Chapter 28- University Daze Part 2

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Bookabet Alphabetacy. Last time, our crazy heiress headed off to university with her adorable boyfriend and long suffering older brother. There, she made mortal enemies with the dormitory stove and Llama Mascot and Hunter got too close and personal with his new friend … a werewolf.


Arya: Hello my prince. What happened to you tonight? You missed my protest!

Hunter: I really don’t want to talk about it. All I’ll say is that my new friend Wally has serious anger management issues.


After a very eventful evening, the kids head back to their dorm to this. Why do I find it amusing that the small nerdy girl is the one beating up the burglar?!

Adam: I would offer to help, but you seem to have the matter in hand!


Adam: Crime really is rampant here at SU. I’d better step up my training if I want to put an end to it.

Police Officer Adam takes the apprehension of burglars extremely seriously!


The next morning, Hunter really doesn’t have the best start when he accidentally sets off the trap that Arya set for her roomies.

Hunter: AAAAGH!!!! BEES!!!! ARYA!!!


Hunter: Just what have I let myself in for?! Another sixty years to go.

Oh dear. Hunter has been living in the household for less than a sim week and he’s already on the juice. He’s just starting to realise how high maintenance Arya really is!


It’s lucky that despite everything, Hunter loves his crazy fairy so much.

Arya: I’m sorry that the bees attacked you my prince. They’ll be severely reprimanded!

Hunter: That’s ok baby. In the art of war, some sacrifices are needed.

Arya: See. I knew you’d understand! How shall one make it up to you?

Hunter: I have one or two ideas …


Arya: Shall I beg for your forgiveness my prince?

Hunter: That sounds like a fine idea Winking smile


Later that night and the kids head off to a party at the frat house. Arya and Hunter almost don’t make it as they have more pressing matters …


Arya: Hunter! You’re like an animal tonight.

Hunter: You have no idea baby.

TS3W 2013-09-24 18-59-47-43

No kidding. Shy Hunter engaging in a bit of public woohoo? He really is feeling primal tonight!


Elsewhere, Adam is actually being a polite guest and whipping everyone’s behind at juice pong. Look at the concentration on his face!


Feeling slightly juiced, Adam then heads out to the porch where the frat boys are telling a ghost story. Apparently, they’re confusing a frat party for a 12 year old girls slumber party.

Narrator: … and the drunken frat boy was never seen again.

Adam: WHAT?!

Next they’ll be braiding each others hair …


Arya, feeling mischievous after her shower antics, does what she does best.

Arya: Look! A naked sorority girl is hanging out of your upstairs window!

Frat boy: No way?!


Arya: Actually, no. Just faith, trust and pixie dust. Take that knave.

Tinkerbell has nothing on our Arya.


Frat boy: I’m in my underwear aren’t I?

Hunter: Boooo! You suck and your underwear does too. That’s what you get for trying to throw us out for inappropriate behaviour.

Wow. Arya’s a bad influence on shy little Hunter. I don’t know if it’s her, the copious amount of juice he’s inhaled or the werewolf venom coursing through his veins?


Hunter: I don’t know what’s up with me tonight. Since that bite, I feel so … wild.

Arya: No matter who or what you are, you’ll always be my prince.


The next day is a full moon, and despite the primal feeling growing inside him, Hunter carries on as normal by building his nerd skills …

Adam: Why are you holding my hand bro?

Hunter: I’m not. We’re mind melding right now.

Adam: Sure … that’s what they all say.


After that, he heads off to the student union for a bit of scientific testing.

Hunter: Hmm. Is my blood supposed to be this hot?!


Meanwhile, Arya is off being a delinquent. What else is new?

Arya: I’ve found the rebel base! Now to claim it in the name of house Bookabet.

Who else just thought of Star Wars just now? A little treat for those that did:

Rebel Bass


Adam is a hit with the ladies in his dorm. Not that I can blame them. This one actually became serious but for reasons that will eventually become clear, it won’t last. I can’t even remember her name! Unless anyone would like to correct me, I shall name her Ashley.


Hunter: Hey dude. Who’s that girl I saw you with earlier? She’s cute!

Adam: Yes she is. I really like her, but for some reason that I can’t explain, I feel like something is missing. I can’t explain it.

Hunter: I know what you mean. When you find the one, you know it.

Adam: Wow Hunter. That’s really profound. You have such a wise head on your shoulders.

Hunter: I know. My sister Sky is always telling me. Now shut up. I’m trying to kill me some Templars.

Anyone who can guess which game he’s playing will get a virtual cookie.


Hunter: Speaking of “The One”, have you seen my girlfriend anywhere?

Adam: No. But last I saw her, she mentioned something about going to be one with nature.


No kidding.

Arya: Suck it to The Man. I’m FREEEEEEEE!

Actually, whilst we’re hovering around the subject, happy birthday earth!

