Chapter 28- University Daze Part 2

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Bookabet Alphabetacy. Last time, our crazy heiress headed off to university with her adorable boyfriend and long suffering older brother. There, she made mortal enemies with the dormitory stove and Llama Mascot and Hunter got too close and personal with his new friend … a werewolf.


Arya: Hello my prince. What happened to you tonight? You missed my protest!

Hunter: I really don’t want to talk about it. All I’ll say is that my new friend Wally has serious anger management issues.


After a very eventful evening, the kids head back to their dorm to this. Why do I find it amusing that the small nerdy girl is the one beating up the burglar?!

Adam: I would offer to help, but you seem to have the matter in hand!


Adam: Crime really is rampant here at SU. I’d better step up my training if I want to put an end to it.

Police Officer Adam takes the apprehension of burglars extremely seriously!


The next morning, Hunter really doesn’t have the best start when he accidentally sets off the trap that Arya set for her roomies.

Hunter: AAAAGH!!!! BEES!!!! ARYA!!!


Hunter: Just what have I let myself in for?! Another sixty years to go.

Oh dear. Hunter has been living in the household for less than a sim week and he’s already on the juice. He’s just starting to realise how high maintenance Arya really is!


It’s lucky that despite everything, Hunter loves his crazy fairy so much.

Arya: I’m sorry that the bees attacked you my prince. They’ll be severely reprimanded!

Hunter: That’s ok baby. In the art of war, some sacrifices are needed.

Arya: See. I knew you’d understand! How shall one make it up to you?

Hunter: I have one or two ideas …


Arya: Shall I beg for your forgiveness my prince?

Hunter: That sounds like a fine idea Winking smile


Later that night and the kids head off to a party at the frat house. Arya and Hunter almost don’t make it as they have more pressing matters …


Arya: Hunter! You’re like an animal tonight.

Hunter: You have no idea baby.

TS3W 2013-09-24 18-59-47-43

No kidding. Shy Hunter engaging in a bit of public woohoo? He really is feeling primal tonight!


Elsewhere, Adam is actually being a polite guest and whipping everyone’s behind at juice pong. Look at the concentration on his face!


Feeling slightly juiced, Adam then heads out to the porch where the frat boys are telling a ghost story. Apparently, they’re confusing a frat party for a 12 year old girls slumber party.

Narrator: … and the drunken frat boy was never seen again.

Adam: WHAT?!

Next they’ll be braiding each others hair …


Arya, feeling mischievous after her shower antics, does what she does best.

Arya: Look! A naked sorority girl is hanging out of your upstairs window!

Frat boy: No way?!


Arya: Actually, no. Just faith, trust and pixie dust. Take that knave.

Tinkerbell has nothing on our Arya.


Frat boy: I’m in my underwear aren’t I?

Hunter: Boooo! You suck and your underwear does too. That’s what you get for trying to throw us out for inappropriate behaviour.

Wow. Arya’s a bad influence on shy little Hunter. I don’t know if it’s her, the copious amount of juice he’s inhaled or the werewolf venom coursing through his veins?


Hunter: I don’t know what’s up with me tonight. Since that bite, I feel so … wild.

Arya: No matter who or what you are, you’ll always be my prince.


The next day is a full moon, and despite the primal feeling growing inside him, Hunter carries on as normal by building his nerd skills …

Adam: Why are you holding my hand bro?

Hunter: I’m not. We’re mind melding right now.

Adam: Sure … that’s what they all say.


After that, he heads off to the student union for a bit of scientific testing.

Hunter: Hmm. Is my blood supposed to be this hot?!


Meanwhile, Arya is off being a delinquent. What else is new?

Arya: I’ve found the rebel base! Now to claim it in the name of house Bookabet.

Who else just thought of Star Wars just now? A little treat for those that did:

Rebel Bass


Adam is a hit with the ladies in his dorm. Not that I can blame them. This one actually became serious but for reasons that will eventually become clear, it won’t last. I can’t even remember her name! Unless anyone would like to correct me, I shall name her Ashley.


Hunter: Hey dude. Who’s that girl I saw you with earlier? She’s cute!

Adam: Yes she is. I really like her, but for some reason that I can’t explain, I feel like something is missing. I can’t explain it.

Hunter: I know what you mean. When you find the one, you know it.

Adam: Wow Hunter. That’s really profound. You have such a wise head on your shoulders.

Hunter: I know. My sister Sky is always telling me. Now shut up. I’m trying to kill me some Templars.

Anyone who can guess which game he’s playing will get a virtual cookie.


Hunter: Speaking of “The One”, have you seen my girlfriend anywhere?

Adam: No. But last I saw her, she mentioned something about going to be one with nature.


No kidding.

Arya: Suck it to The Man. I’m FREEEEEEEE!

Actually, whilst we’re hovering around the subject, happy birthday earth!

Happy Earth day 🙂


Arya: My people. Surely you must have realised that the national supply of balloons is running low? How can this be, one hears you ask. Where are our balloons gone? I, Princess Arya, can tell you that they have been STOLEN. Stolen by our very government. WHY HAVE THEY DONE SO? One can answer this too. They have been stolen so the government can build an army of …


Arya: …. HELIUM ROCKETS!!! We must put an end to this tyranny before it is too late. Before we are killed by rockets or worse, forced to talk in ridiculously high voices. We deserve to live in a society where children, and clowns, are able to own balloons and where we will not be forced to live under the shadow of persecution. We must stand up for our rights, and say NO TO THE MAN! Repeat it after me, NO TO THE MAN! GIVE US OUR BALLOONS!

Captive idiots audience: NO TO THE MAN! GIVE US OUR BALLOONS!!

Arya: NO TO THE … wait a second. I sense a disturbance in the force.

TS3W 2013-09-27 18-54-07-77TS3W 2013-09-27 18-54-14-13


Hunter: I feel so … ALIVE! AHROOOOOOOO WOOOO WOOOO *splutter* *cough* *splutter*

Hunter: I need to work on my howling.


Hunter: RAWR!

Yikes Hunter. You sure look intimidating. Strange to see the shy guy looking so scary. And look at those EYES!


Hunter: What a night. What am I supposed to tell the wife?!

I’m fairly certain that lycanthropy and alcohol shouldn’t mix.


Arya: What have you done with my prince, Sir Left-Hand. I know he was here.

Arya: You’ve turned him into a vicious creature of the moon?! I command you to tell me where he is!!


Arya: Seize him Sir Right-Hand! Make this fiend talk.


Arya: He’s at home about to feast on the dormitory servants?! Never! My Hunter would never eat other humans. He’s far too gallant for that. Come, Sir Right-Hand, after you dispatch Sir Left-Hand who is once again trying to kill me, we must rescue Prince Hunter before the angry hoard chases him out with torches and pitch forks!


Arya needn’t have worried. The world has moved on from the middle ages and her fellow dorm mates (servants) are far too laid-back, studious and, probably, drunk to worry about a newly transformed moon child.

Arya: My prince! You look …

Hunter: Awful I know. Don’t look at me!


Arya: …AWESOME! With you at my side as leader of the werewolves, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

Hunter: You’re really ok with my becoming a werewolf?


Arya: Of course. You are my sexy werewolf. Now, how about a little fun Winking smile

Hunter: I’m listening.


Hunter: This isn’t what I had in mind when you said let’s do something fun!

The fairy/werewolf tag interaction is so adorable!


Arya: For being such a good sport, how about a …

Hunter: Yeah?

Arya: … belly rub?

Hunter: Just because I’m a werewolf now doesn’t mean that you should treat me like a dog.



Well, if the shoe fits …


Arya: My, what big eyes you have Hunter.

Hunter: All the better for watching you, my dear.


Arya: My, what a big nose you have Hunter.


Hunter: All the better for smelling you with, my dear.

Arya: Don’t you dare!

Arya looks mildly concerned. I didn’t think she was afraid of anything. Interesting.


Arya: HAHAHA! Stop that you bad boy or I’ll get the feather duster out. You won’t like that, will you?

I think somebody has been reading Fifty Shades.


Arya: My, what big teeth you have Hunter.

Hunter: All the better for eating you with, my dear.


Have I lowered the tone enough for you? I apologise that there is a LOT of woohoo in this chapter. Arya and Hunter seriously can’t get enough of each other and most of it is autonomous.


Moving along, eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed that Arya has had a slight makeover. She’s wearing the steampunk goggle set that shipped with Midnight Hollow. As soon as I saw it, I knew that it was destined for Arya as it suits her personality perfectly. I absolutely love this hairstyle and think Arya looks adorable with it

On another note, I actually purchased MH as soon as it released and changed Arya’s hairstyle immediately, which just confirms how long ago I actually played university and took these screenshots. MH has been out for quite some time. I really need to get a move on with updating!


I’m not sure that it’s even possible, but these two are even more adorable than before.

TS3W 2013-09-29 11-13-56-10 TS3W 2013-09-29 11-13-58-46

TS3W 2013-09-29 11-13-27-62

Also, I’ve never seen this moodlet before and both Arya and Hunter have it. They really are the perfect couple.


The next morning, Hunter returns to reality with a bump. Ouch. Reverse werewolf transformation sure looks painful!

Also, I don’t know if you can see his eyes clearly here, but even in human form, they’re a lot more brighter and have that unearthly glow. I think they look amazing on him. Very ethereal.


Hunter: Ouch! My head. I think I had a little too much juice last night. I could have sworn I turned into a ….


Hunter: … Sigh. Werewolf. This is inconvenient.

Confession time. I made him retransform so that I could change his werewolf appearance to more closely resemble his human form. For some reason, I couldn’t change it on the night of the full moon. Hunter needs his dreads.


Ever seen a werewolf playing a zombie bashing arcade game? You have now.


For that matter, have you ever seen a fairy in formal wear diving in a dumpster?

Arya: What’s this? Why would someone throw this out?!

TS3W 2013-09-27 19-55-02-01

Arya: Fear not beautiful butterfly. I dub thee Lady Zephy and you shall be my royal butterfly.


Arya: My prince, we must talk about your table manners.

Hunter: What can I say? *stuffs face* I’m hungry.

TS3W 2013-09-27 18-54-11-12

It’s true. At least he has an excuse to act like a slob.


I know Adam has been very scarce this chapter, but he’s been busy working on his LTW …


… and studying for his degree.

Adam: Is this thing on?


Adam: Come at me ball.

Of course, he still finds time to relax …


… and spend time with his favourite, and most terrifying, little sister.


Arya: Are you sure this is safe? What if you steal my plans for world domination from inside my very head?

Adam: As I’m a cop, I’ll just pretend that I didn’t hear that.

Arya: Whatever you do, don’t speak to Asriel.


Arya: That mind meld was a neat trick dear brother. Mine is better though.

Adam: Not again.

Arya: You’ll like this one.


Hunter: My God Adam. Are you … burping up money?!

Adam: Arya.

Hunter: Say no more.


Adam: I don’t feel so good. I know Arya meant well, but surely there are less uncomfortable ways to make money!


Arya: No Asriel. I will not use Enderman to build you a zombie army to take over the world that I plan to take over. Now stop bugging me and go and do your homework.


Arya: Of course, there’s nothing to stop one from building one’s own zombie. A Queen needs her own army to protect her subjects. Are you ready my pet?

