Chapter 27–University Daze Part One

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Bookabet legacy. I know it has been forever since I updated, but real life has a peculiar way of getting in my way! Last time the first baby of generation ‘B’ was born in the form of Adam’s green-haired alien spawn Boba. Apparently, one alien baby isn’t enough and the aliens then moved on to younger brother Asriel. Our actual heir Arya grew up alongside her beloved Hunter who promptly moved in before packing her new pet dragon in her suitcase and heading off to take over university with Hunter and her favourite brother.

I won’t be officially ‘passing the torch’ to Arya until she graduates, but I finally feel like this legacy is moving on. Actually, I’ve played ahead and I know this legacy is moving on. Spoiler alert: Arya and Hunter are now married with a baby. AWESOMENESS!

Anyway, without further ado, let me present the Bookabet family on their university adventure.


The three undergrads immediately settle down into their new dorm room. You know that university is going to be fun when your heir turns up for her first day in her underwear!

Adam: I know that the invitations for the fresher fair say casual dress, but I think this is going a little too far sis.

Arya: Haven’t you heard dear brother? It’s all about making an impression.

Adam: I’m worried that you’re going to make the wrong one.


Adam: I know mum asked me to keep an eye on you, but you’re making it a little difficult for me. Help me out here Hunter, she is your girlfriend.

Hunter: You know as well as I do that nobody tells Arya what to do. Besides, I … er … kind of like the view. *blushes*


Arya: What was that about you liking the view?

Hunter: You know I love the view gorgeous.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE these two together?


Arya wastes no time in asserting her authority before the new roomies/servants arrive.

Arya: Hello good sir. You must be the night watchman. Allow me to introduce oneself. I am Arya, queen of the dorm room and your new mistress.


Arya then discovers the megaphone that I hid in her pocket. I think she has Dragonwife to thank for this little gift! She immediately puts it to good use.

Arya: I, Arya, wish to proclaim my love for one Hunter Sample. His hotness belongs to me and me alone. Find your own.


Arya: This thing is LOUD. One is not amused.


Arya also finds this sketchbook in her back pocket. How she fits it in that itty-bitty outfit, I’ll leave to your imagination. In case you haven’t guessed, Arya will be studying Fine Art so she can help her father with the portraits. I want her to join the Magician career track which needs no degree. She’ll also be progressing through the rebel ranks.


First thing she does is brand the pavement outside the dorm.

Arya: Now to claim this land in the name of Bookabet. This shiny rainbow spray paint will do.


Hunter is studying Science & Medicine, but as he spends a LOT of his time on free will playing video games. This is where I decided to work on increasing his ‘nerd’ skill as I think he’d make an adorable video games designer. I think his techie creator Susan will appreciate that!


It didn’t take long for Adam to discover the dorm gym and work towards his LTW of Physical Perfection. (Max out athletic and martial arts skills).


His efforts are appreciated by his fellow students.

Adorable Student: He’s so pretty. Can I keep him?

Adam: *is focused*

As Adam works in Law Enforcement, he’s studying Technology so he can get a head up in his career before he moves out. Something that I’m not looking forward to. I’m pretty attached to my Adam.



Llama Mascot: NEVER! You can’t make me.


Arya: Really? We’ll see about that … Wait, is that a …. COW MASCOT?!

Llama Mascot: What? Where?! I’ll give him a mascot showdown!


Arya: Why is one suddenly cold?

Llama Mascot: Llama one. Crazy fairy zero. Nobody messes with the suit.


Arya: How dare you try to steal my fairy essence knave. OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

Llama Mascot: I don’t understand what’s going on here?!

To be fair, that’s not uncommon when dealing with Arya.


Whilst Arya is terrorising the poor mascots, Adam and Hunter bond over a game of pool in the union. Here, a surprising relationship begins. I call it the ‘Bromance’.

Adam: Is that Arya I hear blowing her gasket? It sounds like someone needs rescuing.

Hunter: Not now Adam. I’m winning for once. I’m sure she’s fine.

Adam: Arya isn’t the one I’m worried about.


Adam: Hey ladies *wink*

I’m sure Adam knows how hot he is. He’s such a poser!



Student: I knew I shouldn’t have left the dorm room this morning.