Happy Earth day 🙂


Arya: My people. Surely you must have realised that the national supply of balloons is running low? How can this be, one hears you ask. Where are our balloons gone? I, Princess Arya, can tell you that they have been STOLEN. Stolen by our very government. WHY HAVE THEY DONE SO? One can answer this too. They have been stolen so the government can build an army of …


Arya: …. HELIUM ROCKETS!!! We must put an end to this tyranny before it is too late. Before we are killed by rockets or worse, forced to talk in ridiculously high voices. We deserve to live in a society where children, and clowns, are able to own balloons and where we will not be forced to live under the shadow of persecution. We must stand up for our rights, and say NO TO THE MAN! Repeat it after me, NO TO THE MAN! GIVE US OUR BALLOONS!

Captive idiots audience: NO TO THE MAN! GIVE US OUR BALLOONS!!

Arya: NO TO THE … wait a second. I sense a disturbance in the force.

TS3W 2013-09-27 18-54-07-77TS3W 2013-09-27 18-54-14-13


Hunter: I feel so … ALIVE! AHROOOOOOOO WOOOO WOOOO *splutter* *cough* *splutter*

Hunter: I need to work on my howling.


Hunter: RAWR!

Yikes Hunter. You sure look intimidating. Strange to see the shy guy looking so scary. And look at those EYES!


Hunter: What a night. What am I supposed to tell the wife?!

I’m fairly certain that lycanthropy and alcohol shouldn’t mix.


Arya: What have you done with my prince, Sir Left-Hand. I know he was here.

Arya: You’ve turned him into a vicious creature of the moon?! I command you to tell me where he is!!


Arya: Seize him Sir Right-Hand! Make this fiend talk.


Arya: He’s at home about to feast on the dormitory servants?! Never! My Hunter would never eat other humans. He’s far too gallant for that. Come, Sir Right-Hand, after you dispatch Sir Left-Hand who is once again trying to kill me, we must rescue Prince Hunter before the angry hoard chases him out with torches and pitch forks!


Arya needn’t have worried. The world has moved on from the middle ages and her fellow dorm mates (servants) are far too laid-back, studious and, probably, drunk to worry about a newly transformed moon child.

Arya: My prince! You look …

Hunter: Awful I know. Don’t look at me!


Arya: …AWESOME! With you at my side as leader of the werewolves, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

Hunter: You’re really ok with my becoming a werewolf?


Arya: Of course. You are my sexy werewolf. Now, how about a little fun Winking smile

Hunter: I’m listening.


Hunter: This isn’t what I had in mind when you said let’s do something fun!

The fairy/werewolf tag interaction is so adorable!


Arya: For being such a good sport, how about a …

Hunter: Yeah?

Arya: … belly rub?

Hunter: Just because I’m a werewolf now doesn’t mean that you should treat me like a dog.



Well, if the shoe fits …


Arya: My, what big eyes you have Hunter.

Hunter: All the better for watching you, my dear.


Arya: My, what a big nose you have Hunter.


Hunter: All the better for smelling you with, my dear.

Arya: Don’t you dare!

Arya looks mildly concerned. I didn’t think she was afraid of anything. Interesting.


Arya: HAHAHA! Stop that you bad boy or I’ll get the feather duster out. You won’t like that, will you?

I think somebody has been reading Fifty Shades.


Arya: My, what big teeth you have Hunter.

Hunter: All the better for eating you with, my dear.


Have I lowered the tone enough for you? I apologise that there is a LOT of woohoo in this chapter. Arya and Hunter seriously can’t get enough of each other and most of it is autonomous.


Moving along, eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed that Arya has had a slight makeover. She’s wearing the steampunk goggle set that shipped with Midnight Hollow. As soon as I saw it, I knew that it was destined for Arya as it suits her personality perfectly. I absolutely love this hairstyle and think Arya looks adorable with it

On another note, I actually purchased MH as soon as it released and changed Arya’s hairstyle immediately, which just confirms how long ago I actually played university and took these screenshots. MH has been out for quite some time. I really need to get a move on with updating!


I’m not sure that it’s even possible, but these two are even more adorable than before.

TS3W 2013-09-29 11-13-56-10 TS3W 2013-09-29 11-13-58-46

TS3W 2013-09-29 11-13-27-62

Also, I’ve never seen this moodlet before and both Arya and Hunter have it. They really are the perfect couple.


The next morning, Hunter returns to reality with a bump. Ouch. Reverse werewolf transformation sure looks painful!

Also, I don’t know if you can see his eyes clearly here, but even in human form, they’re a lot more brighter and have that unearthly glow. I think they look amazing on him. Very ethereal.


Hunter: Ouch! My head. I think I had a little too much juice last night. I could have sworn I turned into a ….


Hunter: … Sigh. Werewolf. This is inconvenient.