Can anyone say Maleficent? If only Arya was evil …



Unsuspecting dorm mate minion: I’m so tired. I feel like the dead.


ex-dorm mate/ now zombie minion: Braaains. Must obey Princess Arya. BRAAINS.

Looks like he spoke too soon.

Arya: One down, fifty million to go.

Of course, raising a zombie army and pranking everyone she possibly can isn’t the only way Arya causes trouble at university.


Arya: Why are you yelling at me? When I offered to draw you nude, whatever did you think I meant? If you don’t desist with the loud noise I shall have Sir Right-Hand clap you in irons.

I’ve also realised that Arya has spent a great portion of her semester naked. At least she’s comfortable in her own skin. This particular interaction made me laugh so hard. I don’t know if this is the insane trait in play but it’s very amusing.


Hunter has really come out of his shell this semester. Whether it’s the crazy outgoing girlfriend or the new werewolf genetics, I don’t know, but Hunter doesn’t let his shy trait get in his way.


He’s also been diligently studying and building up his nerd ‘skill’. So much so in fact:

TS3W 2013-09-29 09-53-28-05 TS3W 2013-09-29 11-38-52-40TS3W 2013-09-29 11-39-14-96

As the new trait was the result of hard work, I didn’t bother to roll for it. I’m pretty sure I chose Computer Whiz considering his future job in the game development career. I can’t find the screenshot to confirm it though. Sorry!

Hunter isn’t the only one at the top of his game:

TS3W 2013-09-29 10-48-16-66

TS3W 2013-09-29 10-48-21-98

For some reason, I actually did roll Arya’s new trait and it actually landed on Artistic, which is very appropriate considering street art is how she gained most of her rebel ‘skill’.


Arya: We did it my love. I am the queen of the rebels and you are king of the nerds. The university is as good as ours!

Hunter: How about we go and celebrate? *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

As the term winds to a close, the kids are invited to a bonfire at the Frat House. The frat boys are clearly a glutton for punishment as their parties never end well with Arya around. This party is no exception …


Arya: Are you building the bonfire up dear brother? No worries, I’ll provide the fish. Nothing tastes better at a bonfire party you know …. They don’t seem to be biting though.


Arya: They must be shy. Only thing for it is to go in after them and catch them by hand.

Yes, I’m aware that Arya is naked again. She is clearly an exhibitionist. Apparently, this was the last straw and she was asked to leave at this point. These frat boys clearly have no sense of humour.


The next morning, the three students get their report cards and all three achieve straight As. Even Arya, despite not actually bothering to do any studying.

TS3W 2013-09-29 12-14-03-13

TS3W 2013-09-29 12-33-05-61


With that, butterflies need to be packed, zombies need to be released and goodbyes need to be said.

Arya: I’m glad you took a leaf out of Sir Sinks book and behaved yourself this last week Sir Stove. I wish the same could be said for Sir Dishwasher. I fare thee well until I return. I WILL return.


And off home they go. Heads and minds a little bit fuller and, for Adam, that little bit closer to completing his LTW.

That’s probably the last of the University special chapters. I don’t think I have as many screenshots for their second term as most of the fun and noteworthy stuff happened during their first semester. Next chapter, we’ll return to the family where the twins grow up and Adam meets the love of his life. Who is this, I hear you cry? You’ll just have to come back and find out next time!

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Chapter 27–University Daze Part One

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Bookabet legacy. I know it has been forever since I updated, but real life has a peculiar way of getting in my way! Last time the first baby of generation ‘B’ was born in the form of Adam’s green-haired alien spawn Boba. Apparently, one alien baby isn’t enough and the aliens then moved on to younger brother Asriel. Our actual heir Arya grew up alongside her beloved Hunter who promptly moved in before packing her new pet dragon in her suitcase and heading off to take over university with Hunter and her favourite brother.

I won’t be officially ‘passing the torch’ to Arya until she graduates, but I finally feel like this legacy is moving on. Actually, I’ve played ahead and I know this legacy is moving on. Spoiler alert: Arya and Hunter are now married with a baby. AWESOMENESS!

Anyway, without further ado, let me present the Bookabet family on their university adventure.


The three undergrads immediately settle down into their new dorm room. You know that university is going to be fun when your heir turns up for her first day in her underwear!

Adam: I know that the invitations for the fresher fair say casual dress, but I think this is going a little too far sis.

Arya: Haven’t you heard dear brother? It’s all about making an impression.

Adam: I’m worried that you’re going to make the wrong one.


Adam: I know mum asked me to keep an eye on you, but you’re making it a little difficult for me. Help me out here Hunter, she is your girlfriend.

Hunter: You know as well as I do that nobody tells Arya what to do. Besides, I … er … kind of like the view. *blushes*


Arya: What was that about you liking the view?

Hunter: You know I love the view gorgeous.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE these two together?


Arya wastes no time in asserting her authority before the new roomies/servants arrive.

Arya: Hello good sir. You must be the night watchman. Allow me to introduce oneself. I am Arya, queen of the dorm room and your new mistress.


Arya then discovers the megaphone that I hid in her pocket. I think she has Dragonwife to thank for this little gift! She immediately puts it to good use.

Arya: I, Arya, wish to proclaim my love for one Hunter Sample. His hotness belongs to me and me alone. Find your own.


Arya: This thing is LOUD. One is not amused.


Arya also finds this sketchbook in her back pocket. How she fits it in that itty-bitty outfit, I’ll leave to your imagination. In case you haven’t guessed, Arya will be studying Fine Art so she can help her father with the portraits. I want her to join the Magician career track which needs no degree. She’ll also be progressing through the rebel ranks.


First thing she does is brand the pavement outside the dorm.

Arya: Now to claim this land in the name of Bookabet. This shiny rainbow spray paint will do.


Hunter is studying Science & Medicine, but as he spends a LOT of his time on free will playing video games. This is where I decided to work on increasing his ‘nerd’ skill as I think he’d make an adorable video games designer. I think his techie creator Susan will appreciate that!


It didn’t take long for Adam to discover the dorm gym and work towards his LTW of Physical Perfection. (Max out athletic and martial arts skills).


His efforts are appreciated by his fellow students.

Adorable Student: He’s so pretty. Can I keep him?

Adam: *is focused*

As Adam works in Law Enforcement, he’s studying Technology so he can get a head up in his career before he moves out. Something that I’m not looking forward to. I’m pretty attached to my Adam.



Llama Mascot: NEVER! You can’t make me.


Arya: Really? We’ll see about that … Wait, is that a …. COW MASCOT?!

Llama Mascot: What? Where?! I’ll give him a mascot showdown!


Arya: Why is one suddenly cold?

Llama Mascot: Llama one. Crazy fairy zero. Nobody messes with the suit.


Arya: How dare you try to steal my fairy essence knave. OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

Llama Mascot: I don’t understand what’s going on here?!

To be fair, that’s not uncommon when dealing with Arya.


Whilst Arya is terrorising the poor mascots, Adam and Hunter bond over a game of pool in the union. Here, a surprising relationship begins. I call it the ‘Bromance’.

Adam: Is that Arya I hear blowing her gasket? It sounds like someone needs rescuing.

Hunter: Not now Adam. I’m winning for once. I’m sure she’s fine.

Adam: Arya isn’t the one I’m worried about.


Adam: Hey ladies *wink*

I’m sure Adam knows how hot he is. He’s such a poser!



Student: I knew I shouldn’t have left the dorm room this morning.


Arya: Forever have the government hidden the secret of the Loch Ness Monster from us. We demand the right to know the truth. What else have the government hidden from us? Bigfoot, the dinosaurs, Roswell, Yoda … the list goes on. Stand by me, your Princess, and we will uncover the mysteries of the world. Vote Arya, your fae queen.




Adam is doing his part in supporting his little sister. Although, knowing Arya, she probably threatened him with a fairy hex to ‘encourage’ him to turn up.


Shy Hunter also braves the scary crowd in order to support his true love. It’s amazing how he’s able to stand as far away from the crowd as possible whilst still participating in the protest. I see him as the official protest gatekeeper.


Old Woman: Rightio young man. Will do.

Arya’s first protest was a runaway success and she had them hanging on to every word. Why am I not surprised?


Hunter makes his first friend. For some reason, all the werewolves on campus flood to him. Maybe it’s because he keeps showing them funny dog videos on simtube? Hunter really is a friend to canines everywhere. It’s too bad I can’t remember this werewolves name as he is significant later on.

Werewolf: Why did the human DO that? Bacon, or lack thereof, is not a laughing matter! Those damn cats!

Note to self. This particular werewolf hates cats.


Nothing like a good protest to make a girl hungry. But, unfortunately for Arya, and the rest of her dorm, cooking isn’t her strong point. She sets the stove on fire every single time.

Arya: AAARGH! I apologise for calling you useless sir stove. Please take this human male as sacrifice!

Male Student/Sacrifice: EXCUSE ME? My big brother told me uni life was fun. He was lying!


One fireman chastisement and full tummy later (thanks Hunter), and Arya is ready to take on the world again.

Zombie: Hmmm. Fairy brains smell good.

Arya: Get the beef stick Ender man. Or you can eat the Zombie if you fancy something a bit riper?

Zombie: On second thought, maybe I should call it a night?

Man, the zombie sure is going to have a killer hangover in the morning. I’ve heard of partying until you pass out, but this is a bit extreme.


Arya: Excellent. My plans to take over Sim University are coming to fruition. One will be queen yet. First step, queen of that motley crew of rebels. Yes, Sir Right-Hand, you may speak.


Arya: WHAT?! The Llama also wishes to become the Rebel Queen? There can only be one queen and that shall be I.


Arya: One shall show him. That Llama is going down.


Arya: Nobody messes with Princess Arya and gets away with it … That Llama shall PAY! Summon Enderman.


Arya: Feed well my beauty. Feed and you will grow large enough to eat that damn Llama and rid me of him once and for all! MWAH HA HA!

It’s best not to mention to Arya that Enderman has the power to turn people into Zombies. She’s scary enough already and she doesn’t even have the evil trait! I think she does need to mellow out a little though.


Arya: There you are my handsome prince. One is feeling … ANGRY!

Hunter: I know the perfect way to deal with that.

Arya: Kisses are great but I have an even better idea. Follow me, if you dare.


Hunter: Wait a second. Was that a flash? Did you put money in this thing?!

Arya: No comment …

Hunter: Note to self: Destroy evidence.


Comic Store Clerk: Dude. What’s with you today? You’re on fire!

Hunter: *Blushes*

Nothing like a little public woohoo to put a little fire in your belly and a spring in your gaming finger. Hunter is well on his way to becoming a gaming sensation.


Adam meanwhile is well on his way to completing his LTW. He even jogs back and forth to his classes. If you have a body that gorgeous, you’d damn well better maintain it.


Adam: What are you doing Arya? You do realise that public graffiti is illegal and I’m a cop don’t you?

Arya: Not at university you’re not. Besides, the best dorm on campus deserves a gold star. Is my delinquent behaviour the reason you are electrocuting yourself brother?

Adam: I’m not electrocuting myself. I’m monitoring my brain waves for class.

Arya: And they call me crazy …


Arya: Congratulations on rising through the local nerd ranks. This pleases me as nerds are hot. So is your thumb.