Arya: Forever have the government hidden the secret of the Loch Ness Monster from us. We demand the right to know the truth. What else have the government hidden from us? Bigfoot, the dinosaurs, Roswell, Yoda … the list goes on. Stand by me, your Princess, and we will uncover the mysteries of the world. Vote Arya, your fae queen.




Adam is doing his part in supporting his little sister. Although, knowing Arya, she probably threatened him with a fairy hex to ‘encourage’ him to turn up.


Shy Hunter also braves the scary crowd in order to support his true love. It’s amazing how he’s able to stand as far away from the crowd as possible whilst still participating in the protest. I see him as the official protest gatekeeper.


Old Woman: Rightio young man. Will do.

Arya’s first protest was a runaway success and she had them hanging on to every word. Why am I not surprised?


Hunter makes his first friend. For some reason, all the werewolves on campus flood to him. Maybe it’s because he keeps showing them funny dog videos on simtube? Hunter really is a friend to canines everywhere. It’s too bad I can’t remember this werewolves name as he is significant later on.

Werewolf: Why did the human DO that? Bacon, or lack thereof, is not a laughing matter! Those damn cats!

Note to self. This particular werewolf hates cats.


Nothing like a good protest to make a girl hungry. But, unfortunately for Arya, and the rest of her dorm, cooking isn’t her strong point. She sets the stove on fire every single time.

Arya: AAARGH! I apologise for calling you useless sir stove. Please take this human male as sacrifice!

Male Student/Sacrifice: EXCUSE ME? My big brother told me uni life was fun. He was lying!


One fireman chastisement and full tummy later (thanks Hunter), and Arya is ready to take on the world again.

Zombie: Hmmm. Fairy brains smell good.

Arya: Get the beef stick Ender man. Or you can eat the Zombie if you fancy something a bit riper?

Zombie: On second thought, maybe I should call it a night?

Man, the zombie sure is going to have a killer hangover in the morning. I’ve heard of partying until you pass out, but this is a bit extreme.


Arya: Excellent. My plans to take over Sim University are coming to fruition. One will be queen yet. First step, queen of that motley crew of rebels. Yes, Sir Right-Hand, you may speak.


Arya: WHAT?! The Llama also wishes to become the Rebel Queen? There can only be one queen and that shall be I.


Arya: One shall show him. That Llama is going down.


Arya: Nobody messes with Princess Arya and gets away with it … That Llama shall PAY! Summon Enderman.


Arya: Feed well my beauty. Feed and you will grow large enough to eat that damn Llama and rid me of him once and for all! MWAH HA HA!

It’s best not to mention to Arya that Enderman has the power to turn people into Zombies. She’s scary enough already and she doesn’t even have the evil trait! I think she does need to mellow out a little though.


Arya: There you are my handsome prince. One is feeling … ANGRY!

Hunter: I know the perfect way to deal with that.

Arya: Kisses are great but I have an even better idea. Follow me, if you dare.


Hunter: Wait a second. Was that a flash? Did you put money in this thing?!

Arya: No comment …

Hunter: Note to self: Destroy evidence.


Comic Store Clerk: Dude. What’s with you today? You’re on fire!

Hunter: *Blushes*

Nothing like a little public woohoo to put a little fire in your belly and a spring in your gaming finger. Hunter is well on his way to becoming a gaming sensation.


Adam meanwhile is well on his way to completing his LTW. He even jogs back and forth to his classes. If you have a body that gorgeous, you’d damn well better maintain it.


Adam: What are you doing Arya? You do realise that public graffiti is illegal and I’m a cop don’t you?

Arya: Not at university you’re not. Besides, the best dorm on campus deserves a gold star. Is my delinquent behaviour the reason you are electrocuting yourself brother?

Adam: I’m not electrocuting myself. I’m monitoring my brain waves for class.

Arya: And they call me crazy …


Arya: Congratulations on rising through the local nerd ranks. This pleases me as nerds are hot. So is your thumb.

Hunter: Um … thank you?

Arya: As a gamer, your thumb is the ticket to greatness. Along with your index finger. Don’t squander it! With you as King of the Nerds and me as Queen of the Rebels, we will take over in no time.

Hunter: If you say so dear.


Arya: However, One is bored, so instead of computer games, why don’t you play with me?

