Chapter 26 – Alien Babies and Man-Eating Dragons

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Bookabet Legacy. What’s this? Two updates in two days? I can’t believe it myself! Annual leave is a great thing. Last time, everyone adored Atticus, Anita got grounded and then frozen, the kids went to prom and Adam went into labour with an alien spawn.


Adam: Oh my God, this feels so strange. What the hell is happening to me?!

Wait until the baby comes. I don’t even want to know where it’s going to come out!


It’s a BOY! Where is the green alien skin huh? Can I send him back for a different one? Anyway, this is baby Boba Bookabet.

I haven’t got many B names for Arya’s generation and I don’t want to waste them on a spare, and besides, I could think of nothing better than to name him after the Star Wars bounty hunter. It seemed fitting somehow. Little Boba is Brave, just like his daddy, and Good. Unfortunately, it’s now imperative that Adam goes to university and moves out pronto as Boba makes 14 sims in one household. Ouch.


Adam: It’s … It’s …. a BABY! Where in the name of God did it come from?!

That’s another thing I don’t want a visual of.


Adam: I don’t know you came from little dude but I’ll be a good daddy to you. See, I’ll start by making sure you’re not hungry.

Meanwhile, prom is a complete non-event. Only Asriel, Alice and her date Rowan Chimeree managed to get inside the school to attend the prom. The other kids were stuck outside the building until I gave up and made them go home. This really makes me sad as I’m sure Arya and Anita, being the insane and inappropriate kids would have had a very … er … interesting time.

TS3W 2013-07-30 20-00-35-26TS3W 2013-07-30 20-00-58-56

I do find it funny that Asriel and Alice were crowned prom king and queen. They are, after all, evil and good respectively. I’m sure Arya, and her delusions of royalty, would have fought Alice tooth and nail for it if she’d been able to attend! I’m also not surprised that Asriel rigged the vote.

TS3W 2013-07-30 20-01-23-33TS3W 2013-07-30 20-01-29-62

These two screen dumps show how completely different Alice and Asriel are. Atticus schemes his way to the prom crown and then gets into a fight with someone, whereas Alice is crowned simply because of her popularity and good nature and then shares her first kiss with the girl she adores.


Arya, on the other hand, heads home instead of going to her prom and does her homework like a good girl, despite the fact that tomorrow is leisure day and her birthday so she won’t have to turn it in.


Ceridwen: Beware of the TICKLE MONSTER!!!!!

Atticus: Get offa me mummy. Ha HA HA

This picture is significant for two reasons:

A) This is the first picture I took on the new pc and the sims are actually running around doing things in free will rather than standing around doing nothing for most of the time. Also, whenever I ask them to do stuff, they do it. STRAIGHT AWAY! It’s amazing!

B) Immediately after Boba’s birth, I was unable to click on Atticus. AT ALL. Nobody could interact with him and he couldn’t do anything himself. He was stuck in his walker and his needs were depleting and I could do nothing. I reloaded the game and still could do nothing for him. At this point, I turned off the pc and didn’t play the game until the new pc had been built for me. Luckily, there appears to be no lasting damage and Atticus is fine now.


Ceridwen is also the first to check out the little alien.

Ceridwen: I’m a grandmother. I can’t believe it!

No, neither can I.


Adam: Thank goodness the weight has gone. That was a scary couple of days there. It’s salads for me from now on.

Considering that Adam has the Physical Perfection LTW, it’s no surprise that he cares so much about his weight issues. Also, I made a mistake last chapter. Adam needs to max out his Martial Arts and Athletic skills as opposed to Logic. I’m glad actually, as he’s halfway through each.


No! Go away and leave the Bookabet men alone! I’ve never had so many abductions in one save file. It must be because Franco was born in Lunar Lakes and the aliens want his space genetics.


Asriel: So pretty. Must … look … at … lights




Don’t get pregnant up there, I’m warning you! One alien baby is enough.


Asriel: I feel violated. You won’t believe what they did to me up there!

No, but I bet Adam does.


Asriel takes out his frustration the way he knows best.

Asriel: Hello little brother. Where have you hidden it?

Atticus: What you want Assy?


Asriel: I want your ….