Hunter: Um … thank you?

Arya: As a gamer, your thumb is the ticket to greatness. Along with your index finger. Don’t squander it! With you as King of the Nerds and me as Queen of the Rebels, we will take over in no time.

Hunter: If you say so dear.


Arya: However, One is bored, so instead of computer games, why don’t you play with me?

Hunter: Oh no. I know that face! Not today thank you.


Hunter: *laughing* Noooo! Stop that. It tickles!

Awww. In actual fact, I don’t think Hunter minds in the least.


Hunter: You’re so beautiful Arya. I can’t believe that you’re mine.

Arya: Thank you, my prince. One also appreciates your visage. All of it.


Arya: In fact, one would like to paint it exactly like that Jack person painted the silly red head who killed him with ice blocks.


Hunter: What? Are you crazy?! My naked behind is not going on canvas for the whole world to see.

Arya: Nonsense, one will keep it for my personal collection. No one shall see it but I.

Hunter: I’m sorry Arya. I love you, but no. I can’t do that. Besides, who needs a picture when you have the real thing?

Arya: Does this mean what I think you mean?

Hunter: Maybe, lets go into the bedroom and find out.

Arya certainly brings out his more assertive side. It’s nice to see.


Arya: Now strip Mr Hunter.

Hunter: At your service my lady.

Also, eagle eyes will spot that I changed Hunters clothing as I noticed that he was wearing the same outfit as Franco. I actually prefer this outfit on him as I think it not only suits him better, but also he’s wearing a dash of the colour brown which is a nod to Arya’s favourite colour. I also did the same for Arya, but it’ll be a while before you see it as I’m so far behind!


University life isn’t all about gaming and woohoo for Hunter though. Believe it or not, he’s actually a very attentive student. However, unlike Arya who breezes through uni with fantastic grades that she doesn’t work for, Hunter has to put in a lot of effort. From asking questions in lectures ….


…. to participating in the group science experiment …


… to researching science in the Student Union building …


… to studying anatomy VERY closely, Hunter really is a model student.


He also has his very own fan club.

Student: You can study my bones if you like, Mr Cutie.

Hunter: *is oblivious.*

Not that I can blame her, but I wouldn’t want to be in that girls shoes when/if Arya funds out. My money is on Arya anytime. Fortunately for them though, Arya has other more pressing concerns …


Like how to stay awake in class. Bullying the paparazzi sure is tiring …


Paparazzi: THAT HURT! HOW DARE YOU. Do you know who I am?!

Arya: Someone with really bad dress sense?

Paparazzi: EXCUSE ME?! I’m the editor of the Sim State University Times. I’m so going to get you back for this. Say goodbye to your reputation Ms Bookabet.

Arya: Excellent! Did you know that there is no such thing as bad press? My plan worked and my rebel status is rising!



Adam is managing to avoid the crazy by rising through the ninja ranks.

Adam: Must. Keep. Calm. Sister is not driving me crazy.

Keep Calm

Thought this was appropriate. Poor Adam.


Although, Adam fills his time with more than just skilling. Like Hunter, he is also a hit with the ladies.


Maybe just not this one.


Concussed Student: Are you crazy? You almost killed me!


Arya: I have a dream. A dream in which sims can wear what they want, marry who they love and believe what they want. A society that doesn’t persecute sims for being different. A society that accepts us for us. I believe in my heart, that I can make this dream come true.


Arya: I believe that each and every one of you. You can all make this world a different, and better place. Let us throw away these masks of similarity. Let us be who we are. I am your queen and I believe in you.


Arya: We will crush those clichés and societal ideals that THE MAN installs in us. The ideals that claim that to be different is wrong. We are all equal and we are all who we are meant to be.


Arya: Let us shout it from the rooftops. WE ARE ALL EQUAL. THROW AWAY YOUR MASKS.


Hunter as usual is supporting Arya from the side-lines.



Hunter: Yay! Party time. Time to round things up Arya. We’re late!

Hunter really has started to come out of his shell in university.


Maybe it’s the alcohol juice.

Adam: Come on Hunter. You’re spilling it all.

Hunter: Lower me down a bit then. Jeez


I would blame it on the juice, but with Arya, I wouldn’t bet my money on it.



Adam: I can’t believe you did that! I’ve never seen you so juiced.

Hunter: Hey, don’t look at me. It was Arya’s idea.

Adam: *snickers* Yeah, but you went along with it and now we owe the frat boys a new pool table.

Hunter: You’re telling me. Maybe gluing the balls to the table wasn’t my finest moment.


Arya feels no guilt.


Roomie: It’s 2am and I have class in the morning! SHUT UP!


It looks like the paparazzi guy made good his threat. Not that Arya minds. She is a rebel after all and she needs a bit of notoriety. If I remember rightly, the public disgrace moodlet was for the public photo booth woohoo she and Hunter engaged in earlier in the chapter.


Silly faces. The most successful way to make Sims friends.


The bromance heats up with a game of Frisbee. These two are definitely my new favourite non-romantic couple. Although I do question the wisdom of playing catch with a clumsy sim.


Hunter: OW! My head.

See what I mean? From now on, Hunter shall be called the Dropper


Adam: Ha Ha! Man. You can’t catch worth a damn!


Hunter: RIGHT! I’ll show you.

He gets an A for effort though.Of course, he drops his new BFF in a heart beat as soon as he catches sight of his beloved.


Hunter: Gosh. I love her so much. I can’t believe she loves me back. I’m a lucky, lucky man.

I personally think Arya is the lucky one. Hunter is SO adorable, I want to pinch his pixelated cheeks.


Hunter: I have a present for you my love.

Arya: Is it a … DRAGON?!

Hunter: Not quite.


Arya: Roses. Even better! They’re perfect Hunter.

Hunter: Not as perfect as you.


Arya: I love you, my handsome prince. You accept me for who I am.

Hunter: Always.

Student: Some girls have all the luck.


Student: I’ll just take a picture and Photoshop my head on that girls body.

Can anyone say stalker?


Arya: You can do this Mr bowling ball. If not, I will give you to my witch sister and she will hex you into a tennis ball and I’ll feed you to my dog.

Intense bowling face is intense.


Arya: NOOOO! Down the middle you stupid ball!


Hunter: Not bad babe. Not a strike though.

Arya: Not fair. That flying guy distracted me.

Hunter: What flying guy?


Arya: That flying guy.

Flying Guy: I belieeeve I can fly. I belieeeve I can touch the sky …


Arya: Bowling sucks. I can think of a better way to exercise.


Hunter: Yep. MUCH BETTER.


Of course, Arya still finds time to bond with her favourite brother. Obviously in the way she knows best.


Arya: Look Adam. Is the roof leaking?

Don’t fall for it Adam.


Arya: GOT YA!

I’ll never understand why her family falls for it EVERY SINGLE TIME. Maybe they’re just humouring her?




Adam: What was that? Is that a new one? It feels like my insides just exploded.


Adam: Good one sis. You got me.

Yep, definitely humouring her.


Arya: Move your arm up a little. Grab that imaginary skull like you mean it.


Adam: Like this?

Arya: That’s it. Let me feel and capture your emotion.


Arya: This is going to be a masterpiece. I can feel it.


Arya: Well? What do you think?


Adam: Is it … er … finished?

Arya: Of course it’s finished! Can’t you tell?


Adam: Of course I can. It’s fantastic, an inspiration. A true masterpiece. Please don’t prank me again. I haven’t recovered from the last time.


Hunter: There, there Adam. It’s over now. The scary fairy has gone.

Adam: The scary fairy never leaves. The scary fairy is here to stay.


Hunter: Tell me, what do you see?

Adam: I see a snooker table and a glass of nectar far, far, far away from my little sister.


Spoiler: Trick shot is a win.



Because of his LTW and skills, the jock social group is a natural fit for Adam and so he’s progressing through that one. Although, unlike Arya and Hunter, I’m not bothered if he doesn’t reach the top.


Arya: Hello Sir Stove. You tried to kill me last time and I didn’t execute you for it. Let’s wipe the slate clean and allow one to cook yummy pancakes for ones beloved? Agreed?


Arya: I dislike you intently Sir Stove. You, human servant. Call the fire service immediately.


Arya: This behaviour cannot continue. What to do about Sir Stove? Hmmm. One must deliberate in my office.


Arya: Here we are. My office has seen better days. Please redecorate Sir Right-Hand, and please give me your suggestions on how to ‘take care’ of our fiendish Sir Stove?


Arya: What do you mean by this impertinence? I don’t care if Sir Stove belongs to the university and therefore I can’t do anything about it!

Arya: Oh. You suggest that I ignore his behaviour and let my servants cook instead? Well ok then. This will leave one more time to party so one agrees with this plan.

And party she does …


Arya:  Oh what fun we had
But did it really turn out bad


Arya: All I learnt at school
Was how to bend not break the rule
Oh what fun we had


Arya: But at the time it seemed so bad
Trying different ways
To make a difference to the days …


Hunter: Arya! Are you ok? You’re looking a little … er … manic today.

Arya: Oh thank goodness you’re alive! I couldn’t find you and so I was sure he had you!

Hunter: Who? Who had me?


Arya: Sir Stove. He’s after me you know. He’s a spy for Sim State and he knows that I’m the rightful queen. But not to worry, we’re much too smart for him, you and I.


Arya: We’ll rise to the top of the ranks of our social groups, and we’ll destroy STU and Sir Stove once and for all!!


Hunter: * is speechless*

Hunter’s face says it all really.


Luckily though. Hunter knows just how to manage Arya when she’s in one of her manic states.

Hunter: You’re right babe. He’ll rue the day when he decided to mess with you princess. Now come here and let me give you a cwtch*.

*For non Welsh readers please read the following:

1. cwtch

Welsh word for an affectionate hug. There’s no literal English translation, but its nearest equivalent is “safe place”. So if you give someone a cwtch, you’re giving them a “safe place”.
It can also be used as a place to store things safely (usually a cupboard under a staircase)

“Give me a cwtch”
“Put your jacket in the cwtch”

-Information taken from


One cwtch later and Arya is once again ready to take on the world. It makes sense that she starts with one of her arch-nemeses.

Arya: We meet again Mr Llama

Llama Mascot: Oh no. Not you again!

Arya: Yes. It is I. You shall not escape this time.


Arya: Choke on my fairy dust.


Llama Mascot: Whhh…a…tttt have I ddd…done to dessss..erve th…th…this?


Arya: Let that be a lesson to you Mr Llama.



Student: Jeez lady. What’s wrong with you?

Sadly, he isn’t the only person to ask that question. With that in mind, it’s time for yet another protest.


Arya: Tonight, we start the first step in breaking free of the shackles that society insists on. No longer shall we step into the boxes that The Man has prepared for us. We shall be free to make our own choices!


Arya: I ask you all here tonight, do you all stand by me in lowering your inhibitions and freeing yourself from those shackles? Who is with me?

Protesters (and Adam): WE ARE! WE ARE!



Protesters: YAAAAY! WE SHALL BE FREE!!!!


Yet another successful protest under Arya’s belt. She really is good at this. In fact, if I didn’t have my heart set on her becoming a magician, I’d consider the political career for her. What do you guys think?


Meanwhile, Hunter misses Arya’s latest protest as he’s busy catching up with his wolfy friend, whose name continues to escape me. I’ll call him Wally.

