Apollo to play dead. Carry on then.


Meanwhile,  Artemis is making friends with the new family in the neighbourhood.

Artemis: Stay still human and let the sniffing commence.

Sebastian Hodgins: Hello pretty girl. Who are you?


Artemis: You smell of … cats. Cats are evil and you will pay for being their servant.

Sebastian: Will a game of chase make up for it?

Artemis: Not completely, but it’s a start.


Sebastian: I’m going to get you!!!

Artemis: NEVER!!!!


Adam: Why are you wearing that to school Arya?

Arya: Because it’s summer of course. Duh. One is  supposed to wear ones swimsuit in the summer. Doesn’t one know anything?


Asriel: What are you doing on my school bus you creep?

Tristan Van Gould: Is the package ready to be delivered?

Asriel: About that. I’ve changed my mind. You can’t have my sister as she’ll be beneficial to my minion army.

Tristan: You can’t change your mind. I’ll suck your blood whilst you sleep.

Asriel: Fine then. I’ll give you a stake whilst YOU sleep. So there …

TS3W 2012-11-10 18-16-36-79

Tristan has it quite bad for Arya, which is ironic as he’s the Simmified version of Edward Cullen from Twilight. It’s quite funny because the Sim version of Bella is dating Adam. The Bookabet kids sure are popular. I would consider setting Arya and Tristan up as I think he has an interesting face, but I’ve already got plans for Arya’s spouse. Winking smile


Whilst the kids are at school, I send the folks off to the Summer Festival for a bit of fun time. Franco immediately gravitates to the roller rink. He’s really not very good though.


Franco: My entire life is flashing before my eyes!


Franco: I’m flying Jack, I’m flying!


Ceridwen: I love my husband so much. He’s so adorable falling on his backside all the time.

In case you’re wondering, Arya has bestowed the Flight of Felicity on her mother again. It helps Arya to level up her fairy skill and is a positive moodlet for the recipient.


Ceridwen: Hello readers. I bet you’re jealous of me right now. This snow cone is so GOOD.

She’s right. I am jealous. We don’t have snow cones in the UK. We have slush puppies instead and I so want one right now.


The Hodgins family are all out with a vengeance today. Ceridwen introduces herself to Gwyn …


… whilst Ariel skives off from her job as concession vendor.

Ariel: I don’t feel like working today. I want to enjoy the festival and play my guitar instead.


Not to be outdone, Nemo is also here, playing truant from school and rocking the skinhead look and Llama face paint. Personally, I think he’s never looked better Smile with tongue out


Ooh, schools out. Quick Anita, go make friends.

Anita: Why creator, I’m impressed.

They seem to get on well. I’ll just leave them to it.


Meanwhile, Franco decides to bond with his oldest son in a friendly game of football (or as the US call it, Soccer).

Franco: You can’t beat me son. I’m a soccer legend and you can’t even play basketball. Na Na Na Na Na

Adam: Really? Are you ready for this?


Franco: HELP!!!

Anita: *behind face-painting booth flirting with Nemo* HEY!! THAT HURT ADAM!!!


Adam: You can’t beat me old man. I’m the All-Weather Champion.

TS3W 2012-11-22 11-12-33-93

It’s true, he is.


Elsewhere, Alice and Arya decided to take part in a hot-dog eating contest and Gwyn joined in. This makes me happy. Who’s going to win? Take your bets now!


Alice: I win! You guys are losers. Where’s my prize?


Alice: For real now, can I get my prize? You know, for being a star?

Poor Gwyn. Total fail Sad smile


Asriel had scouts after school, so couldn’t join the family until the end of the day. Of course, he’s feeling a bit rebellious about taking part in the family greeting card.

Asriel: How dare my family have fun without me. I’ll show them.





Sebastian: It’s getting really late, can’t I go home yet?!

Artemis: Don’t be stupid. You’re mine now. Brush me slave.

Actually, Sebastian brushed her all on his own. So cute Smile


This is why it’s handy having a fairy in the house. No need for repairmen … my fairy mechanic can handle things from now on.

Arya: One cannot be a princess without getting their hands dirty from time to time. Although one is not going to clean up that water on the floor. Sir Right-Hand, summon Bonehilda at once.


Asriel: It’s ok chemistry set. I’ll never risk losing you again … not when I’m so close to perfecting the secret formula.


Asriel: I’m so close, I can smell it. Before long, I will be able to make you real Stelmaria. And then, I’ll steal my siblings toys and make them real … and then, they will all follow me. I will finally have my minion army! Mwah Ha Ha …


Asriel: … But first, I’m sleepy. Every evil mad scientist needs their beauty sleep. Must check under the bed to make sure the monster is fed.


Asriel: Gosh, he looks … hungry. And why are there more than one of you?!




Asriel: That’s better. I’m safe as houses here. They’ll eat my mummy first … she’s bigger.

And with that, I’m going to finish for this chapter. Next time, we have birthday shenanigans, a new house and a surprise. Do you want to know what it is? You do? Well, you’ll just have to read the next update. Bye for now folks!


About jolvsbooks

I'm a library assistant from South Wales with a love of reading, writing and the cinema. I don't fall into the normal cliched view of a library assistant as I have bright read hair, love rock music and I'm not that quiet!! I have two beautiful dogs ... an 8 year old Scottie called Jet, and a 2 year old hyperactive terror Westie called Deefa.
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17 Responses to Chapter 1.20–Summer Fun

  1. Susan says:

    Glad you’re back to posting, and I hope your game is finally running well! Enough technical fails, for heaven’s sake!