Confession time. I made him retransform so that I could change his werewolf appearance to more closely resemble his human form. For some reason, I couldn’t change it on the night of the full moon. Hunter needs his dreads.


Ever seen a werewolf playing a zombie bashing arcade game? You have now.


For that matter, have you ever seen a fairy in formal wear diving in a dumpster?

Arya: What’s this? Why would someone throw this out?!

TS3W 2013-09-27 19-55-02-01

Arya: Fear not beautiful butterfly. I dub thee Lady Zephy and you shall be my royal butterfly.


Arya: My prince, we must talk about your table manners.

Hunter: What can I say? *stuffs face* I’m hungry.

TS3W 2013-09-27 18-54-11-12

It’s true. At least he has an excuse to act like a slob.


I know Adam has been very scarce this chapter, but he’s been busy working on his LTW …


… and studying for his degree.

Adam: Is this thing on?


Adam: Come at me ball.

Of course, he still finds time to relax …


… and spend time with his favourite, and most terrifying, little sister.


Arya: Are you sure this is safe? What if you steal my plans for world domination from inside my very head?

Adam: As I’m a cop, I’ll just pretend that I didn’t hear that.

Arya: Whatever you do, don’t speak to Asriel.


Arya: That mind meld was a neat trick dear brother. Mine is better though.

Adam: Not again.

Arya: You’ll like this one.


Hunter: My God Adam. Are you … burping up money?!

Adam: Arya.

Hunter: Say no more.


Adam: I don’t feel so good. I know Arya meant well, but surely there are less uncomfortable ways to make money!


Arya: No Asriel. I will not use Enderman to build you a zombie army to take over the world that I plan to take over. Now stop bugging me and go and do your homework.


Arya: Of course, there’s nothing to stop one from building one’s own zombie. A Queen needs her own army to protect her subjects. Are you ready my pet?

Can anyone say Maleficent? If only Arya was evil …



Unsuspecting dorm mate minion: I’m so tired. I feel like the dead.


ex-dorm mate/ now zombie minion: Braaains. Must obey Princess Arya. BRAAINS.

Looks like he spoke too soon.

Arya: One down, fifty million to go.

Of course, raising a zombie army and pranking everyone she possibly can isn’t the only way Arya causes trouble at university.


Arya: Why are you yelling at me? When I offered to draw you nude, whatever did you think I meant? If you don’t desist with the loud noise I shall have Sir Right-Hand clap you in irons.

I’ve also realised that Arya has spent a great portion of her semester naked. At least she’s comfortable in her own skin. This particular interaction made me laugh so hard. I don’t know if this is the insane trait in play but it’s very amusing.


Hunter has really come out of his shell this semester. Whether it’s the crazy outgoing girlfriend or the new werewolf genetics, I don’t know, but Hunter doesn’t let his shy trait get in his way.


He’s also been diligently studying and building up his nerd ‘skill’. So much so in fact:

TS3W 2013-09-29 09-53-28-05 TS3W 2013-09-29 11-38-52-40TS3W 2013-09-29 11-39-14-96

As the new trait was the result of hard work, I didn’t bother to roll for it. I’m pretty sure I chose Computer Whiz considering his future job in the game development career. I can’t find the screenshot to confirm it though. Sorry!

Hunter isn’t the only one at the top of his game:

TS3W 2013-09-29 10-48-16-66

TS3W 2013-09-29 10-48-21-98

For some reason, I actually did roll Arya’s new trait and it actually landed on Artistic, which is very appropriate considering street art is how she gained most of her rebel ‘skill’.


Arya: We did it my love. I am the queen of the rebels and you are king of the nerds. The university is as good as ours!

Hunter: How about we go and celebrate? *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

As the term winds to a close, the kids are invited to a bonfire at the Frat House. The frat boys are clearly a glutton for punishment as their parties never end well with Arya around. This party is no exception …


Arya: Are you building the bonfire up dear brother? No worries, I’ll provide the fish. Nothing tastes better at a bonfire party you know …. They don’t seem to be biting though.


Arya: They must be shy. Only thing for it is to go in after them and catch them by hand.

Yes, I’m aware that Arya is naked again. She is clearly an exhibitionist. Apparently, this was the last straw and she was asked to leave at this point. These frat boys clearly have no sense of humour.


The next morning, the three students get their report cards and all three achieve straight As. Even Arya, despite not actually bothering to do any studying.

TS3W 2013-09-29 12-14-03-13

TS3W 2013-09-29 12-33-05-61


With that, butterflies need to be packed, zombies need to be released and goodbyes need to be said.

Arya: I’m glad you took a leaf out of Sir Sinks book and behaved yourself this last week Sir Stove. I wish the same could be said for Sir Dishwasher. I fare thee well until I return. I WILL return.


And off home they go. Heads and minds a little bit fuller and, for Adam, that little bit closer to completing his LTW.