Hunter: Oh no. I know that face! Not today thank you.


Hunter: *laughing* Noooo! Stop that. It tickles!

Awww. In actual fact, I don’t think Hunter minds in the least.


Hunter: You’re so beautiful Arya. I can’t believe that you’re mine.

Arya: Thank you, my prince. One also appreciates your visage. All of it.


Arya: In fact, one would like to paint it exactly like that Jack person painted the silly red head who killed him with ice blocks.


Hunter: What? Are you crazy?! My naked behind is not going on canvas for the whole world to see.

Arya: Nonsense, one will keep it for my personal collection. No one shall see it but I.

Hunter: I’m sorry Arya. I love you, but no. I can’t do that. Besides, who needs a picture when you have the real thing?

Arya: Does this mean what I think you mean?

Hunter: Maybe, lets go into the bedroom and find out.

Arya certainly brings out his more assertive side. It’s nice to see.


Arya: Now strip Mr Hunter.

Hunter: At your service my lady.

Also, eagle eyes will spot that I changed Hunters clothing as I noticed that he was wearing the same outfit as Franco. I actually prefer this outfit on him as I think it not only suits him better, but also he’s wearing a dash of the colour brown which is a nod to Arya’s favourite colour. I also did the same for Arya, but it’ll be a while before you see it as I’m so far behind!


University life isn’t all about gaming and woohoo for Hunter though. Believe it or not, he’s actually a very attentive student. However, unlike Arya who breezes through uni with fantastic grades that she doesn’t work for, Hunter has to put in a lot of effort. From asking questions in lectures ….


…. to participating in the group science experiment …


… to researching science in the Student Union building …


… to studying anatomy VERY closely, Hunter really is a model student.


He also has his very own fan club.

Student: You can study my bones if you like, Mr Cutie.

Hunter: *is oblivious.*

Not that I can blame her, but I wouldn’t want to be in that girls shoes when/if Arya funds out. My money is on Arya anytime. Fortunately for them though, Arya has other more pressing concerns …


Like how to stay awake in class. Bullying the paparazzi sure is tiring …


Paparazzi: THAT HURT! HOW DARE YOU. Do you know who I am?!

Arya: Someone with really bad dress sense?

Paparazzi: EXCUSE ME?! I’m the editor of the Sim State University Times. I’m so going to get you back for this. Say goodbye to your reputation Ms Bookabet.

Arya: Excellent! Did you know that there is no such thing as bad press? My plan worked and my rebel status is rising!



Adam is managing to avoid the crazy by rising through the ninja ranks.

Adam: Must. Keep. Calm. Sister is not driving me crazy.

Keep Calm

Thought this was appropriate. Poor Adam.


Although, Adam fills his time with more than just skilling. Like Hunter, he is also a hit with the ladies.


Maybe just not this one.


Concussed Student: Are you crazy? You almost killed me!


Arya: I have a dream. A dream in which sims can wear what they want, marry who they love and believe what they want. A society that doesn’t persecute sims for being different. A society that accepts us for us. I believe in my heart, that I can make this dream come true.


Arya: I believe that each and every one of you. You can all make this world a different, and better place. Let us throw away these masks of similarity. Let us be who we are. I am your queen and I believe in you.


Arya: We will crush those clichés and societal ideals that THE MAN installs in us. The ideals that claim that to be different is wrong. We are all equal and we are all who we are meant to be.


Arya: Let us shout it from the rooftops. WE ARE ALL EQUAL. THROW AWAY YOUR MASKS.


Hunter as usual is supporting Arya from the side-lines.



Hunter: Yay! Party time. Time to round things up Arya. We’re late!

Hunter really has started to come out of his shell in university.


Maybe it’s the alcohol juice.

Adam: Come on Hunter. You’re spilling it all.

Hunter: Lower me down a bit then. Jeez


I would blame it on the juice, but with Arya, I wouldn’t bet my money on it.



Adam: I can’t believe you did that! I’ve never seen you so juiced.

Hunter: Hey, don’t look at me. It was Arya’s idea.

Adam: *snickers* Yeah, but you went along with it and now we owe the frat boys a new pool table.

Hunter: You’re telling me. Maybe gluing the balls to the table wasn’t my finest moment.


Arya feels no guilt.