Asriel: CANDY!!!!! MWAH HA HA!!!




Asriel: What have I done?! I’m so sorry! Don’t cry little man.

See. He’s soft at heart. The worst evil sim ever!


Gelert and Artemis are still in love Smile

TS3W 2013-07-14 17-44-59-43

What a good idea. It’s Spooky Day today, so it’s the perfect day for a party. I do find it amusing that Arya’s birthday always seems to fall on the night of the Full Moon or, failing that, Spooky Day. She couldn’t get more supernatural if she tried.


Obviously, I invite Hunter, Arya’s future spouse, to the party, and I age him up before he can disappear off home.

Hunter: Why aren’t I aging up at home with my brother and sister?


Hunter: Oh well. I wish for a unicorn and fairy kisses.

It goes without saying that he’ll get the fairy kisses, but we’ll have to work on the unicorn.


Hunter: Well, what do you think my sweet?

Arya: Well done my handsome prince. Now move out of the way. It’s my turn now!


Arya: Hmmm. What should one wish for? I know. A DRAGON!!!

It appears that Arya still has plans to feed Anita to a dragon. Somehow, I don’t think she’ll be able to satisfy that wish.


Arya: Well. One doesn’t see a dragon anywhere. Is this cake broken?

Here is our newly aged up heir. She really does look a lot like her mother, but their personalities are so different. She has her fathers eyes and I think she might also have his nose. Apparently, Franco and Ceridwen make gorgeous girls too.


Here is her official heir photo and all her final traits. She, conveniently, rolled animal lover as her final trait. This just confirms to me that she and Hunter are meant to be. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to fulfil her LTW as strays are so hard to move in, and the house is full as it is. I might need to change it to something else and complete the Animal Rescuer ‘unofficially’. I don’t know yet. I’m also very pleased with her outfit. I think it sums up her personality perfectly. What do you guys think?


Arya and Hunter commemorate their birthdays with an adorable screenshot. I honestly could look at these two all day as they make such an adorable couple. I hope their babies are just as sweet.


Adam: Did I mention that it’s my graduation ceremony now?

Adam really looks good in a masquerade mask and tux doesn’t he? Sigh.


Adam: Why would I go to the school to graduate? All my friends and family are here.

My sims really do like to do everything all at once. The party is now a joint birthday and graduation party. Convenient.


I neglected to take a screen dump of the messages, but Adam graduated as Valedictorian and also as the guy most likely to save the world. Yep, sounds about right.


Everyone at the party: THE CRYING BABY SUCKS!!!!


Franco: *whistles innocently*

Cut the act Franco. I know you turned the swing to fast and now the baby is nauseous. If Boba harms you with his ray-gun in the future, don’t come crying to me!


Love hearts are flying everywhere as both Asriel and Anita reveal their feelings to their crushes.


Asriel: You are the perfect partner for any Super Villain. With my brains and your cunning and ruthlessness, we’ll take over the world. Also, you’re hot. What do you say?

Forest: We do make a great team. World domination does sound like fun.


Ladies man Nemo also makes me happy by finally behaving and agreeing to go steady with Anita. They do make such a cute Emo couple.

TS3W 2013-07-14 18-24-27-44

Not everyone agrees though. Wilhelmina is still not over Nemo. He’s such a player. Let’s hope Nemo and Anita stay together when they grow up and she leaves the house.


Adam, feeling the love in the house, makes a move on his ex Bailey Swain.


Bailey: You break up with me by text message and you expect me to forgive you, just like that? What were you thinking?

Bailey is still sore at Adam. Never mind, her loss. I’m sure he can do better.


Meanwhile, Arya and Hunter are in their own little world.

Arya: One doesn’t want to be apart from you anymore. Will you move in with me my prince?

Hunter: Of course, my very own fairy princess.

I have a confession to make. As there are too many sims in the household, the ‘ask to move in’ interaction wouldn’t appear, so I moved him in via Master Controller. Their relationship bar is 100% full so I don’t feel that this is ‘cheating’.


