Chapter 25: Prom Dates and Tummy Troubles

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Bookabet legacy. It’s been a while I know, but I’ve been having all sorts of problems with the game. Files going missing including Fraps screenshots and all my store content refusing to stay in the game. I’ve also been experiencing so much lag that’s it’s been a chore simply playing the game. I made the decision to sacrifice the money I’ve been saving to buy a house on a brand new pc. I’m so pleased with it so I don’t regret it for a moment. My sims are actually doing things for themselves and my store content is all installed, and seems to be staying installed. It’s actually fun to play now. Touch wood it stays that way! I’ll be using up all of my old screenshots in this update, so all screenshots in the future will be taken on my new beast of a pc.


Last time on the Bookabet Legacy Arya managed to catch herself on fire and then scared her baby brother with an alien mask. Speaking of aliens, Adam got abducted, yet again, and then grew up into a fine stud of a young adult and Asriel dressed up in a cow plant costume, almost starved himself to death and then got scared by Bonehilda. Oh, and Franco completed his portrait of Artemis.


I know I didn’t show off a picture of little Atticus last time so here he is. I think he’s adorable despite his throwback hair. I feel sorry that he won’t have a chance of being heir as we already have one, but he’ll be around for a while yet. He’ll be closer in age to the next generation than his brothers and sisters.


To highlight my point further, here is a very cute picture of the oldest and youngest Bookabet kids.

Adam: Then the aliens came and they took me into their space ship and then …



Atticus: HA HA HA

I think Atticus will grow up to idolise his big brother. Especially considering they both share the Disciplined trait.


Then again, if Adam insists on squashing his baby brother, maybe not. Yes, Adam is STILL sneaking around everywhere from the time he got grounded. Sigh.

Oh God


Apollo: What’s this machine then? Why does it smell of beef? I’ll have to go and investigate.



I spent some of Gelerts lifetime reward points on this. The dogs can clean themselves now and save me some time.


Apollo: Do NOT go in there.


Adam: Hello ladies.

Adam is such a handsome sim. He really did grow up well …


Asriel: Hmm. Maybe I should sell my brother to a lonely female sim. I’ll make a fortune.

Adam isn’t the only gorgeous one in the Bookabet clan. Ceridwen and Franco sure make handsome boys.


Adam heads off to the town hall to get a job in the law enforcement career. I honestly can’t imagine him doing anything else. Although I doubt his real father would be impressed. Adam is the antichrist after all.


Who should Adam bump into at the town hall but my simself. Apparently, she’s had another fight with her ex Cocaine Chimeree. I wonder if it had something to do with the toga she’s rocking. No, I don’t know why she’s wearing it.


Adam heads over to say hello.

Adam: Can I tell you something. I know you’re the same age as my mother, but I like girls in togas.

Simself: That’s funny. I like young handsome cops.

STOP IT RIGHT NOW. There’s something very wrong about that scenario.


Back at home, Adam’s mother and my simself’s best friend settles down to teach her youngest about legacy living.

Ceridwen: And that’s why you have such a cool name. You’re all named after book characters.

Atticus: *is confused*


After an action packed day of learning his toddler skills and being attacked by his tickle monster big brother, Atticus is soon out like a light. It’s a hard life being a baby.


Bonehilda: I would stay off the cake if I were you. You’re looking a little pudgy there.

Adam: I beg your pardon?!


Adam: It’s true. I am looking a little pudgy … I also have a very weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. Maybe I’m coming down with something?

Arya: Maybe the unicorn king has chosen you for a secret mission?


Asriel: Who ate all the doughnuts? I know, Adam the cop!

Adam: I’d better hit the gym before I start work in the morning.

I don’t think that’s going to help much ….

TS3W 2013-07-30 07-58-06-77

This I wasn’t expecting.


Arya: Hello my handsome prince. How may I serve you? There is a ball at the palace of education and you want me to go with you? Of course I will go with you dearest. . Don’t forget to book the unicorn to pull the carriage. I’ll get the pumpkin. Love you.

Gelert: No, I’m not being your driver. Once was enough.

Yes it’s prom time. I’m sad that Adam never got to go but you can imagine how happy I was when Hunter invited Arya on his own accord. Sadly, my old pc ate the Fraps screenshot with the message.