    Can Asriel make an IF doll real if the IF doll hasn’t already come to life?

    It is so much fun to see sims from other legacies wandering around. I want to see some Samples! (er, did you ever get them into the game?)

    • jolvsbooks says:

      Asriel’s IF is alive … for some reason though, she was in his inventory at the time so he was playing with her. There are so many IFs running around, I tend to get confused as to which one belongs to each child!

      I’ve just placed the Samples in using your package file and I’m just about to jump in game to test them out. I’ll probably send Arya and Ceridwen around to say hello!

    • jolvsbooks says:

      Ok, this is really frustrating! I installed the package file and they STILL don’t show up 😦 I just want some Samples! I’m thinking it might be the custom ghost skins …

      • Susan says:

        @#$%! Where are you looking for them? I’m pretty sure that installing them this way shouldn’t have any trouble with missing custom content.

        You placed the .package file in your Library folder, right? Not the Mods folder? And you’re looking in the household library in Edit Town rather than CAS?

        I guess another suggestion would be deleting your cache files.

        I tested that household, but I didn’t bother taking the skins out.

        Have you tried the one with the teenagers just to see if THAT shows up?

      • jolvsbooks says:

        I followed your advice and put them in.You were right. I was putting them in the mods folder and not the library! I clear my cache files out everytime I leave the game, so I knew that wasn’t it. Anyway, I managed to install both files, but decided to put the teens in my game as all my kids are now teens as well.

        Hmmm … The Sample kids sure know how to cause havoc with my plans. I sent Arya and Asriel over to meet their new neighbours, and love hearts were bouncing around all over the place. I had a sim chosen for Arya and I was planning to introduce him as an adult. A certain sim of yours has completely thrown a spanner in the works and he and Arya are so completely adorable together that I’m now conflicted. Thanks for that 😛

      • Susan says:


        Um, is it OK if I don’t feel guilty? 🙂 🙂

      • Susan says:

        Heh. I don’t know if it will become a plot point, but Arya and Sky’s cousin-and-bandmate Garry Crumplebottom are VERY into each other and just got engaged.

      • jolvsbooks says:

        You should feel a tiny bit guilty. I had plans I tell you, PLANS!! 😛

        Actually, I’m not that bothered. As I said, they are absolutely ADORABLE together. I bet you can’t work out who it is from my none too subtle hints 😉 😛

        I do love this inter-legacy breeding we all seem to have going on at the moment. It certainly makes for interesting bloodlines.

        Yay! I was worried she wouldn’t find someone who understands the crazy world she lives in. He was the one playing with Sky at that party right?

      • jolvsbooks says:

        Also, I’d just like to say that Forest is definitely not straight in my save file …

    • Susan says:

      Yes, Garry Crumplebottom was playing the string bass (why do they call it a bass guitar everywhere?? That’s a different instrument) with Sky at Shanni’s wedding and Sky’s teen party. He and Arya are really sweet together judging from StoryProgression.

      Heh. I suppose this is a spoiler, but I just discovered that Forest isn’t straight in my save file either….

  2. Dragonwife says:

    Oh! How fun to see the Hodgins family wandering about! Ariel certainly has some interesting jobs in other legacies! Sebastian has always been very sweet, but it’s funny that he spent all day playing with someone else’s dog. Punk is a good look for Nemo. Poor Gwyn, though… she needs some practice with her hot dog eating.

    Arya does look like Merida! I hadn’t noticed that before, either! No wonder she’s so stubborn about her nobility. And her independence.

    Gelert and Alice were adorable in that sequence.

    I figured Asriel would have tried to make pets out of the monsters under his bed! I suppose that might have to wait until he’s a little bigger, though.

    • jolvsbooks says:

      I love seeing my sims in other legacies, so I knew you’d like this chapter. Gwyn had her work cut out for her keeping up with the Bookabet girls!! She really does need to practice. Sebastian honestlyspent ALL day playing with Artemis on free will. She was out treasure hunting and spotted him so I sent her to say hello, and then when I popped back in later that night, they were still playing together. So adorable!! As for Nemo, he chose that look all by himself … He and Anita look good together and I’m trying my hardest to get them together. Nemo is a bit of a ladies man in my game though …

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that can see the resemblance. Obviously, she wasn’t planned that way. Sim genetics did that all by itself, but it does explain a lot of things.

      Alice will be missed when she moves out. The dogs love her so much.

      Asriel needs to work on his monster taming potion before taming the monsters under the bed …

      • Dragonwife says:

        Nemo’s a ladies man in my game, too! I think he’s on his 3rd fiancee (with no marriages) now!

      • jolvsbooks says:

        For goodness sake Nemo, settle down already!! That doesn’t sound good for Anita and Nemo’s future bliss … but I’m stubborn and I want Hodgins genetics in my family tree!

  3. I’ve been rereading your legacy since I’ve been back to catch up, and this is where I am now…and I don’t care what anyone says about the lunatic embrace; an army of IF soldiers is the creepiest thing ever, hands down. That being said, I sort of hope Asriel actually pulls it off….and I’m still sad he lost the heir poll. 😦

    • jolvsbooks says:

      Ha. I actually had to reread this post myself to remind myself exactly what happened! I’m shuddering at the thought of an IF army … there are already far too many of the creepy things in the family already! Sorry about Asriel not becoming heir. It was such a close race between he and Arya. Hopefully Arya’s choice of spouse will make up for it though! Besides, he’s not going anywhere for a while yet 🙂

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