Anyway, here is the official Generation One Spouse Screenshot. Full credit for this charmer goes to Susan who created the Sample a Brave legacy where Hunter here hails from. Go and read it if you haven’t already! I’ve just realised that he is wearing the same top as Franco so I need to change it next time I’m in game. I was going to let him keep the top as he aged up in it, but never mind.


As soon as they are able, Arya and Hunter disappear to their bedroom, chuck out the twins who also share the room and Hunter gets more than a kiss from his fairy.

Arya: Let me show you my secret fairy tricks

Hunter: Is this the underwear one again?

Arya: What a good place to start.


Later on, after the guests have gone home, with the exception of Sky Sample, it’s time for two more birthdays. First up, Boba. Let’s see what this little alien looks like.


AWWWW. I’m still disappointed about the lack of green skin, but Boba is one adorable alien baby. Look, he has GREEN HAIR!


The whole family, plus Sky, then gather around to watch the youngest Generation One Bookabet age up.

Ceridwen: Blow out your candles little man.

Atticus: Pwetty candles.


Atticus: Adam says that I’m too young for martial arts so I’ll train my brain instead. Chess can’t be THAT hard.

Serious little Atticus gains the family trait of Bookworm in addition to the Perceptive and Disciplined traits. My little Sherlock Holmes in the making. He’s also going to be a looker, I can tell.


Arya is keeping her Prince Charming close.

TS3W 2013-08-25 18-20-20-97TS3W 2013-08-25 18-19-58-22

This reminds me that I still need to get Rowan and Alice together officially. Rowan didn’t turn up to the birthday party unfortunately. Rowan is really, really into Alice though.

TS3W 2013-08-25 18-20-12-70

Asriel and Forest are also feeling the love.

TS3W 2013-08-25 18-42-00-04

Hunters very first wish as an official member of the Bookabet household was to become friends with Gelert. I didn’t think it was possible, but I love him even more now. In fact, most of his wishes revolve around the Pack. I also need to make him friends with the human members of the household as he’s such a shy person.


Hunter: Hello Gelert. Nice to finally meet you.

Gelert: So you’re the human that tamed the crazy one?  I don’t know how you managed it but you definitely deserve to have your picture on the wall.


Hunter: Nothing like a bonding exercise with my new favourite dog.

Gelert: You like dogs too? Yes. You can stay.


Gelert: You can’t have any of my toys though. GIVE IT BACK!!!!


It looks like Arya has discovered her birthday present.

Arya: Look Nymeria. The Fae court have blessed me with a dragon of my own! I’ll show that Anita that no one ever misses with this fairy princess. But first, COOCHIE COOCHIE COO little dragon!!!


Boba: PROBE GUN!!!

Adam: What did you say?!


Adam: Come to daddy.

Boba: Walking is tricky dada.

I knew Adam would make a great father. He is always spending time with his little spawn.


Unlike Adam, Arya and Hunter are actually able to attend their graduation ceremony. The whole family decides to tag along. This is the heiress after all. Also, it’s ALWAYS RAINING! Like I don’t get enough of that in real life!

TS3W 2013-08-25 18-59-57-59    TS3W 2013-08-25 18-59-53-99

Although that I’m surprised that Arya was voted Class Valedictorian, I’m not surprised that she was voted most likely to offend others. I’m just amazed that she hasn’t managed this already. I hope Hunters graduation message doesn’t come true though! The future will indeed be ‘bright’ if he manages to burn down his house … and hot.


Asriel: I’m bored now and this rain sucks. Can we go home now?

Arya: Yes please. I have the strangest sense that my baby dragon is hatching.


TS3W 2013-08-25 19-04-52-57

Looks like Arya was correct. It’s also a BLACK DRAGON!!! Hopefully everyone will be able to guess where his name comes from. I thought it was fitting.


Arya: Now Enderman. You must promise me that you’ll eat all your food and grow big and strong. I have a sister that needs eating you know.


Arya: What do you mean, you don’t eat humans?! What good are you? Oh, you summon ghosts and death flowers? That’s ok I suppose.


Hunter: Let’s put you to bed little guy.

Hunter has no qualms with helping out his new nephew. He’ll make such a great father some day.


Arya, unable to go through with her plans to feed Anita to her dragon, finds another way to get her own back.