I sent the other Bookabet kids to secure their dates. Alice still has a crush on Rowan Chimeree, the daughter of my simself and Cocaine.

Alice: Rowan. You always brighten up my day … even when it’s night time. Will you brighten up my prom?

Rowan: Of course I will! I’m so happy you asked.

Alice: Let’s take this somewhere more private. Your brother is starting to creep me out a little.


Nathaniel: Get in there sis. I approve.

This is Nathaniel, Rowan’s twin brother. Apparently he’s a creeper. I’m such a proud sim parent.


Away from the inquisitive eyes of her brother, Rowan initiates heavy flirty face . Nothing says first romance than a small, stinky, cramped bathroom.


Elsewhere, Anita manages to snare a prom date with the elusive town bad boy Nemo Hodgins.


Nemo: I can think of a great way to seal this deal. Winking smile


Anita: Stop looking at me like that! I might be a tad inappropriate at times but I’m a good girl really.

Oh. Do good girls usually break curfew so often?


Fairy Cop: Never fear, the fairy cops are here. Protecting Moonlight Falls from rebellious teens everywhere.

Honestly, the local delinquency squad must be made up of fairies. The cop who broke up Arya’s party so very long ago was a fairy too. I hope they don’t encourage Adam to join. I really can’t see him as a fairy somehow.


Fairy Cop: You are so going to be grounded when you get home. He he he

Anita: Do I look amused?


Adam: I’ve had a rotten day, I don’t feel very well and that girl thinks she can wander in past curfew?!



Anita: Chill out big brother. Who do you think you are? Mum?

Adam: Mum and dad are ‘busy’ so I’m dealing with you today. YOU’RE GROUNDED!!!


Adam: Sorry about the yelling there little man, but your big sister is a naughty girl. You aren’t going to be naughty when you grow up are you?

Atticus: I use potty like big boy.


Adam: Here you go little man. A nice bottle before beddy byes.

Adam didn’t roll the family-oriented trait but he spends more time parenting the kids than Franco does. To be fair though, Franco is pretty much chained to the easel at the moment. I need him to finish those heir portraits!


Anita: I HATE this family! You’re all a bunch of … of … LLAMAS!!!!

I really don’t think taking your mood out on the insane fairy of the family is such a good idea …


Arya: I beg your pardon? You’d better watch your back little girl. I never let an insult like that slide. When I’m queen of this house I’ll throw you in the dungeon and feed you to my dragon.

Anita: You don’t even have a dragon!


Franco: La La La. I can’t hear my two daughters fighting as I’m so engrossed in this heir portrait. La La La

You see what I mean? Chained.


Arya: I will have a dragon. There must be plenty of dragons in the realm of magic. Will you find me a dragon when you go back there dear one?


The next morning, scared Asriel is scared and refuses to leave the house for school.


At this point, I sent poor Bonehilda back into her coffin. I’ll only let her out when Asriel, the coward, isn’t home.


Adam heads off for his first day at work. What’s with the sneaking around everywhere?!

Adam: I’m practicing for when I’m the sneakiest spy ever.


Ceridwen: Hello Chauncey. What can I do for you?

TS3W 2013-03-25 22-06-03-71TS3W 2013-07-14 18-29-19-40


Ceridwen: What is with you people?! What part of “I’m happily married” is so difficult to understand?!

Ceridwen is forever getting asked out on dates and receiving love letters in the post. It must be because she’s named after a goddess of poetry. She had these two phone calls on the same day for goodness sake!


In the living room, Apollo has issues.

Apollo: Look at all the wastage of such yummy food! If the humans didn’t want it, they could have passed it to us. Instead they leave it to those damn flies. Grrr


Just one of the many problems I’m having with the game. All the kids just stand around outside the school in the freezing cold all day. Luckily, their education bar doesn’t go down at all. The game thinks that being outside school is good enough.


It probably doesn’t help that I’d placed a bunch of famous legacy sims in the neighbourhood. I still have some more that I’m planning to install now that I have a new shiny pc, but this stud muffin is Raph Skipton, one of my favourite legacy sims ever. He must be cold without a top on but it looks like my simself clearly approves.


After work/school, I send the kids to the creepy festival. Adam proves his bravery by taking on the haunted house. The sneaking kind of ruins the bravado a bit.


Adam: One haunted house beaten. Like a boss. Not even ghosts scare me.