Roomie: It’s 2am and I have class in the morning! SHUT UP!


It looks like the paparazzi guy made good his threat. Not that Arya minds. She is a rebel after all and she needs a bit of notoriety. If I remember rightly, the public disgrace moodlet was for the public photo booth woohoo she and Hunter engaged in earlier in the chapter.


Silly faces. The most successful way to make Sims friends.


The bromance heats up with a game of Frisbee. These two are definitely my new favourite non-romantic couple. Although I do question the wisdom of playing catch with a clumsy sim.


Hunter: OW! My head.

See what I mean? From now on, Hunter shall be called the Dropper


Adam: Ha Ha! Man. You can’t catch worth a damn!


Hunter: RIGHT! I’ll show you.

He gets an A for effort though.Of course, he drops his new BFF in a heart beat as soon as he catches sight of his beloved.


Hunter: Gosh. I love her so much. I can’t believe she loves me back. I’m a lucky, lucky man.

I personally think Arya is the lucky one. Hunter is SO adorable, I want to pinch his pixelated cheeks.


Hunter: I have a present for you my love.

Arya: Is it a … DRAGON?!

Hunter: Not quite.


Arya: Roses. Even better! They’re perfect Hunter.

Hunter: Not as perfect as you.


Arya: I love you, my handsome prince. You accept me for who I am.

Hunter: Always.

Student: Some girls have all the luck.


Student: I’ll just take a picture and Photoshop my head on that girls body.

Can anyone say stalker?


Arya: You can do this Mr bowling ball. If not, I will give you to my witch sister and she will hex you into a tennis ball and I’ll feed you to my dog.

Intense bowling face is intense.


Arya: NOOOO! Down the middle you stupid ball!


Hunter: Not bad babe. Not a strike though.

Arya: Not fair. That flying guy distracted me.

Hunter: What flying guy?


Arya: That flying guy.

Flying Guy: I belieeeve I can fly. I belieeeve I can touch the sky …


Arya: Bowling sucks. I can think of a better way to exercise.


Hunter: Yep. MUCH BETTER.


Of course, Arya still finds time to bond with her favourite brother. Obviously in the way she knows best.


Arya: Look Adam. Is the roof leaking?

Don’t fall for it Adam.


Arya: GOT YA!

I’ll never understand why her family falls for it EVERY SINGLE TIME. Maybe they’re just humouring her?




Adam: What was that? Is that a new one? It feels like my insides just exploded.


Adam: Good one sis. You got me.

Yep, definitely humouring her.


Arya: Move your arm up a little. Grab that imaginary skull like you mean it.


Adam: Like this?

Arya: That’s it. Let me feel and capture your emotion.


Arya: This is going to be a masterpiece. I can feel it.


Arya: Well? What do you think?


Adam: Is it … er … finished?

Arya: Of course it’s finished! Can’t you tell?


Adam: Of course I can. It’s fantastic, an inspiration. A true masterpiece. Please don’t prank me again. I haven’t recovered from the last time.


Hunter: There, there Adam. It’s over now. The scary fairy has gone.

Adam: The scary fairy never leaves. The scary fairy is here to stay.


Hunter: Tell me, what do you see?

Adam: I see a snooker table and a glass of nectar far, far, far away from my little sister.


Spoiler: Trick shot is a win.



Because of his LTW and skills, the jock social group is a natural fit for Adam and so he’s progressing through that one. Although, unlike Arya and Hunter, I’m not bothered if he doesn’t reach the top.


Arya: Hello Sir Stove. You tried to kill me last time and I didn’t execute you for it. Let’s wipe the slate clean and allow one to cook yummy pancakes for ones beloved? Agreed?


Arya: I dislike you intently Sir Stove. You, human servant. Call the fire service immediately.


Arya: This behaviour cannot continue. What to do about Sir Stove? Hmmm. One must deliberate in my office.


Arya: Here we are. My office has seen better days. Please redecorate Sir Right-Hand, and please give me your suggestions on how to ‘take care’ of our fiendish Sir Stove?


Arya: What do you mean by this impertinence? I don’t care if Sir Stove belongs to the university and therefore I can’t do anything about it!

Arya: Oh. You suggest that I ignore his behaviour and let my servants cook instead? Well ok then. This will leave one more time to party so one agrees with this plan.