That’s probably the last of the University special chapters. I don’t think I have as many screenshots for their second term as most of the fun and noteworthy stuff happened during their first semester. Next chapter, we’ll return to the family where the twins grow up and Adam meets the love of his life. Who is this, I hear you cry? You’ll just have to come back and find out next time!

About jolvsbooks

I'm a library assistant from South Wales with a love of reading, writing and the cinema. I don't fall into the normal cliched view of a library assistant as I have bright read hair, love rock music and I'm not that quiet!! I have two beautiful dogs ... an 8 year old Scottie called Jet, and a 2 year old hyperactive terror Westie called Deefa.
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16 Responses to Chapter 28- University Daze Part 2

  1. Echo Weaver says:

    “Just faith, trust and pixie dust.” Bwahahaha! And you don’t even have a little kid! I have to say that I was skeptical, but I kind of like the reimagined Tinkerbell.

    He was playing Assassin’s Creed, of course :).

    I can imagine Hunter turning out as a computer nerd. It’s fun to see characters go different ways in alternate universes.

    • jolvsbooks says:

      Of course he was! Virtual cookie for you. It wasn’t much of a stretch for me as he gravitates to the pc anyway … unless he’s off woohooing Arya that is!

      You don’t have to have a little kid to love Tink. I spent 30 mins queuing up to visit her grotto in Orlando last year. I’m just a kid at heart! Actually, in the book, where the quote first came from, the character is more real, slightly darker and much more mischievous. I think that’s where I’m going with Arya. Although, she’s insane so she’s always doing something unexpected!

      I know you saw a sneak peek of Hunter before, but what do you think of him as a child of the moon?

  2. amhránaí says:

    The Bookabets are baaaaaaaaaack! *does happy dance* and, as always after reading something on university, I want to start up my game and send some sims off to study.^^

    Congratulations on all of them getting straight As in their finals! How did they get so much stuff done in between? How many courses did they take?

    Also, Hunter as a werewolf is absolutely adorable ❤ Can I adopt him? Pretty please? Or wait, no… I wouldn't want to put up with Arya. Yikes.

    • jolvsbooks says:

      After the first semester, they were exactly halfway through their degrees You can choose a heavy workload, medium or light and I think I chose the medium workload as it is more balanced, leaving me time for other, less academic activities.

      Obviously, the studying sessions are quite boring so I left most of those out! Hunter was studying science along with trying to increase his nerd skill and Arya was studying fine art along with the rebel skill and to be honest, the two really go hand in hand. As she’s sketching or tagging walls, she’s also becoming more rebellious and earning study points towards her degree. The same with Hunter and his science skill. Adam, on the other hand had to actually study, along with working on his LTW which is why you didn’t see much of him 😦

      I wouldn’t want to put up with Arya either … and I actually have to! Werewolves are supposed to be scary and mean, but I have the puppy dog variety. He is adorable though, and does a great job of balancing out Arya’s craziness.

      • amhránaí says:

        Aaah I see. Since my sims always have to do heavy workload, they never have much free time…and it comes in handy that their study needs are fulfilled by those other activities. 🙂

      • Susan says:

        What dictates the level of workload?

      • jolvsbooks says:

        When you first enrol students, you get the choice of how many credits you want to take. The more credits you take, the less time it’ll take your sims to earn their degree. More credits = higher workload and less free time.

      • Susan says:

        Oh, I thought it always took two terms to earn a degree. Is it possible to do it in one term with a high workload? Or three with a low one?

      • jolvsbooks says:

        I don’t think you can complete a whole degree in one term. You can do three quarters, which seems pointless to me. It depends on scholarships as that gives you credits before you even start. But yes, it can take you at least three terms if your sims are the partying kind.

  3. I didn’t comment on this the first time I read it, and I’m actually glad, because I liked it even better the second time! My favorite part is Arya’s balloon conspiracy theory. And nekkid Arya…you can never go wrong with nekkid Arya.

    I can’t wait to find out what happens with Adam’s love life, and how Harya’s kids turn out, and, well, just everything!!

  4. I’ve only recently purchased the UL EP, and it’s great fun. I shall have to remember to send some legacy sims there one of these days, it means so much more when you go home and continue their lives.

    • Ooh, and I’m caught up. I know it’s been almost a year since you updated, but I do hope that you’re thinking about continuing the Bookabets, they’re great fun.

      • jolvsbooks says:

        Yay! Thanks so much for reading it all. I do mean to continue, and in game, the first born of Arya & Hunter is a toddler, so I have a lot of screenshots to organise and write about.

        The last couple of years have been extremely difficult for various reasons, and until my health situation settles down a bit, I haven’t really been in the mood to write, but I have no intention of giving up!

    • jolvsbooks says:

      UL is loads of fun, and such a great way to boost your sims skills 🙂

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