Hunter: Who wants a belly rub?!

Wally: Lower. Yes! Right there!!

This is wrong on so many levels …


Wally: Do you have any funny videos for me this time?

Hunter: Yes. As a matter of fact, I do.



Hunter: I prefer dogs, but I love all animals.


Hunter: I’m sorry! I didn’t realise that it would upset you … Wait. Why are you looking at me like that?!

Wally: I’ll SHOW YOU!




Wally: Now try being a cat lover. Mwah Ha Ha!

Hunter: OW! I can’t believe that you bit me! Who do you think you are? And why do I suddenly feel the need to …. HOOOOOOWL



Hunter: I feel so wild and carefree and WOLFY!

Wally: Welcome to the wild side Hunter Winking smile

I’ve decided to break this chapter into two two parts and what a great place to insert a cliff hanger. Will Arya destroy Sir Stove and become the true Rebel Queen? Will Adam reach his LTW and finally settle down with one of his many lady fans? What repercussions will Hunter suffer from his tangle with the wild wolves of STU? Join me next time on University Daze, Part Two.

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Hi everyone. Sorry that it’s taken so long to update … Once again, real life has gotten in the way and both writers block and a lack of time is preventing me from updating. I do have a couple of valid reasons for this:

1: My library authority is currently going through a complete reorganisation and as a consequence many of my colleagues will be losing their jobs by the end of this fiscal year (April). All the full time library assistants at my scale are safe for the next financial year, which is a relief, but as you can appreciate, the atmosphere in work is really bad at the moment. The situation in regards to my job will be revisited next year, and by all accounts, I might not be so lucky next time. As a result, I’ve been spending most of my free time searching and applying for jobs. No time for blogging, or catching up on my favourite sims 3 stories!

2: A couple of years ago, whilst working in a disadvantaged area of the city, I took out an injunction against a member of the public who made my work life a living hell. The final straw came when he threatened to slit my throat. This coming from a guy who beat up a police officer and who, although it was never proven, was responsible for setting fire to a local church. Anyway, the same guy has just been sentenced to twelve years in prison for killing another man in a rage over a motorbike. I know this doesn’t affect me personally, but it just brought back the whole thing, and confirmed for me how lucky I was. I always knew that he was capable of this, and it’s tragic that someone had to die before the court realised it.

I actually managed to catch up with some of my favourite sims blogs this weekend. In terms of my own blog, I’ve still got writers block … especially where the Stratford DITFT is concerned, but I’ll try and update soon, I promise! As for the Bookabets, I have so many screenshots I’m in danger of forgetting the order they’re supposed to go in! In game, Arya and Hunter are married and their first ‘B’ baby has been born. I’ve forbidden myself from playing the game until I’ve updated and so I have no idea what the baby even looks like! I can’t wait to toddlify the little darling … I guess that means I’ll have to hurry up and update soon then.

Until then, send me hugs guys, as I’m feeling a little low at the moment Sad smile

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Chapter 26 – Alien Babies and Man-Eating Dragons

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Bookabet Legacy. What’s this? Two updates in two days? I can’t believe it myself! Annual leave is a great thing. Last time, everyone adored Atticus, Anita got grounded and then frozen, the kids went to prom and Adam went into labour with an alien spawn.


Adam: Oh my God, this feels so strange. What the hell is happening to me?!

Wait until the baby comes. I don’t even want to know where it’s going to come out!


It’s a BOY! Where is the green alien skin huh? Can I send him back for a different one? Anyway, this is baby Boba Bookabet.

I haven’t got many B names for Arya’s generation and I don’t want to waste them on a spare, and besides, I could think of nothing better than to name him after the Star Wars bounty hunter. It seemed fitting somehow. Little Boba is Brave, just like his daddy, and Good. Unfortunately, it’s now imperative that Adam goes to university and moves out pronto as Boba makes 14 sims in one household. Ouch.


Adam: It’s … It’s …. a BABY! Where in the name of God did it come from?!

That’s another thing I don’t want a visual of.


Adam: I don’t know you came from little dude but I’ll be a good daddy to you. See, I’ll start by making sure you’re not hungry.

Meanwhile, prom is a complete non-event. Only Asriel, Alice and her date Rowan Chimeree managed to get inside the school to attend the prom. The other kids were stuck outside the building until I gave up and made them go home. This really makes me sad as I’m sure Arya and Anita, being the insane and inappropriate kids would have had a very … er … interesting time.

TS3W 2013-07-30 20-00-35-26TS3W 2013-07-30 20-00-58-56

I do find it funny that Asriel and Alice were crowned prom king and queen. They are, after all, evil and good respectively. I’m sure Arya, and her delusions of royalty, would have fought Alice tooth and nail for it if she’d been able to attend! I’m also not surprised that Asriel rigged the vote.

TS3W 2013-07-30 20-01-23-33TS3W 2013-07-30 20-01-29-62

These two screen dumps show how completely different Alice and Asriel are. Atticus schemes his way to the prom crown and then gets into a fight with someone, whereas Alice is crowned simply because of her popularity and good nature and then shares her first kiss with the girl she adores.


Arya, on the other hand, heads home instead of going to her prom and does her homework like a good girl, despite the fact that tomorrow is leisure day and her birthday so she won’t have to turn it in.


Ceridwen: Beware of the TICKLE MONSTER!!!!!

Atticus: Get offa me mummy. Ha HA HA

This picture is significant for two reasons:

A) This is the first picture I took on the new pc and the sims are actually running around doing things in free will rather than standing around doing nothing for most of the time. Also, whenever I ask them to do stuff, they do it. STRAIGHT AWAY! It’s amazing!

B) Immediately after Boba’s birth, I was unable to click on Atticus. AT ALL. Nobody could interact with him and he couldn’t do anything himself. He was stuck in his walker and his needs were depleting and I could do nothing. I reloaded the game and still could do nothing for him. At this point, I turned off the pc and didn’t play the game until the new pc had been built for me. Luckily, there appears to be no lasting damage and Atticus is fine now.


Ceridwen is also the first to check out the little alien.

Ceridwen: I’m a grandmother. I can’t believe it!

No, neither can I.


Adam: Thank goodness the weight has gone. That was a scary couple of days there. It’s salads for me from now on.

Considering that Adam has the Physical Perfection LTW, it’s no surprise that he cares so much about his weight issues. Also, I made a mistake last chapter. Adam needs to max out his Martial Arts and Athletic skills as opposed to Logic. I’m glad actually, as he’s halfway through each.


No! Go away and leave the Bookabet men alone! I’ve never had so many abductions in one save file. It must be because Franco was born in Lunar Lakes and the aliens want his space genetics.


Asriel: So pretty. Must … look … at … lights




Don’t get pregnant up there, I’m warning you! One alien baby is enough.


Asriel: I feel violated. You won’t believe what they did to me up there!

No, but I bet Adam does.


Asriel takes out his frustration the way he knows best.

Asriel: Hello little brother. Where have you hidden it?

Atticus: What you want Assy?


Asriel: I want your ….


Asriel: CANDY!!!!! MWAH HA HA!!!




Asriel: What have I done?! I’m so sorry! Don’t cry little man.

See. He’s soft at heart. The worst evil sim ever!


Gelert and Artemis are still in love Smile

TS3W 2013-07-14 17-44-59-43

What a good idea. It’s Spooky Day today, so it’s the perfect day for a party. I do find it amusing that Arya’s birthday always seems to fall on the night of the Full Moon or, failing that, Spooky Day. She couldn’t get more supernatural if she tried.


Obviously, I invite Hunter, Arya’s future spouse, to the party, and I age him up before he can disappear off home.

Hunter: Why aren’t I aging up at home with my brother and sister?


Hunter: Oh well. I wish for a unicorn and fairy kisses.

It goes without saying that he’ll get the fairy kisses, but we’ll have to work on the unicorn.


Hunter: Well, what do you think my sweet?

Arya: Well done my handsome prince. Now move out of the way. It’s my turn now!


Arya: Hmmm. What should one wish for? I know. A DRAGON!!!

It appears that Arya still has plans to feed Anita to a dragon. Somehow, I don’t think she’ll be able to satisfy that wish.


Arya: Well. One doesn’t see a dragon anywhere. Is this cake broken?

Here is our newly aged up heir. She really does look a lot like her mother, but their personalities are so different. She has her fathers eyes and I think she might also have his nose. Apparently, Franco and Ceridwen make gorgeous girls too.


Here is her official heir photo and all her final traits. She, conveniently, rolled animal lover as her final trait. This just confirms to me that she and Hunter are meant to be. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to fulfil her LTW as strays are so hard to move in, and the house is full as it is. I might need to change it to something else and complete the Animal Rescuer ‘unofficially’. I don’t know yet. I’m also very pleased with her outfit. I think it sums up her personality perfectly. What do you guys think?


Arya and Hunter commemorate their birthdays with an adorable screenshot. I honestly could look at these two all day as they make such an adorable couple. I hope their babies are just as sweet.


Adam: Did I mention that it’s my graduation ceremony now?

Adam really looks good in a masquerade mask and tux doesn’t he? Sigh.


Adam: Why would I go to the school to graduate? All my friends and family are here.

My sims really do like to do everything all at once. The party is now a joint birthday and graduation party. Convenient.


I neglected to take a screen dump of the messages, but Adam graduated as Valedictorian and also as the guy most likely to save the world. Yep, sounds about right.


Everyone at the party: THE CRYING BABY SUCKS!!!!


Franco: *whistles innocently*

Cut the act Franco. I know you turned the swing to fast and now the baby is nauseous. If Boba harms you with his ray-gun in the future, don’t come crying to me!


Love hearts are flying everywhere as both Asriel and Anita reveal their feelings to their crushes.


Asriel: You are the perfect partner for any Super Villain. With my brains and your cunning and ruthlessness, we’ll take over the world. Also, you’re hot. What do you say?

Forest: We do make a great team. World domination does sound like fun.


Ladies man Nemo also makes me happy by finally behaving and agreeing to go steady with Anita. They do make such a cute Emo couple.

TS3W 2013-07-14 18-24-27-44

Not everyone agrees though. Wilhelmina is still not over Nemo. He’s such a player. Let’s hope Nemo and Anita stay together when they grow up and she leaves the house.


Adam, feeling the love in the house, makes a move on his ex Bailey Swain.


Bailey: You break up with me by text message and you expect me to forgive you, just like that? What were you thinking?

Bailey is still sore at Adam. Never mind, her loss. I’m sure he can do better.


Meanwhile, Arya and Hunter are in their own little world.

Arya: One doesn’t want to be apart from you anymore. Will you move in with me my prince?

Hunter: Of course, my very own fairy princess.

I have a confession to make. As there are too many sims in the household, the ‘ask to move in’ interaction wouldn’t appear, so I moved him in via Master Controller. Their relationship bar is 100% full so I don’t feel that this is ‘cheating’.


Anyway, here is the official Generation One Spouse Screenshot. Full credit for this charmer goes to Susan who created the Sample a Brave legacy where Hunter here hails from. Go and read it if you haven’t already! I’ve just realised that he is wearing the same top as Franco so I need to change it next time I’m in game. I was going to let him keep the top as he aged up in it, but never mind.