Arya: Do you hear that?

Anita: Hear what?


Arya: The sound of VICTORY.

Anita: What is this?



Anita should just be grateful that she isn’t in the stomach of a dragon right now.


Arya: What. There isn’t a major for future queens in college? *sighs* I guess I’ll have to settle for Fine Art then.


Arya: Time for one last pillow fight with one’s loyal servant and best friend. You won’t go back to the Fae court and forget about me whilst I’m away in university will you?

Nymeria: I’d never forget about you, your majesty.


Arya: That’s ok then. Hello. Is this the university for fairy princesses? One would like to come and learn stuff please.

Well, that’s it for now as I’m mostly up to date with my gameplay. Next time, Arya heads to university with Hunter and Adam. Can you imagine Arya in university? I can and it’s awesome!

Townie Updates:

Story Progression works beautifully on the new pc and the new sims I’ve installed are having a great time. Unfortunately, these means you’ve got a ton of townie updates to read. Enjoy!

TS3W 2013-07-30 19-41-55-97TS3W 2013-08-25 18-57-29-61

TS3W 2013-08-25 19-09-17-07TS3W 2013-08-25 19-09-08-55

Looks like my simself isn’t the only one with a thing for the sim they created. Starla here got together and promptly broke up with her creation Seven Sirius from the Creeper Legacy. It wasn’t long before she fell in love and married the leader of the local vampires, Tristan Van Gould. Rebound anyone?

TS3W 2013-08-25 18-41-22-32   TS3W 2013-08-25 18-57-53-85

Another classic case of rebound is Bailey and Big Mac here. Not long after she rejected Adam, I received the notification that she had gotten together with Big Macintosh Olympus, who, by the way, I had picked out to be Arya’s intended spouse before she and Hunter ruined all my plans. Big Mac and Bailey didn’t last very long.

TS3W 2013-07-30 07-28-06-35TS3W 2013-07-30 07-34-39-58TS3W 2013-07-30 19-38-37-20

Applejack II Olympus has better luck with the ladies. It doesn’t take him long to get engaged to Faith MacDuff.

TS3W 2013-08-25 18-53-25-18

Meanwhile the boys sister Rainbow Dash falls for Mariah, the creator of the Chimeree, Skipton and Shepherd Legacies respectively.

TS3W 2013-08-25 18-35-30-16

One of the newer additions to the ‘hood, Gargantua Stormcaller, creator of the Byrd legacy, and her husband Geobe seem to be settling in well and remain very much in love. Now go and have children you two. I’m hoping the new townies will breed so that I have plenty of choice for the next generation.

TS3W 2013-08-25 18-35-35-46

Even the non-legacy sims are catching the love bug. Two of my favourite Bridgeport sims, Wogan and Morrigan Hemlock, once married and then divorced, get back together, and then break up again!

TS3W 2013-07-30 07-30-37-72

Oh, it looks like Joe MacDuff is going to be a daddy. Let’s hope this means he’ll stop bugging Ceridwen for a date.

TS3W 2013-08-25 18-20-23-62

Or not.

TS3W 2013-07-14 18-54-58-23

Puzzle and Sebastian Hodgins, Nemo’s brother, aren’t a couple in this game file. Puzzle and Jackie Owen have been together for quite a while now and they seem to be happy together. The Hodgins come from Dragonwife’s legacy, SimDjinn. Another must read, along with the others I’ve linked.

TS3W 2013-07-30 20-03-15-06 TS3W 2013-07-14 19-29-39-27TS3W 2013-07-14 19-29-08-01

Not that Sebastian isn’t happy. He recently married his older lady love Linda Rogers and became a stepdad to her daughter Sophie.

TS3W 2013-08-25 19-01-54-13

Last but not least, Sebastian and Nemo’s sister Ariel have gotten together. Those two would have really colourful babies … I hope they decide to have kids.

TS3W 2013-07-14 18-32-55-65

Maybe the Hodgins kids have been shaken by their dad’s death, and that’s why they’ve all found people to love recently. RIP Zeke.

That’s the last of the townie updates. Until next time, bye guys.