And party she does …


Arya:  Oh what fun we had
But did it really turn out bad


Arya: All I learnt at school
Was how to bend not break the rule
Oh what fun we had


Arya: But at the time it seemed so bad
Trying different ways
To make a difference to the days …


Hunter: Arya! Are you ok? You’re looking a little … er … manic today.

Arya: Oh thank goodness you’re alive! I couldn’t find you and so I was sure he had you!

Hunter: Who? Who had me?


Arya: Sir Stove. He’s after me you know. He’s a spy for Sim State and he knows that I’m the rightful queen. But not to worry, we’re much too smart for him, you and I.


Arya: We’ll rise to the top of the ranks of our social groups, and we’ll destroy STU and Sir Stove once and for all!!


Hunter: * is speechless*

Hunter’s face says it all really.


Luckily though. Hunter knows just how to manage Arya when she’s in one of her manic states.

Hunter: You’re right babe. He’ll rue the day when he decided to mess with you princess. Now come here and let me give you a cwtch*.

*For non Welsh readers please read the following:

1. cwtch

Welsh word for an affectionate hug. There’s no literal English translation, but its nearest equivalent is “safe place”. So if you give someone a cwtch, you’re giving them a “safe place”.
It can also be used as a place to store things safely (usually a cupboard under a staircase)

“Give me a cwtch”
“Put your jacket in the cwtch”

-Information taken from


One cwtch later and Arya is once again ready to take on the world. It makes sense that she starts with one of her arch-nemeses.

Arya: We meet again Mr Llama

Llama Mascot: Oh no. Not you again!

Arya: Yes. It is I. You shall not escape this time.


Arya: Choke on my fairy dust.


Llama Mascot: Whhh…a…tttt have I ddd…done to dessss..erve th…th…this?


Arya: Let that be a lesson to you Mr Llama.



Student: Jeez lady. What’s wrong with you?

Sadly, he isn’t the only person to ask that question. With that in mind, it’s time for yet another protest.


Arya: Tonight, we start the first step in breaking free of the shackles that society insists on. No longer shall we step into the boxes that The Man has prepared for us. We shall be free to make our own choices!


Arya: I ask you all here tonight, do you all stand by me in lowering your inhibitions and freeing yourself from those shackles? Who is with me?

Protesters (and Adam): WE ARE! WE ARE!



Protesters: YAAAAY! WE SHALL BE FREE!!!!


Yet another successful protest under Arya’s belt. She really is good at this. In fact, if I didn’t have my heart set on her becoming a magician, I’d consider the political career for her. What do you guys think?


Meanwhile, Hunter misses Arya’s latest protest as he’s busy catching up with his wolfy friend, whose name continues to escape me. I’ll call him Wally.

Hunter: Who wants a belly rub?!

Wally: Lower. Yes! Right there!!

This is wrong on so many levels …


Wally: Do you have any funny videos for me this time?

Hunter: Yes. As a matter of fact, I do.



Hunter: I prefer dogs, but I love all animals.


Hunter: I’m sorry! I didn’t realise that it would upset you … Wait. Why are you looking at me like that?!

Wally: I’ll SHOW YOU!




Wally: Now try being a cat lover. Mwah Ha Ha!

Hunter: OW! I can’t believe that you bit me! Who do you think you are? And why do I suddenly feel the need to …. HOOOOOOWL



Hunter: I feel so wild and carefree and WOLFY!

Wally: Welcome to the wild side Hunter Winking smile

I’ve decided to break this chapter into two two parts and what a great place to insert a cliff hanger. Will Arya destroy Sir Stove and become the true Rebel Queen? Will Adam reach his LTW and finally settle down with one of his many lady fans? What repercussions will Hunter suffer from his tangle with the wild wolves of STU? Join me next time on University Daze, Part Two.


About jolvsbooks

I'm a library assistant from South Wales with a love of reading, writing and the cinema. I don't fall into the normal cliched view of a library assistant as I have bright read hair, love rock music and I'm not that quiet!! I have two beautiful dogs ... an 8 year old Scottie called Jet, and a 2 year old hyperactive terror Westie called Deefa.
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23 Responses to Chapter 27–University Daze Part One

  1. Susan says:

    WOW! That was a lot! Did you say this was your short post?