As soon as they are able, Arya and Hunter disappear to their bedroom, chuck out the twins who also share the room and Hunter gets more than a kiss from his fairy.

Arya: Let me show you my secret fairy tricks

Hunter: Is this the underwear one again?

Arya: What a good place to start.


Later on, after the guests have gone home, with the exception of Sky Sample, it’s time for two more birthdays. First up, Boba. Let’s see what this little alien looks like.


AWWWW. I’m still disappointed about the lack of green skin, but Boba is one adorable alien baby. Look, he has GREEN HAIR!


The whole family, plus Sky, then gather around to watch the youngest Generation One Bookabet age up.

Ceridwen: Blow out your candles little man.

Atticus: Pwetty candles.


Atticus: Adam says that I’m too young for martial arts so I’ll train my brain instead. Chess can’t be THAT hard.

Serious little Atticus gains the family trait of Bookworm in addition to the Perceptive and Disciplined traits. My little Sherlock Holmes in the making. He’s also going to be a looker, I can tell.


Arya is keeping her Prince Charming close.

TS3W 2013-08-25 18-20-20-97TS3W 2013-08-25 18-19-58-22

This reminds me that I still need to get Rowan and Alice together officially. Rowan didn’t turn up to the birthday party unfortunately. Rowan is really, really into Alice though.

TS3W 2013-08-25 18-20-12-70

Asriel and Forest are also feeling the love.

TS3W 2013-08-25 18-42-00-04

Hunters very first wish as an official member of the Bookabet household was to become friends with Gelert. I didn’t think it was possible, but I love him even more now. In fact, most of his wishes revolve around the Pack. I also need to make him friends with the human members of the household as he’s such a shy person.


Hunter: Hello Gelert. Nice to finally meet you.

Gelert: So you’re the human that tamed the crazy one?  I don’t know how you managed it but you definitely deserve to have your picture on the wall.


Hunter: Nothing like a bonding exercise with my new favourite dog.

Gelert: You like dogs too? Yes. You can stay.


Gelert: You can’t have any of my toys though. GIVE IT BACK!!!!


It looks like Arya has discovered her birthday present.

Arya: Look Nymeria. The Fae court have blessed me with a dragon of my own! I’ll show that Anita that no one ever misses with this fairy princess. But first, COOCHIE COOCHIE COO little dragon!!!


Boba: PROBE GUN!!!

Adam: What did you say?!


Adam: Come to daddy.

Boba: Walking is tricky dada.

I knew Adam would make a great father. He is always spending time with his little spawn.


Unlike Adam, Arya and Hunter are actually able to attend their graduation ceremony. The whole family decides to tag along. This is the heiress after all. Also, it’s ALWAYS RAINING! Like I don’t get enough of that in real life!

TS3W 2013-08-25 18-59-57-59    TS3W 2013-08-25 18-59-53-99

Although that I’m surprised that Arya was voted Class Valedictorian, I’m not surprised that she was voted most likely to offend others. I’m just amazed that she hasn’t managed this already. I hope Hunters graduation message doesn’t come true though! The future will indeed be ‘bright’ if he manages to burn down his house … and hot.


Asriel: I’m bored now and this rain sucks. Can we go home now?

Arya: Yes please. I have the strangest sense that my baby dragon is hatching.


TS3W 2013-08-25 19-04-52-57

Looks like Arya was correct. It’s also a BLACK DRAGON!!! Hopefully everyone will be able to guess where his name comes from. I thought it was fitting.


Arya: Now Enderman. You must promise me that you’ll eat all your food and grow big and strong. I have a sister that needs eating you know.


Arya: What do you mean, you don’t eat humans?! What good are you? Oh, you summon ghosts and death flowers? That’s ok I suppose.


Hunter: Let’s put you to bed little guy.

Hunter has no qualms with helping out his new nephew. He’ll make such a great father some day.


Arya, unable to go through with her plans to feed Anita to her dragon, finds another way to get her own back.

Arya: Do you hear that?

Anita: Hear what?


Arya: The sound of VICTORY.

Anita: What is this?



Anita should just be grateful that she isn’t in the stomach of a dragon right now.


Arya: What. There isn’t a major for future queens in college? *sighs* I guess I’ll have to settle for Fine Art then.


Arya: Time for one last pillow fight with one’s loyal servant and best friend. You won’t go back to the Fae court and forget about me whilst I’m away in university will you?

Nymeria: I’d never forget about you, your majesty.


Arya: That’s ok then. Hello. Is this the university for fairy princesses? One would like to come and learn stuff please.

Well, that’s it for now as I’m mostly up to date with my gameplay. Next time, Arya heads to university with Hunter and Adam. Can you imagine Arya in university? I can and it’s awesome!

Townie Updates:

Story Progression works beautifully on the new pc and the new sims I’ve installed are having a great time. Unfortunately, these means you’ve got a ton of townie updates to read. Enjoy!

TS3W 2013-07-30 19-41-55-97TS3W 2013-08-25 18-57-29-61

TS3W 2013-08-25 19-09-17-07TS3W 2013-08-25 19-09-08-55

Looks like my simself isn’t the only one with a thing for the sim they created. Starla here got together and promptly broke up with her creation Seven Sirius from the Creeper Legacy. It wasn’t long before she fell in love and married the leader of the local vampires, Tristan Van Gould. Rebound anyone?

TS3W 2013-08-25 18-41-22-32   TS3W 2013-08-25 18-57-53-85

Another classic case of rebound is Bailey and Big Mac here. Not long after she rejected Adam, I received the notification that she had gotten together with Big Macintosh Olympus, who, by the way, I had picked out to be Arya’s intended spouse before she and Hunter ruined all my plans. Big Mac and Bailey didn’t last very long.

TS3W 2013-07-30 07-28-06-35TS3W 2013-07-30 07-34-39-58TS3W 2013-07-30 19-38-37-20

Applejack II Olympus has better luck with the ladies. It doesn’t take him long to get engaged to Faith MacDuff.

TS3W 2013-08-25 18-53-25-18

Meanwhile the boys sister Rainbow Dash falls for Mariah, the creator of the Chimeree, Skipton and Shepherd Legacies respectively.

TS3W 2013-08-25 18-35-30-16

One of the newer additions to the ‘hood, Gargantua Stormcaller, creator of the Byrd legacy, and her husband Geobe seem to be settling in well and remain very much in love. Now go and have children you two. I’m hoping the new townies will breed so that I have plenty of choice for the next generation.

TS3W 2013-08-25 18-35-35-46

Even the non-legacy sims are catching the love bug. Two of my favourite Bridgeport sims, Wogan and Morrigan Hemlock, once married and then divorced, get back together, and then break up again!

TS3W 2013-07-30 07-30-37-72

Oh, it looks like Joe MacDuff is going to be a daddy. Let’s hope this means he’ll stop bugging Ceridwen for a date.

TS3W 2013-08-25 18-20-23-62

Or not.

TS3W 2013-07-14 18-54-58-23

Puzzle and Sebastian Hodgins, Nemo’s brother, aren’t a couple in this game file. Puzzle and Jackie Owen have been together for quite a while now and they seem to be happy together. The Hodgins come from Dragonwife’s legacy, SimDjinn. Another must read, along with the others I’ve linked.

TS3W 2013-07-30 20-03-15-06 TS3W 2013-07-14 19-29-39-27TS3W 2013-07-14 19-29-08-01

Not that Sebastian isn’t happy. He recently married his older lady love Linda Rogers and became a stepdad to her daughter Sophie.

TS3W 2013-08-25 19-01-54-13

Last but not least, Sebastian and Nemo’s sister Ariel have gotten together. Those two would have really colourful babies … I hope they decide to have kids.

TS3W 2013-07-14 18-32-55-65

Maybe the Hodgins kids have been shaken by their dad’s death, and that’s why they’ve all found people to love recently. RIP Zeke.

That’s the last of the townie updates. Until next time, bye guys.

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Chapter 25: Prom Dates and Tummy Troubles

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Bookabet legacy. It’s been a while I know, but I’ve been having all sorts of problems with the game. Files going missing including Fraps screenshots and all my store content refusing to stay in the game. I’ve also been experiencing so much lag that’s it’s been a chore simply playing the game. I made the decision to sacrifice the money I’ve been saving to buy a house on a brand new pc. I’m so pleased with it so I don’t regret it for a moment. My sims are actually doing things for themselves and my store content is all installed, and seems to be staying installed. It’s actually fun to play now. Touch wood it stays that way! I’ll be using up all of my old screenshots in this update, so all screenshots in the future will be taken on my new beast of a pc.


Last time on the Bookabet Legacy Arya managed to catch herself on fire and then scared her baby brother with an alien mask. Speaking of aliens, Adam got abducted, yet again, and then grew up into a fine stud of a young adult and Asriel dressed up in a cow plant costume, almost starved himself to death and then got scared by Bonehilda. Oh, and Franco completed his portrait of Artemis.


I know I didn’t show off a picture of little Atticus last time so here he is. I think he’s adorable despite his throwback hair. I feel sorry that he won’t have a chance of being heir as we already have one, but he’ll be around for a while yet. He’ll be closer in age to the next generation than his brothers and sisters.


To highlight my point further, here is a very cute picture of the oldest and youngest Bookabet kids.

Adam: Then the aliens came and they took me into their space ship and then …



Atticus: HA HA HA

I think Atticus will grow up to idolise his big brother. Especially considering they both share the Disciplined trait.


Then again, if Adam insists on squashing his baby brother, maybe not. Yes, Adam is STILL sneaking around everywhere from the time he got grounded. Sigh.

Oh God


Apollo: What’s this machine then? Why does it smell of beef? I’ll have to go and investigate.



I spent some of Gelerts lifetime reward points on this. The dogs can clean themselves now and save me some time.


Apollo: Do NOT go in there.


Adam: Hello ladies.

Adam is such a handsome sim. He really did grow up well …


Asriel: Hmm. Maybe I should sell my brother to a lonely female sim. I’ll make a fortune.

Adam isn’t the only gorgeous one in the Bookabet clan. Ceridwen and Franco sure make handsome boys.


Adam heads off to the town hall to get a job in the law enforcement career. I honestly can’t imagine him doing anything else. Although I doubt his real father would be impressed. Adam is the antichrist after all.


Who should Adam bump into at the town hall but my simself. Apparently, she’s had another fight with her ex Cocaine Chimeree. I wonder if it had something to do with the toga she’s rocking. No, I don’t know why she’s wearing it.


Adam heads over to say hello.

Adam: Can I tell you something. I know you’re the same age as my mother, but I like girls in togas.

Simself: That’s funny. I like young handsome cops.

STOP IT RIGHT NOW. There’s something very wrong about that scenario.


Back at home, Adam’s mother and my simself’s best friend settles down to teach her youngest about legacy living.

Ceridwen: And that’s why you have such a cool name. You’re all named after book characters.

Atticus: *is confused*


After an action packed day of learning his toddler skills and being attacked by his tickle monster big brother, Atticus is soon out like a light. It’s a hard life being a baby.


Bonehilda: I would stay off the cake if I were you. You’re looking a little pudgy there.

Adam: I beg your pardon?!


Adam: It’s true. I am looking a little pudgy … I also have a very weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. Maybe I’m coming down with something?

