Lack of Update

Hi everyone,

Yet another apology for not updating. My pc has been acting very poorly lately … It has just recovered from a very serious trojan (time to update my anti-virus software methinks!). Anyway, I thought all was ok, but when I installed University this morning, I noticed that none of my store content was showing up in game. I don’t know if removing the trojan removed some of my files? I’ve tried to reinstall some of my store content but no dice. I’m now in the process of uninstalling/reinstalling the Sims 3 collection. I’m hoping this will also get rid of some dodgy CC that I can’t get rid of.

Now, before you all panic, all of my save files/screenshots are backed up onto my external HD, and I did this before the virus, so the Bookabet and Stratford files should be ok. I do have enough screenshots on the Bookabet save for a couple of updates as well as the screenshots for Part 2 of the Stratford Prologue, but in between fixing my pc, working and actually having a social life I simply haven’t had time to write the chapters!! Having said that, part 2 of the prologue is mostly written and I managed to take all the screenshots I needed for that, so that shouldn’t be too far off. I do have the rest of my annual leave next week so I’m hoping that at least one chapter from each blog will be up then. Sorry to keep you all waiting 😦

About jolvsbooks

I'm a library assistant from South Wales with a love of reading, writing and the cinema. I don't fall into the normal cliched view of a library assistant as I have bright read hair, love rock music and I'm not that quiet!! I have two beautiful dogs ... an 8 year old Scottie called Jet, and a 2 year old hyperactive terror Westie called Deefa.
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9 Responses to Lack of Update

  1. Susan says:

    Gah. If it’s not one of us, it’s another. I swear. And I understand. I’ve had to install Windows on my Mac twice now and install the whole game from scratch, and I always think, “Well, I have enough screenshots to keep writing,” and then I don’t because the technical stuff takes all my Sims time.

    Let me know if I can help :). But I think you’re right — install from scratch :-p.

    • jolvsbooks says:

      I thought it was ironic as well! We must be jinxing each other … I hope no one else is next! Luckily, I didn’t need to wipe my pc and reinstall windows when it got infected. It’s completely clear now and I have updated my anti-virus software. I really didn’t want to reinstall, but to be honest, it’s needed it for a while. The lags and crashes have been quite bad and I know that my specs are more than adequate enough to run the game, so it must be that CC.

      Thanks for the offer! You’d be the first person I’d go to if I got stuck on something pc related 🙂

      • Susan says:

        It’s not necessarily just the CC, though that probably contributes. It’s also the incremental patch updates from EA. Even without CC, those patches cause a slow degradation in performance, and I think it’s probably better to do a fresh install every 6 months or so.

        Do you reinstall using Origin? It takes time, but it’s SOO much nicer than doing it from disks. Between the two Windows reinstalls (which were done for performance reasons rather than virus/trojan, thank goodness) and that stupid Mac bug that was preventing the game from loading a while back, I am a reluctant expert in game reinstalls :-p.

    • jolvsbooks says:

      I considered downloading them all digitally, but my wifi has been awfully patchy lately so I didn’t want to push it too far! I preordered University on digital download and that went through easily enough this morning, but too many packs might kill it!! Not to mention the amount of store content I have to redownload!

  2. Senny Paine says:

    Instead of uninstalling, rename your Sims 3 folder and run the game, it will factory reset your game, and basically be like uninstalling/reinstalling without all that terribly loooong waiting. :3 I do it about once a month just to keep things running smoothly.

    • jolvsbooks says:

      I’ll try that in the future. I haven’t had many problems since I got the new pc, but it’s starting to get slower again so I may need to do a cleanup soon!

      • Senny Paine says:

        You can also delete your caches, your “featured products”, and merge your packages. :3 I find merging my packages helps, but since I have a lot of CC, it gets to be a pain.

    • Susan says:

      Senny/Jo: I HIGHLY recommend CC Magic for organizing and merging CC. It merges automatically and still tracks the individual items so you can remove them. I don’t think I can ever go back :).

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