    There is so much in here that made me laugh I can’t list it all. The kitchen fires. The juiced up frat party antics. The poor llama. Juice, woohoo, protests, and classes. They’re doing it right ;).

    You warned me about the werewolf bite, so I had time to adjust to it. I could imagine Hunter wanting to be a werewolf if we had weres in his game at the moment. I never thought of him as a techie, but I can see that — it seems like a good outlet for a Clumsy, Shy sim.

    The animation for the belly rub really is WRONG.

    • jolvsbooks says:

      University was SO much fun to play with these guys that I took far too many pictures! You can imagine how long would have been if I’d included it all in one update. I was going to break it down again, but couldn’t find a great place to end.

      I like Hunter as a werewolf. He is a such a ‘nature’ sim that it suits him. I’ve said it before, but I’m so glad that Arya fell in love with him. They are truly a match made in heaven. The whole computer-game designer thing was Hunter’s own doing, in much the same way that Arya chose her own spouse. He just gravitates towards the games console and pcs if I leave him on freewill for too long … It also gives me a chance to test out the career track.

      • Susan says:

        One thing I love about cross-pollinating sims is that you can see them take such different paths in life. My Adam is a writer and drummer for an indie folk rock band, and Arya married into as close to royalty as you get in Avalon when she landed Garry Crumplebottom.

        Though I may have to kick Arya and Garry into reproducing. Jeannette Crumplebottom has been a playgirl, and she’s now an Elder with no kids. If Garry doesn’t have any either, then there will be no heir to the estate, and that bothers me. My Arya might not really want to have kids, but there has got to be a lot of pressure to produce an heir. They can afford a governess anyway :).

      • jolvsbooks says:

        I’m not surprised that your Arya married into wealth. That way, she can spend her days frolicking. I can’t remember, without looking through my screen dumps, if Arya rolled the want to have a baby. I’m pretty sure that Hunter did … I kind of think that she just went along with him and her parents, who were all very anxious. She does seem interested in baby B though 🙂

        It does amuse me how the same sims act differently in different save files. Sky is another example … She’ very straight in my file and a lot more settled. She and Adam are very sickly sweet and happily married in Story Progression land .. word of advice, don’t worry about the next update. It’s pre-Sky 😉

      • Susan says:

        I was wondering if Adam would find someone nice at university. Then I realized I already knew how that was going to turn out. But if he has some good fun, he has my approval!

  2. Gargantua says:

    Arya is entertaining as always. I’m excited to see more University action. I’ve got the EP, but haven’t had the chance to use it yet. I really enjoyed Sims 2 University and I’m curious to see the differences. Did you enjoy sending them to college? Or was it more bother than it was worth?

    • jolvsbooks says:

      The benefits are well worth it career-wise and I like the fact that you can break uni up into semesters. Four year in Sims 2 was far too long for me! You can choose how heavy you want the course work to be. Sending your sims to uni is a bother and one I’d only want to repeat once a gen, not to mention expensive, but so much fun!

      Arya really is so much fun to play 🙂

  3. amhranai says:

    Oh, my, that was unexpected! A werewolf?! I thought Arya being a fairy was enough supernatural for one family, but apparently I was wrong 🙂 Now I wonder what the baby/babies will be like.

    My favourite part, to be honest, was “The Dropper” – not only because I LOVE Friends, but also because it fitted so perfectly.

    Also, so many things were happening in this chapter. I’m glad you brought the characters back to us, and then dived right into university. Dividing this chapter up into even smaller pieces would not have been the best idea, since we can see your sims’ development here. Amazing chapter. 🙂

    Last thing I want to say: it’s always fun to see all those university sims running around in other people’s games. Although I DO wonder why they never seem to change, but stay on campus forever. That’s kind of…stupid.

    • jolvsbooks says:

      Hunter is adorable and when I saw him dropping the Frisbee every single time, I couldn’t resist! He’s so adorable. The werewolf thing was a spontaneous decision when he became friends with Wally. I pre warned Susan as he is her baby! He loves dogs and is practically one himself and so I thought it fit. Spoiler: Baby is adorable!