TS3W 2013-07-14 18-48-53-10


Nothing says bonding time like a friendly sibling apple bobbing match. Who do you think won?

TS3W 2013-07-14 19-09-35-64

If anyone said Arya, then you’re right. I personally think she cheated and used her fairy powers.


Back at school, Anita is still stuck outside on the frostiest night the Bookabets have ever had. Of course she isn’t wearing her warm outdoor clothes.

Anita: I-I-Immmma … f-f-freeeezing c-c-c-colddddd.


Apparently so. At this point, I got really concerned. My sims take forever to do anything and I think you only have a certain amount of time to rescue the sim before they freeze to death. Anita may not be the heir, but I don’t want any of the Bookabet kids to die!


Ceridwen: Bye Franco. Just off to stop our daughter from freezing to death. There are leftovers in the fridge and Atticus has had his bedtime bottle. Love you.

Any day now Ceridwen.


Luckily, Adam managed to pry himself away from the apple bobbing contest (that’s probably why Arya won) and saved the day.

Adam: I knew this hairdryer would come in handy one day.


Anita: I k-knew m-m-my t-t-teachers were t-t-trying to k-kill mmmm-me. This d-d-d-doesn’t m-m-mean I f-f-forgive you Ad-d-d-am

By the way, that taxi behind Adam? That’s Ceridwen. She was a little too late.


Franco: I’ve finished my portrait. Can I please go to the bathroom before I pee myself?!

I’m honestly not that cruel. I love Franco really, and he does make some lovely portraits. He’s mastered the painting skill now, and as soon as the family portraits have been done, he can work on the writing side of his LTW.


Atticus is clearly the beloved baby brother. All of his brothers and sisters constantly roll wants to snuggle and play with him.Asriel the ‘evil’ sim actually rolls more wants to snuggle Atticus than anyone else. I personally think Asriel just pretends to be evil.


Adam: I’ve been working out at the gym in work all day and this belly refuses to go down. Goopy Carbonara has so many calories but I can’t stop eating.

It’s like he’s almost eating for two …


Since Adam can’t do any working out or martial art training at the moment, I set him to working on his logic skill. He also needs that skill for his LTW and I’ve neglected it so far. I doubt I can complete his LTW before he moves out but I’ll give it a go.


More mother-son bonding time between Ceridwen and her youngest/last baby. Of course she’s teaching him about books. Can you expect anything else?


Atticus is such a cutie pie. He manages to complete the last of his toddler skills with the help of the very useful baby walker.


Gelert: Help. Can’t nuzzle Artemis. Artemis is in the way of Artemis.


Gelert and Artemis still love each other after all this time. This makes me happy.


Later that night, it’s prom time. Arya decides to ignore the limo and take a taxi … whilst wearing her athletic gear. I expect nothing less.




Adam: I suddenly feel very strange. Like a creature is about to burst his way out of my stomach.

I wonder what that could be?

TS3W 2013-07-30 19-42-09-67

Don’t act so surprised. You all knew what was happening!

With this lovely cliff hanger, I think I’ll leave you all. I’m just about to head out for Sunday lunch with the family and I’m running a bit late. Next time, will Adam deliver his alien baby? Will the kids enjoy their prom night? Will Arya ever grow up so that I can finally shift this legacy along? How will I ever cope with yet another child in the house? Find out next time on the Bookabet Legacy.

Bye guys.


Two-Headed Hell Beast: The alien spawn has arrived. His Evilness will be pleased that the alliance between Himself and the alien race has finally come to fruition.


About jolvsbooks

I'm a library assistant from South Wales with a love of reading, writing and the cinema. I don't fall into the normal cliched view of a library assistant as I have bright read hair, love rock music and I'm not that quiet!! I have two beautiful dogs ... an 8 year old Scottie called Jet, and a 2 year old hyperactive terror Westie called Deefa.
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12 Responses to Chapter 25: Prom Dates and Tummy Troubles

  1. DragonWife says:

    Yay! A new chapter! And it’s a super fun chapter with a shocking cliff-hanger ending… I knew that Adam’s abductions would catch up to him one day! I can’t imagine him giving up his alien baby, though… he’s so good with the other kids. And his hotness would probably make for an adorable little green baby.