About jolvsbooks

I'm a library assistant from South Wales with a love of reading, writing and the cinema. I don't fall into the normal cliched view of a library assistant as I have bright read hair, love rock music and I'm not that quiet!! I have two beautiful dogs ... an 8 year old Scottie called Jet, and a 2 year old hyperactive terror Westie called Deefa.
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17 Responses to Chapter 26 – Alien Babies and Man-Eating Dragons

  1. Susan says:

    Whee!! I think I am as into Hunter and Arya as much as you are! I am just giddy to see him moved in.

    I rather like Boba the way he is, with Adam’s skin and alien hair. He’s adorable and different from most other alien babies I’ve seen. I know it’s greedy, but I do want to put a vote in for Adam and Sky, since Sky appears to be straight in your game. They just seem like they’re transdimensional soulmates.

    Hunter was voted Most Likely to Burn Down His Own House in my game too. It’s the Clumsy. It doesn’t look like there’s a lot of variation in class titles for the same traits. I think Clumsy is such a cute trait, but it’s almost impossible to get cute pictures of him being Clumsy.

    On to University!

    • jolvsbooks says:

      I think Arya and Hunter are just perfect together. I honestly think that he’s the only one that can tame her craziness and she brings him out of his shell. I just love having him in the house and being able to interact with him. He is such a sweet character and great with the kids. I’m having so much fin with him in university 🙂

      I’m so happy with how Boba turned out and you’re right, he’s more unique with his human skin. I’m wondering how much of Adam’s features he’ll inherit as he grows older. As for Sky, I’ve always been tempted to get the two together. It does seem like they are destined to be in each others lives, and, as she’s a ghost, she’d be the perfect stepmother for little Boba. They are both ‘different’ from other sims. Adam is away at university at the moment but I’m definitely going to try to get him settled down with Sky before I move him out. She is a YA in my game now as well ….

  2. amhránaí says:

    Whooo, go Hunter! 🙂 I already love him in Susan’s game, so I can’t wait to see what his life next to Arya will look like, after she got back from university. That should be a lot of fun.

    All of your sims are soooo gorgeous – especially Arya and Adam! Ceridwen and Franco sure know how to make pretty sims. 😉

    • jolvsbooks says:

      Hunter is so much fun to play and I love how he interacts with Arya and the rest of the family. I’m having such a fab time in university with them, and he gets on really well with Adam, which pleases me. I’m eagerly anticipating pretty babies from them with oodles of character, so they’d better not disappoint! I’m really happy with the way Gen 1 turned out. Ceridwen was always a gorgeous sim, and Franco really scrubbed up well. Adam is especially gorgeous. I could stare at him all day … which is weird as he’s pixelated!

  3. annachrav says:

    I wonder if Asriel will have an alien baby as well… here’s to hoping! I love Adam’s baby, very appropriate name. What kind of computer is your new PC? I need a new heavy-duty computer, which is why I’m curious.

    • jolvsbooks says:

      My house is full and teen pregnancy is turned off in my game, so hopefully he won’t! Sorry 🙂

      I haven’t got the specs on me at the moment (I’m in work), but I’ll get them for you later. It’s easily the most powerful pc I’ve ever owned. A friend of the family built it for me!

    • jolvsbooks says:

      Ok, my new pc is a Windows 7 with a i7 processor running at 4gh. It’s also got a Nvidia GTX 680 video card with 4gb of dedicated memory and the overall performance rating is 7.9. The operating system is installed on a Solid State Drive which means that when I turn on the PC, it’s ready to play within ten seconds. It was built by a friend of the famly, but even so, it cost me quite a lot of money. Luckily, my father helped me with funds, otherwise I could never have afforded it!

  4. Gargantua says:

    I look forward to seeing what sort of chaos Arya creates at University. I’m sure it will be epic and worthy of her station in life. 🙂 But you must tell me, is there a trick to getting a sim abducted. I’d love for they Byrds to have that experience, but I haven’t had any luck yet.

    I, too, am curious about the specs on your computer. I’m going to have to upgrade by the end of the year, mainly so I can play the sims. 6 years ago, my rig was very powerful, but not so much anymore, and it shows when I play my game. Lots of laggggg. I dream of the day I can play the game without Laaagggggg, so I’m very curious to hear your specs. 🙂

    And don’t worry about Garg and Geobe. They have some sort of weird biological imperative to breed. You’ll have babies soon enough, but I don’t promise they’ll be pretty. LOL!