Arya: Maybe the unicorn king has chosen you for a secret mission?


Asriel: Who ate all the doughnuts? I know, Adam the cop!

Adam: I’d better hit the gym before I start work in the morning.

I don’t think that’s going to help much ….

TS3W 2013-07-30 07-58-06-77

This I wasn’t expecting.


Arya: Hello my handsome prince. How may I serve you? There is a ball at the palace of education and you want me to go with you? Of course I will go with you dearest. . Don’t forget to book the unicorn to pull the carriage. I’ll get the pumpkin. Love you.

Gelert: No, I’m not being your driver. Once was enough.

Yes it’s prom time. I’m sad that Adam never got to go but you can imagine how happy I was when Hunter invited Arya on his own accord. Sadly, my old pc ate the Fraps screenshot with the message.


I sent the other Bookabet kids to secure their dates. Alice still has a crush on Rowan Chimeree, the daughter of my simself and Cocaine.

Alice: Rowan. You always brighten up my day … even when it’s night time. Will you brighten up my prom?

Rowan: Of course I will! I’m so happy you asked.

Alice: Let’s take this somewhere more private. Your brother is starting to creep me out a little.


Nathaniel: Get in there sis. I approve.

This is Nathaniel, Rowan’s twin brother. Apparently he’s a creeper. I’m such a proud sim parent.


Away from the inquisitive eyes of her brother, Rowan initiates heavy flirty face . Nothing says first romance than a small, stinky, cramped bathroom.


Elsewhere, Anita manages to snare a prom date with the elusive town bad boy Nemo Hodgins.


Nemo: I can think of a great way to seal this deal. Winking smile


Anita: Stop looking at me like that! I might be a tad inappropriate at times but I’m a good girl really.

Oh. Do good girls usually break curfew so often?


Fairy Cop: Never fear, the fairy cops are here. Protecting Moonlight Falls from rebellious teens everywhere.

Honestly, the local delinquency squad must be made up of fairies. The cop who broke up Arya’s party so very long ago was a fairy too. I hope they don’t encourage Adam to join. I really can’t see him as a fairy somehow.


Fairy Cop: You are so going to be grounded when you get home. He he he

Anita: Do I look amused?


Adam: I’ve had a rotten day, I don’t feel very well and that girl thinks she can wander in past curfew?!



Anita: Chill out big brother. Who do you think you are? Mum?

Adam: Mum and dad are ‘busy’ so I’m dealing with you today. YOU’RE GROUNDED!!!


Adam: Sorry about the yelling there little man, but your big sister is a naughty girl. You aren’t going to be naughty when you grow up are you?

Atticus: I use potty like big boy.


Adam: Here you go little man. A nice bottle before beddy byes.

Adam didn’t roll the family-oriented trait but he spends more time parenting the kids than Franco does. To be fair though, Franco is pretty much chained to the easel at the moment. I need him to finish those heir portraits!


Anita: I HATE this family! You’re all a bunch of … of … LLAMAS!!!!

I really don’t think taking your mood out on the insane fairy of the family is such a good idea …


Arya: I beg your pardon? You’d better watch your back little girl. I never let an insult like that slide. When I’m queen of this house I’ll throw you in the dungeon and feed you to my dragon.

Anita: You don’t even have a dragon!


Franco: La La La. I can’t hear my two daughters fighting as I’m so engrossed in this heir portrait. La La La

You see what I mean? Chained.


Arya: I will have a dragon. There must be plenty of dragons in the realm of magic. Will you find me a dragon when you go back there dear one?


The next morning, scared Asriel is scared and refuses to leave the house for school.


At this point, I sent poor Bonehilda back into her coffin. I’ll only let her out when Asriel, the coward, isn’t home.


Adam heads off for his first day at work. What’s with the sneaking around everywhere?!

Adam: I’m practicing for when I’m the sneakiest spy ever.


Ceridwen: Hello Chauncey. What can I do for you?

TS3W 2013-03-25 22-06-03-71TS3W 2013-07-14 18-29-19-40


Ceridwen: What is with you people?! What part of “I’m happily married” is so difficult to understand?!

Ceridwen is forever getting asked out on dates and receiving love letters in the post. It must be because she’s named after a goddess of poetry. She had these two phone calls on the same day for goodness sake!


In the living room, Apollo has issues.

Apollo: Look at all the wastage of such yummy food! If the humans didn’t want it, they could have passed it to us. Instead they leave it to those damn flies. Grrr


Just one of the many problems I’m having with the game. All the kids just stand around outside the school in the freezing cold all day. Luckily, their education bar doesn’t go down at all. The game thinks that being outside school is good enough.


It probably doesn’t help that I’d placed a bunch of famous legacy sims in the neighbourhood. I still have some more that I’m planning to install now that I have a new shiny pc, but this stud muffin is Raph Skipton, one of my favourite legacy sims ever. He must be cold without a top on but it looks like my simself clearly approves.


After work/school, I send the kids to the creepy festival. Adam proves his bravery by taking on the haunted house. The sneaking kind of ruins the bravado a bit.


Adam: One haunted house beaten. Like a boss. Not even ghosts scare me.

TS3W 2013-07-14 18-48-53-10


Nothing says bonding time like a friendly sibling apple bobbing match. Who do you think won?

TS3W 2013-07-14 19-09-35-64

If anyone said Arya, then you’re right. I personally think she cheated and used her fairy powers.


Back at school, Anita is still stuck outside on the frostiest night the Bookabets have ever had. Of course she isn’t wearing her warm outdoor clothes.

Anita: I-I-Immmma … f-f-freeeezing c-c-c-colddddd.


Apparently so. At this point, I got really concerned. My sims take forever to do anything and I think you only have a certain amount of time to rescue the sim before they freeze to death. Anita may not be the heir, but I don’t want any of the Bookabet kids to die!


Ceridwen: Bye Franco. Just off to stop our daughter from freezing to death. There are leftovers in the fridge and Atticus has had his bedtime bottle. Love you.

Any day now Ceridwen.


Luckily, Adam managed to pry himself away from the apple bobbing contest (that’s probably why Arya won) and saved the day.

Adam: I knew this hairdryer would come in handy one day.


Anita: I k-knew m-m-my t-t-teachers were t-t-trying to k-kill mmmm-me. This d-d-d-doesn’t m-m-mean I f-f-forgive you Ad-d-d-am

By the way, that taxi behind Adam? That’s Ceridwen. She was a little too late.


Franco: I’ve finished my portrait. Can I please go to the bathroom before I pee myself?!

I’m honestly not that cruel. I love Franco really, and he does make some lovely portraits. He’s mastered the painting skill now, and as soon as the family portraits have been done, he can work on the writing side of his LTW.


Atticus is clearly the beloved baby brother. All of his brothers and sisters constantly roll wants to snuggle and play with him.Asriel the ‘evil’ sim actually rolls more wants to snuggle Atticus than anyone else. I personally think Asriel just pretends to be evil.


Adam: I’ve been working out at the gym in work all day and this belly refuses to go down. Goopy Carbonara has so many calories but I can’t stop eating.

It’s like he’s almost eating for two …


Since Adam can’t do any working out or martial art training at the moment, I set him to working on his logic skill. He also needs that skill for his LTW and I’ve neglected it so far. I doubt I can complete his LTW before he moves out but I’ll give it a go.


More mother-son bonding time between Ceridwen and her youngest/last baby. Of course she’s teaching him about books. Can you expect anything else?


Atticus is such a cutie pie. He manages to complete the last of his toddler skills with the help of the very useful baby walker.


Gelert: Help. Can’t nuzzle Artemis. Artemis is in the way of Artemis.


Gelert and Artemis still love each other after all this time. This makes me happy.


Later that night, it’s prom time. Arya decides to ignore the limo and take a taxi … whilst wearing her athletic gear. I expect nothing less.




Adam: I suddenly feel very strange. Like a creature is about to burst his way out of my stomach.

I wonder what that could be?

TS3W 2013-07-30 19-42-09-67

Don’t act so surprised. You all knew what was happening!

With this lovely cliff hanger, I think I’ll leave you all. I’m just about to head out for Sunday lunch with the family and I’m running a bit late. Next time, will Adam deliver his alien baby? Will the kids enjoy their prom night? Will Arya ever grow up so that I can finally shift this legacy along? How will I ever cope with yet another child in the house? Find out next time on the Bookabet Legacy.

Bye guys.


Two-Headed Hell Beast: The alien spawn has arrived. His Evilness will be pleased that the alliance between Himself and the alien race has finally come to fruition.

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Chapter 24: Evil Comes in Many Forms


Gelert: Hello readers and welcome back to the Bookabet Legacy. Last time Arya and Hunter Sample sickened the whole family with their ghastly display of public affection, the mistress brought home another one of those wailing infants for the pack to look after and the scary blonde child brought home a much scarier friend. I didn’t like him. Now, if you give me a treat, I’ll let you stay and read the next update.


Adam: It must be amazing being able to fly. I wish I could, for one moment, be able to experience it for myself.

Arya: One does realise that the Flight of Felicity is a gift only to be bestowed on those most worthy by the Fae gods?

Adam: Flight of Felicity?! Oh please Arya! I’ll do all your chores for a week if you bestow it to me.

Arya: On the other hand, one would do anything to get out of doing the hoovering. I’m sure the Fae Gods would agree. Very well oh brother of mine.


Arya: There you go. You are now a honorary member of the Fae. You’ll really love flying but just make sure you stay away from the storm.

Adam: Storm?!

Arya: Yes. Didn’t you know? The Fae god of the storms is having a party and he really does love those lightning bolts.


Franco: I heard about your ‘deal’ with your brother. I know you don’t think that you’re getting out of your chores that easily.


Arya: But father, you forget. One is a member of the high order of the Fae and we don’t get chores. We do pranks instead … like this one.

Franco: What do you think you are doing?!

Arya: Giving you a taste of your hot-headedness.


Arya: Wait a second. Something feels strange …. and hot. Why do I suddenly smell smoke?!



Aphrodite: Why has it gotten hotter in here all of a sudden?


Franco: It’s ok baby girl. I’ll save you even though you tried to prank me!

Aphrodite: Oooh! That extinguisher sure feels nice on a hot day such as this. Really cools you down.

Adam: It looks like I won’t have to do Arya’s chores for her after all.


Adam: *shrugs* Oh well, never mind. The school bus is here so I’d better get to school. In case you die and I don’t get to thank you, thanks for the Flight of Felicity sis.

That’s cold Adam. It looks like my little Anti-Christ has more of his father in him than I initially thought.

Anyway, at this point, Aryas needs were getting lower and lower and I honestly thought that Franco might not be able to save her in time. It would be just my luck that the heiress would die before she even had a chance to have a child! You can imagine how much I was freaking out by now. I want Arya/Hunter genes in the Bookabet family tree!


Luckily, Franco is awesome and managed to  save his daughter. However, the same can’t be said for her clothes.

Arya: This is all Sir Left-Hands fault. He will pay for this.

Anita: What’s all the racket?

Asriel: Oh nothing. Arya was just burning alive. Been there, done that.

Anita: Is that all? Get out of my way already. I want to get to school to see Nemo.

It’s nice to see such a close and committed family ….


Arya: You saved me father!

Franco: Of course I did. What are fathers for? Now get to school before I ground you for ditching.