    Nice to see that Nemo finally agreed to cooperate (a little). He’s such a player. I got a pop-up in my game that he was dating someone new (I don’t remember who, I’ve long since stopped writing down his girlfriends’ names!) and he actually moved in with this one! I was shocked.

    All of the Atticus love is so sweet! He’s going to be one spoiled little guy at this rate, but he’s so lucky to have so many siblings wanting to pay attention to him.

    • jolvsbooks says:

      Thanks. I had fun with this one, despite the problems I had actually playing the game. Spoiler alert. Adam keeps the alien baby! There’s no way I could have sent it back to the home world, and Adam is a fantastic father. The baby isn’t green though 😦

      I’m very pleased with Nemo at the moment. It’s like he turned over a new leaf with regards to Anita. You’ll see why next chapter.

      Atticus really is the darling of the family, especially in the eyes of his two big brothers … although I wish Asriel would show his love in a less ‘evil’ manner. I’m not surprised that Atticus is so spoiled considering the differences in their ages. He’s so much younger than the other Bookabet kids. He’s definitely starting to take after Adam though …

  2. Andri says:

    my goodness adam you attract every single girl in the universe

  3. Susan says:

    Oh, I failed to comment here!

    Advice on the school crowd: Put down a couple more schools in the town, spaced around. The game will assign people to the school closest to them after a while (It doesn’t happen immediately). While the game is adjusting, you can just send your active kids to whichever school nobody is going to. I don’t know how this affects classmates, but I’ll take it.

    I find it hilarious that the first Gen 2 kid born *in the active household* is from a spare. Boba is such a perfect name. But I’m a bit biased — my handle/username was Leia until the online world got so big you couldn’t get it anymore. I used to answer to it as a nickname.

    I thought it was Hopeless Romantic that was leading my simself Echo to have such a chaotic love life. It was wrong. It’s Hotheaded. I’m guessing Nemo has it too because I get all the same updates from him. Toya was also Hotheaded, but she and Adjo had a cute fight-and-make-it-up-to-each-other relationship their whole lives. I bet he’ll be OK if you max their relationship before releasing them into the stream :).

    • jolvsbooks says:

      I’m a massive Star Wars fan myself so I couldn’t resist. He’s an alien so it was the perfect name. The irony of Boba’s birth isn’t lost on me either! The problem with him being an active house member is that I don’t want him (or Adam for that matter) to move out. Boba is actually the first alien I’ve ever played with so I kind of want to play with his alien powers. I don’t know when they materialise … probably as teenagers.

      As for Anita and Nemo, I’ve been working on maxing out their relationship bar. Nemo has been quite flighty in the past, so I made sure their relationship bar was high enough before she asked him to go steady. I’m hoping this will help when they’re ‘on their own’ in SP land, but she’s inappropriate and likely to call him a Llama which he’s likely to respond badly to, I’m very interested to see how they’ll cope!

      Thanks for the school tip. MF is so large that there’s plenty of free space, so I’ll try it out when the kids are back home from university.

  4. amhránaí says:

    Oh, wow, I didn’t expect an alien baby! While reading this chapter, I wondered how Adam could be gaining that much weight. Honestly, I didn’t know! Even though nobody is going to believe me now… 😀

    I’m glad the Bookabets are back – I already missed them. And, of course, your writing, which still always makes me laugh.

    Off to read the new chapter now! 🙂

    • jolvsbooks says:

      I thought I was being too obvious, so it’s nice that the baby was a surprise! He’s always being abducted so the surprising thing is that it hasn’t happened sooner!

      Awww thanks for that. I’m also slowly working my way through yours whenever I have some spare time! I’m almost caught up to the ISBI 🙂 I’m really enjoying it!

      • amhránaí says:

        Maybe obvious to people who have some experience with alien babies, but I never had one in my game 😀

        Take your time reading through my stories – I’m glad you like them! Note that I stopped playing my Wishacy “Sweet as Honey” and the Opposites Attract Legacy – so there are only “two” legacies to catch up with 😉

  5. I meant to ask this before so before I forget — baby walker! Where did you get!

    • jolvsbooks says:

      The baby walker came with the Early Learning Centre as part of the Aurora Skies gold set. I think you can purchase it separately now though 🙂

      The set also comes with a nifty playpen and they are a godsend as toddlers can now teach themselves to walk and talk, thus freeing their parents to do other, more important stuff!

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