      I had SO much fun with university that I ended up with far too many pictures! I’m glad that some of that came across in the chapter 🙂

      The eternal students running around campus is very bizarre! I’m assuming that they are ‘career’ students who don’t want a job but want to live the student life forever. I actually know one of those people in RL …

      • amhranai says:

        Yeah, I’ve heard of a few people who want to live like that… *quickly closes window with information on studying psychology after my pedagogics master degree in summer*

        By the way, your chapter made me want to play Sims again! 🙂 I’ve just started my game and will send a sim to college in a minute.

  4. This was awesome and full of win. Hurry up and come back!

    • jolvsbooks says:

      You’ve caught up already! Well done you 🙂

      I, and the Bookabets, had a great time in uni! The pictures are all more or less laid out. Now I just need to write the captions! Tne problem is finding time to do so! I don’t think it’ll be this weekend though as I have tickets for Wicked the Musical! I’m very excited about that!

      • WICKED?!?!?!?! Ok, that does it…I’m murdering you and stealing your identity.

        Hmmm….wonder if that sentence right there’ll get me on some type of bad girl list.

        Anyway, it was so much fun catching up; I’m really glad I decided to start over from the beginning again. I know I wasn’t originally a fan of Arya, but she definitely won me over, especially in University. The University EP is probably one of my new favorites; my last Mylipone went and I loved it. Weirdly, it even reminds me a little of my actual college days…

        Have fun with Wicked!! Is it your first time?

      • jolvsbooks says:

        If you lived in the UK, I’d probably be a lot more nervous. You live quite far away so I’m probably safe. I’ll keep an eye out for falling pianos and anvils over the next 24 hours though … just in case.

        Yep, I’m a Wicked virgin! It’s touring the UK at the moment and it’s in Cardiff for the next few weeks so not that far away. I know the story differs slightly to the book, but it’ll be fantastic anyway. I’m very excited 🙂

        Arya is a lot of fun to play and she’s always doing something unexpected. I do think that Hunter brings out a fantastic, nurturing side of her and as I’ve mentioned, he is definitely her balance.

      • You’re prolly safe….my British accent is crap; I could never pull it off. 😉

        Ahhh, your first time!!! The first time is the best; I’ve seen it three times now, and hope to see it a fourth early next year. It is PHENOMENAL. I keep hearing rumors about a movie in the works and that terrifies me; I’m certain they would ruin it. The book and the musical are very different, but I personally actually preferred the musical. I’m so excited for you; I know you’ll love it. 🙂

      • Susan says:

        Heh. Eavesdropping because I almost always subscribe to comments 🙂 :).

        I’ve never seen Wicked, but people rave about it, so I assume it must be awesome.

        Hubby read the book, and he wasn’t thrilled. He’s pickier than I am, though, so I keep meaning to pick it up. But I don’t know if the book is like the show or not :).

      • jolvsbooks says:

        I enjoyed the book, but I felt like Maguire was trying to be too clever. Having said that, I loved his characterisation of Elphaba AKA the Wicked Witch. He really gave her life and personality. From what I read of the synopsis of the musical, a few characters have changed slightly but that shouldn’t bother me.

    • jolvsbooks says:

      Also, I know you’ve updated yourself! I’m currently on my work pc, sneakily commenting but I’ll try to read yours when I finish work.

  5. Woohoo! (Lots of!) Also, I’m all caught up. Which is good, because that was the last of my official procrastination tasks before I get to work on the next update.

    Also, I’ve just sent a friends request to Susan on fb, but couldn’t find you… I tried searching ‘Jo’ but it turns out there’s a couple of those.

    • jolvsbooks says:

      Well done for catching up. That was quick! I’m looking forward to your update 🙂

      As for FB, my first name is Joanne and my surname starts with B. I also have red hair if that helps? Failing that, ask Susan to point me out when she accepts your friends request 🙂

  6. zafficus says:

    This chapter was hilarious! Arya is a freaking awesome heir, OMG. And Hunter is pretty damn adorable. But I’ll miss Adam! I always liked him. 😦 Excited to see some Arya/Hunter spawn soon, yay!

    • jolvsbooks says:

      Hi Zaffie! Welcome back! I’m having a great time with Arya, and Hunter is great at calming her down when she’s manic!

      I miss Adam too, although not as much as I thought I would .. although that’s probably because I stole him for a private legacy that I’ve started with my simself 😉

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