You could have had a shower first Arya!

Arya: Nonsense. The fact that one survived this terrible trauma is a sign that one is worthy of the Fae crown. Besides, Hunter has never seen ones underwear before.


Artemis: You’re honestly leaving my children in the care of that one? She definitely has a screw loose somewhere.

Aphrodite: But she’s so entertaining.

My sentiments exactly.


Ceridwen meanwhile, attempts to repair the emotional damage that has inevitably occurred to baby Atticus after watching his big sister burning to death.

Ceridwen: There, there baby boy. This bottle will make it all better. And please don’t follow in your big brother and sisters footsteps. Two kids blowing themselves up is enough for anyone to deal with!


Ceridwen: I hope my itty-bitty baby never grows up!!!

Atticus: This is the best thing EVER!!!!

Artemis: How long is this portrait thing going to take? I’m not getting any younger you know.

Also, I’m not sure which of the kids pranked the sofa, but my suspicions fall on three of them. I’ll let you guys guess which.


Well done Franco. That actually looks like it’ll be a great portrait of Artemis. He’s not far from mastering the art skill in this screenshot. After that, I’ll have him working on the writing skill and hopefully he will reach his LTW at some point.


Artemis: Modelling sure does give you an appetite. It’s also very tiring too. I think I’ll rest my old bones a bit.

Aww, this makes me sad. Why is it that I get so sad when my sim pets get older? I would keep Artemis alive and young like Gelert but one immortal fairy god-dog is enough for anyone.


Speaking of Gelert. he’s getting his love on with Ceridwen.

Ceridwen: We’ve come a long way together haven’t we my old friend? Can you believe I’m almost an adult? Before long we’ll be old and grey and death will claim us.

Gelert: Speak for yourself. I have a deal.


Aaaargh! Burglar!! Call the police!! Or better yet, Gelert!!!

Jodie: Not amused.

Oh, never mind. It’s only Jodie Goode. Ceridwen wasn’t joking about almost being an adult. She, Atticus and Adam are having a triple birthday fancy dress party. Did I forget anything? Oh yes, it’s a full moon tonight. The last birthday party I threw on a full-moon resulted in Arya’s refusing to grow up and Asriel’s becoming evil. Let’s hope for better luck this time shall we?


For some reason, Sky Sample has taken offence to Ivy here. I have no idea why. Also, why haven’t they dressed up? Spoilsports!


Another guest feeling the hate is Cocaine Chimeree. As far as I am aware, Anita has never even spoken to him so I don’t understand how he can find her so boring!


Little Atticus is hungry and tired and needs to get to bed so he’s first up to the cake. Nice costume Ceridwen. It really brings out the colour in your eyes.

Ceridwen: Sarcasm is very unbecoming Atticus. Remember that.


Clearly, the hotdog costume is in this year. Although, as Franco is childish and Anita is inappropriate, the costumes seem to fit their personalities more than Ceridwen. Meanwhile, Alice digs the cheerleading outfit and Adam, again displaying a hint of his inner satanic nature, favours the Jason Vorhees costume. If he suddenly pulls out a sword I’m out of here.

Also, where are all the guests?! I’m positive I saw them turn up.



Wild horse: Is this where the party is at? I know I have my invitation somewhere, honestly.

Simself: Get out of my way horse, I’m missing cake here.

Yep. That sounds like me.



If Atticus wants to cry on his birthday, who am I to stop him?

Sorry. I just couldn’t resist.


Thanks to Atticus, the rest of the party is a huge fail. Half of the guests are hungry and the rest keep bitching about the screaming toddler.

Adam: If you think I’m transitioning on an empty stomach, you’ve got another thing coming.

And so he doesn’t. Sigh. Why am I even surprised?


Asriel, meanwhile, hadn’t even made it to the party. I just love the irony of this picture. All Asriel needs is a birthday cake hanging out of his mouth. I also think it’s fabulous that the future evil mad scientist is wearing the costume of a man-eating plant.



Luckily, all Atticus needs to satiate his hunger is a bottle of the nasty green stuff that sim babies and toddlers are forced to eat. Now that he’s no longer crying, you can see how adorable he is. You’ll see a better picture later after I gave him his customary makeover.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to set him off again. Actually, all it takes is his scary older sister.


Take note of Arya’s costume everyone. It will be significant later.


Arya: Sleep now little one. You are so adorable, you would make a fantastic pixie. How about you join ones royal court?

Atticus doesn’t take long to get over his fear of his big sister. Nobody can really be scared of Arya for long as she can be sweet when she wants to.


Now for some pictures of the guests. The girl at the top is, I think, Emilie Van Gould and she’s very pretty. I’m thinking that I should introduce her to Adam at some point.

The girl in the middle is Rowan Chimeree, my simself’s daughter and the romantic interest of Alice. I love her costume so much and, considering Alice’s namesake, so appropriate I could scream.

Ever wondered what a werewolf mermaid would look like? Look no further than Wilhemina Woolf. Another costume full of win!

This one isn’t a guest, but the fairy zombie at the bottom is Titania Summerdream and is our resident zombie stalker. She honestly turns  up zombified on every single full moon.


Since Adam has joined the newly formed Peter Pan Club along with Arya & Linda Wonder, I sent Ceridwen to the cake. By this time, the guests had all disappeared and most of the Bookabets had gone to bed, leaving Ceridwen with her hubby and Adam to cheer her into adulthood.


That is, until Adam gets distracted with the party crashers.


Adam: I’ve heard that noise before. I don’t fancy being poked and prodded again so I’d better sneak away before they catch me.


Adam: Drat. Too late. Oh well, let’s get this over with.

Honestly, why do the aliens like Adam so much? This is the second time he’s been abducted already! I’m guessing it’s because of Franco’s space genes.


Although I shudder to think about what happened to Adam up there. Hopefully nothing too bad. He’s still a teenager and I’ve disabled teen/Adult romance in Story Progression. Although the naked alien in the corner of the picture makes me suspicious. Why didn’t I notice that before?

Pollination Technician #668: Ha Ha George. Just you wait until everyone at home sees these pictures. You’ll never live it down!

Pollination #669 (aka George): Come one Bill. Don’t do this to me! I’m sorry I called your mother a human!!

Meanwhile, back at the house:




Asriel: Where’s my mum? Will she still let me sleep in her bed?

There are three things wrong with these pictures:

1: Bonehilda has been in the house longer (I think) than Asriel and he’s seen her many times.

2: Asriel wants to be a mad scientist and so shouldn’t be scared of monsters

3: Asriel is EVIL and by all rights people should be running away from him and not the other way around.

I blame the neurotic trait. Little cowardly evil sim. I just love him even more now.


The next morning and Bonehilda is still feeling smug about scaring the “evil” one the previous night.

Bonehilda: Nobody asks me if I’ve lost weight lately and gets away with it.

Ok. I understand now.


Right Adam, let’s try this again.

Asriel still runs away screaming whenever he sees Bonehilda but apparently, the call for cake is more important than anything else. I concur.

Adam: I wish …. to be dapper.


Wish granted.

Adam: The name is Bookabet, Adam Bookabet.

Asriel: Wow. Adam has just turned into James Bond! I finally have a nemesis!!

Two actually, if you count Bonehilda.


Hellooooo Adam. *swoons*

Adam rolled the computer whiz trait so here is his final tally:

Adam Bookabet

And so the first Bookabet child (and one that I’m particularly attached to) grows up. I’m not going to kick him out straight away though as I have plans to send him to university so that he can get a head start on the law enforcement track.


Ceridwen is the first to congratulate her first born.

Ceridwen: Happy birthday son. Are you too grown up to give your old lady a hug?


Adam: Of course not. You’ll always be my mother no matter how old I am.

Ceridwen: I love you my baby boy.

Awww. I’m feeling all teary now. This seems like the perfect place to stop. Next chapter, you’ll get a BIG surprise. I know I sure did! Also, I’m hoping for fun at the prom. I haven’t played that far yet and I’m having problems with my store content yet AGAIN. I’ve had to do a complete reinstall and I’ve decided to delete my backup store folder in case something in there is blocking my content from appearing in game. I’ve got a ton of to download and reinstall so I’ve been doing small bits of it at a time. In the meantime, I’ve been having fun playing with a tester family in Isla Paradiso who are living on a houseboat I built all by myself. I’ve got the houseboat up for download here and the pictures are below if you want to take a look. It’s completely CC free (to my knowledge) but features store content and content from various SPs and EPs.

Story Progression  updates:

I have no idea as my screen dumps have once again completely disappeared from my Fraps folders. I noticed it when I went to backup my PC before the uninstall and I’m very frustrated by it! One of the notifications, and one that I’m absolutely gutted to have lost. is one from Hunter actually asking Arya to the prom. That’s right. Shy little Hunter taking the initiative and asking somebody he likes to prom. A big deal in my eyes!

I’m now looking for other ways to take screen dumps whilst in game. Suggestions anyone?

Anyway. Enough talking and enjoy my houseboat pictures if you want to take a look. Bye everyone!





Ground Floor Layout: Featuring living room, with bar, toilet and study.


Basement/Hull: Featuring kitchen/dining room with laundry facilities, bedroom with all-in-one bathroom.


First Floor: Master Bedroom and spare bedroom with adjoining balcony, and bathroom.


Top Floor/Outdoor Space: Toilet, Cockpit, BBQ, chess table, easel and telescope.


Sim!Deefa thinking of the finer things in life whilst relaxing on the balcony.


My simself doing what she loves best in the comforts of her living room.


The living room also serves as a spare bedroom for the canine housemates.

Sim!Jet: Zzzzz All other homes are rubbish Zzzzz

Good dog. Have a biscuit.


Ok. This has nothing to do with the houseboat, but it’s my simselfs werewolf boyfriend riding a jet ski. How could I leave it out?!

Until next time, bye guys!

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Chapter 23 – It Must Be Love

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Bookabet Legacy. It’s been a while since the last update but I have the perfect excuse! I’ve just come back from two weeks in Orlando, Florida. I had an awesome (but very tiring) time doing all of the theme parks but I’m now very jet lagged considering the nine hour flight and five hour time difference from the US to the UK. It was well worth it though. Last time Arya, Anita and Asriel all had dates at the same time and as a consequence, I lost my mind. Luckily, I’ve since found it so here is another update.


Last time, I was kind enough to leave the founder in the throes of labour with her sixth (and final) child. Why she’s in the boys room I have no idea.




And so Ceridwen and Franco head to hospital amid all of the confusion in the house at present.

Artemis: Who or what is that? I sense a disturbance in the force.

Gelert: Agreed dear. Let me gather the troops and we’ll bark at it until it goes away!


Gelert: Ok kids. I don’t like the look of that one. Don’t let him in the house.

Asriel: You’ve got to be kidding guys. This is rubbish. What is your problem with my friend? He’s hot.

Ceridwen: Asriel. Will you please tell your friend to move from the front door so that I can go and have a baby?

Apparently, even though the Bookabet dog pack have no problems with evil Asriel, they take exception to Forest. His brand of evil is a little bit too much for them to handle!


Gelert: My wife and kids may not care about my families safety, but I won’t give up.

Forest: That dog of yours is starting to annoy me. You won’t like me when I’m annoyed and I need a dog for my latest … experiment.