    • jolvsbooks says:

      I’m having a great time in UL with Arya, Hunter and Adam. She is so random, and from the very first day she entertains me. I can’t wait to write about it! She already thinks she’s queen of the campus.

      I know that if you place a space rock on your home lot then your chances of being abducted improve, and the bigger the rock, the greater your chances. Gelert brought home a gigantic one … I have no idea how, so that’s probably why the aliens love my lot so much! Having said that, I have a gigantic space rock in another save file as well and that family don’t get abducted half as much as the Bookabets do. I blame Franco and his Lunar Lakes genes!

      I’m eagerly awaiting babies from your simself! I know from other legacies I’ve read that they populate like bunnies … I don’t have the SP characters installed anymore as it caused too much lag on my old pc, and to be honest, I’m too scared to install it now I have a new pc. I’ve seen what Geobe does to vampires in other legacies. He’d probably go crazy in Moonlight Falls with all the supernaturals walking around!

      I’ve listed the specs in one of the comments above. I love the new pc as it is SO FAST (touch wood), even with the Bookabet family who now have 14 sims in one household. It helps knowing someone who owns a small pc repair shop as he was able to get the parts direct from the wholesaler which saved a lot of money. Even so, it cost me a fortune! It was worth it though, as I now enjoy The Sims again. It was such a chore to play before and could only manage one sim day per play session, if that.

  5. Cassie says:

    OMG owo I LOVE endermenI thin others so cute! Lol sorry for that out burst. Anyway where do you get the dragon eggs/ dragons? I’d love to have some in my game!

    • Cassie says:

      WHOAH I need to check these things before I post them.

      • jolvsbooks says:

        Lol! I understood what you meant, don’t worry 🙂

        I love Endermen as well … although not so much when you catch their eye and they attack you out of nowhere!

        The dragon eggs came with the store world Dragon Valley, but you can only get the black dragon, which is supposed to be rarer, with the gold edition. There are four dragon colours and what colour you get will depend on how you interact with the egg. Each colour dragon has unique powers. They are extremely awesome and extremely cute.

  6. Aquaowl says:

    What an adorable dragon Ayra has there! I’m sure she’ll think of some way to use it to exact divine punishment on the people she doesn’t like – Anita is completely and utterly doomed.

    • jolvsbooks says:

      The dragons are adorable … but the black ones have armour and that makes them even more so, or more scary. Depends on how you want to look at it! As for Anita, I kind of hope that the familial bonds of sisterhood will keep her safe, although this IS Arya we’re talking about! Lets hope university and Hunter will keep her distracted enough until Anita moves out of the house!

  7. DragonWife says:

    Yay! I finally get a chance to catch up with all of my stories!

    This was such a fun chapter. All of the sweet generation one stuff (well, except for the probing) and the unofficial start to generation two was lovely. Boba is wonderful! I was kind of hoping for green skin, but his looks are so striking with his human coloring. It’s fun to watch Adam taking care of him, too. I’m glad we got a chance to see him being such a good father before he has to move out!

    I’m pleased to hear that Nemo is actually cooperating with you! He’s such a problem.

    Arya and Hunter are so perfect. I can’t wait to watch their lives!

    • jolvsbooks says:

      Welcome back from the real world! Hope you had fun?

      I can’t believe that I’ve FINALLY started generation 2 … and I never even officially announced it! Boba is adorable, and I’ve gotten used to the lack of green skin. I actually think he looks better with the human skin. Adam is a great father, but I’d like to get him settled down before he moves out, hopefully with his interdimensional soul mate Sky. She’s all grown up now in game as well.

      I’m very happy with Nemo at the moment … I don’t think they’ll last on their own though. She’s inappropriate and he’s hot-headed. I’ll probably impregnate Anita before she moves out so his genetics will be in the family tree!

      I love, love, LOVE Arya and Hunter. They have such a great relationship and it’s fascinating having him living in the house. This next generation will be so much fun.

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