Gelert: *Gulp* Maybe I should steer clear of this one. He sounds like he bites worse than me.

Asriel: I do find your threats very attractive Forest, but a word of advice. Don’t touch Gelert. The creator is very attached to him and she controls the universe.

He’s right. I do at that.

TS3W 2013-03-15 20-20-57-30

Speaking of Asriel, he’s really been rolling the wishes for Forest. I don’t know if this is cute or creepy? Maybe a little bit of both?


Anyway, Forest left soon after that and I sent the kids to bed. Dawn broke the next morning and I realised that the baby still hadn’t been born. I clicked on Ceridwen to find out what had happened and I was presented with this. Yes. She’s walking to hospital … in labour and wearing heels. I don’t even …

Ceridwen: I’m getting older and it’s harder to lose the baby weight. I thought I’d get a jump on it.

Franco, by the way, took the family car and was waiting for her at the hospital doors. Apparently, he was so panicked about this final baby that he failed to realise that he’d forgotten the vital component of the labour.


Eventually, after much hair-tearing on my part, Ceridwen, at the point of near exhaustion, arrived at the hospital and gave birth to baby number six. Considering the last update was three weeks ago I’m sure you’re all really anxious to find out the name of baby Bookabet here huh? Well, a little extra wait won’t hurt you Smile with tongue out

Franco: So the baby is finally born. Bedtime now?

Yes. Go home before you both pass out!


Meanwhile, back at the house, Adam is still affected by the creeping glitch. Dude, you aren’t grounded anymore. Get over it already!

Adam: Sssh. I’m practising being a world class secret agent.

Oh. Carry on then.


Asriel is being his (adorably) evil self.

Asriel: Yes! I’ve broken the tub … I can’t wait to be fiendishly delighted by the misery of my sisters when they are unable to bathe themselves! Wait a second … the bathroom seems to be flooding at a speedy rate. What if the rest of the house floods and we all drown? It won’t be half as fun being fiendishly delighted if I’m dead!! Maybe I should get Arya to fix it?

Poor Asriel. Evil and neurotic … what a contradiction he is.


It doesn’t take long for him to make up his mind.


Asriel: *is fiendishly delighted at sisters misery*


Who is this you ask? Why, she’s the daughter of Cocaine Chimeree and my simself all made over. I’m very happy with how Rowan has turned out. Apparently, Alice agrees with me. Despite not knowing each other all that well, the attraction system has decided that they are totally into one another so I sent the good little witch over so they can make friends.


So, I wanted to get the Bookabet teens settled with their prospective partners, but didn’t want a repeat of the three separate dates in three separate locations scenario. So I had the bright idea to invite over Hunter, Forest and Nemo. I figured it would be easier to keep track of the interactions that way.

Forest: So that’s the girl you like?

Hunter: *blushes* Yep. That’s her.

Forest: She’s cute brother. Maybe I should get to know her better?

Don’t you dare. Besides, Arya only has eyes for Hunter. He’s the only one she rolls wishes for.


See what I mean?

Arya: Hello future consort of mine. How fare thee this fine day?

Hunter: Better now that I’ve seen you.

Also, Alice bribed Arya to fix the shower so she’s minty fresh. She and Nemo are also getting their flirt on.


These two really are just too adorable for words. I’ll just warn you now that this update features a lot of Arya/Hunter picture spam.


Arya: One day, you and I shall be married and you shall be the official consort of Queen Arya. We shall rule over the animal kingdom together and all the world shall worship us. Your job will be to tame the royal unicorn. We cannot let Sir Left-Hand find the royal unicorn before us as he will use its purity to destroy me once and for all.


Hunter: I understand my fairy princess. I’ll never let Sir Left-Hand destroy you. We’ll find that unicorn. I wish I didn’t have to leave for work now.

Look at the total adoration on his face. It’s a shame that he has to leave for work already.


But, no sooner had he stepped outside he received a text from Arya.

Arya: The receiver of this text message is granted one make-out from her highness, Princess Arya. The offer stands for one day only.

Hunter: WHAT? Ok then. Time to call in sick to work.

That’s better. Also, it looks like Forest has been kicked out of the house by Gelert again.


Arya: Considering that one will soon be the ruler queen of the animal population of Moonlit Falls, one had better start practicing ones language skills. One’s canine is a little rusty … *Woof Woooof Grrrr Ruff”


Arya: Do you hear that Sir Left-Hand? One is going to rule the animal kingdom so that tyrannical dictators such as yourself cannot hurt them no longer. I will put an end to your evil deeds and there is nothing you can do about it.


Arya: *choking* Maybe there is something you can do about it. Help me my beloved.

Oh dear. This is the first time that Arya has unleashed the crazy in front of Hunter. I’m really hoping he won’t be put of by it.

Hunter: She may be a little different to other girls, but that just makes her more beautiful to me. I guess I’d better go and help her out. Somehow, I don’t think this’ll be the first time.


Hunter: I’ll never let Sir Left-Hand hurt you again.

Arya: You, you saved me from that villain. Such loyalty deserves a reward.

Hunter: Oh?



I’m so happy that Hunter accepts Arya for who she is. He won’t be bored with her in his life, that’s for sure.


Arya: I like you very very much Sir Hunter.


Hunter: I like you more my eccentric little fairy.


This picture needs no words. Although the dirty newspapers in the background kind of spoil the romantic atmosphere a little.


Baby: Enough of this. Introduce me already, and whilst you’re at it, make someone give me a bottle because I’m starving!

Ok. I guess I’ve tortured my readers enough. This little tyke is called Atticus. He’s named after Atticus O’Sullivan from the Iron Druid series by Kevin Hearne, a funny urban fantasy book series that I’ve recently discovered and devoured. It’s full of pop culture references like Star Wars, Star Trek and LOTR and many, many more which appeals to my inner geek and also features a surplus of characters from world mythology which is something that greatly interests me. The series also features a sarcastic and hilarious talking dog with a great sense of humour. Enough said. The other reason that I love the name is because the main character, who chooses the name for himself, chose it because of the character in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee (another book I read a long time ago). So, in essence, little Atticus Bookabet is a character named after a character who is named after a character. This amuses me greatly.

Little Atticus loves R&B, firecracker Shrimp and the colour green. His traits are perceptive and disciplined like his big brother Adam. I can see Atticus following Adam around in the future whilst begging him to teach him some martial arts. I also think that this little guy will make a fantastic PI someday.


Alice: How long has this baby been here? And why is he crying?

Atticus: I don’t know … maybe it’s because I’m HUNGRY and WET. Feed me already!!! I perceive that my older siblings are idiots!


The other potential love interests have buggered off  gone home now, but not Hunter. The evening is upon us and they are still flirting and kissing outside. Not that I’m complaining. I don’t think Nymeria is very happy with this development though.


Arya: So, does you agree to ones official consort? Obviously, one is too young to get married just yet but I’ll settle for you being my boyfriend at the moment.


Sealed with a kiss. There’s no backing out now. Who’s sick of the Arya/Hunter sweetness overload? Tough. Have some more


Even Eika thinks this couple is adorable. They are just so perfect together … thanks for creating him Susan. I’m so glad that he has no problem with the crazy side of Arya … but she also has another side. Being a fairy, she loves pranks …



Hunter: What?! WHERE?!


Arya: Here! Take this.

Hunter: Huh? What is this?

Apollo: I can’t believe he fell for that.

Me either. I almost can’t bear to watch. Arya might have just ruined the best thing to ever happen to her. Sorry Susan!


Hunter: OMG! Where’d my trousers go?!

Arya: I’m not complaining.

Neither would I if I weren’t holding my breath. Poor Hunter.


Hunter: You’re funny sweetheart. If you wanted my trousers off, all you had to do was ask!

Arya: My way is much better.

PHEW! He was actually ok with being pranked. He must be in love! They actually got positive relationship points out of it which is a big relief, but I’d better keep an eye on the naughty little fairy here. Poor Hunter doesn’t deserve to be pranked all the time.

That’s all I have time for at the moment, but here are some Story Progression updates before I go. There aren’t actually that many as my townies are being quiet at the moment. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the SP mod as it works perfectly well in my other save files, but who knows?

TS3W 2013-03-25 22-06-03-71

All of the neighbourhood men want to get to know Ceridwen better. She’s very happily married with six kids. I think it’s safe to shy that she’s not interested!

TS3W 2013-03-15 20-22-02-88TS3W 2013-03-15 20-21-09-98

I wish things were going as well for Anita in the romance department. I think it might be time for her to start looking elsewhere. She’s already had a falling out with her friend over Nemo. Damn you Nemo!

TS3W 2013-03-25 22-09-34-83

Considering that the real Sky Sample and Adam are best friends and band mates in the Sample a Brave blog, I thought that this was a very interesting development. Just what is it with the Bookabet and Sample kids? Hearts are farting all over the place!

TS3W 2013-03-15 20-23-06-84

Zeke isn’t so much of an old perve in this game file as an old nerd. At least he’s found something more productive to do with his spare time.

TS3W 2013-03-25 22-52-31-07

Maybe if Zeke had spent more time with his wife, she would have left him something in her will. At least the kids were taken care of. This makes me sad though. RIP Gwyn

Anyway, that’s enough from me at the moment. Next time, Ceridwen, Atticus and Adam will all have birthdays. I can safely say that Asriel isn’t the only good looking sim in the family … Adam? Wowza! Bye guys!

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Still No Update?!

Not yet! Sorry folks. Same excuse as usual … work has been stressful and busy and I haven’t felt like doing anything Sims related after I get home as I’ve been shattered! I’m going to Orlando, Florida on Wednesday morning so a great portion of my free time has been spent buying the stuff I need, washing my clothes and packing etc. Still got a load to do but I’ve been bitten by the Sims bug today and I’ve gathered all of the screenshots that I need for a Bookabet update. If I’m able to, I’ll try to update that before I go. As for the Stratford DITFT, I’ve started writing Will’s generation, but still need to gather a load of screenshots before I can update that. It’s probably not going to be done before I leave! I do apologise.

I also wanted the opportunity to apologise in advance for not being able to read any chapters that you (the blogs I follow) post in the next two weeks. I’ll be away until the 23rd May and even though there will be free WIFI in the hotel I’m staying at, I might not get the chance to read or comment. I will get around to it when I get back though.

I’ve never been to the US of A so I’m very excited about the trip. Not looking forward to the 9+ hour flight though …. Better get my books ready huh? See you all when I get back. *waves*

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Chapter 22 – The Two First Kisses

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Bookabet Legacy. Last time the Bookabet kids started on the highway to love and romance, Arya found her future spouse all by herself and Ceridwen discovered that she was pregnant again!


Gelert: One of my damn kids has stolen my newspaper. They aren’t going to get my bone though.

Gelert is still as possessive of his toys as he ever was. It’s nice to know that some things never change.

TS3W 2013-03-15 18-37-04-81TS3W 2013-03-15 18-37-15-37

In other news, my simself is now the mother of teenagers. The twins have grown up and one of them is now old enough to admit they have a serious crush on one of the Bookabet kids. Which one do you ask?

TS3W 2013-03-15 18-31-00-94

These two don’t even know each other that well. They weren’t even in the same house when I got this notification! I’m thinking that Rowan has been stalking our Alice.


Alice: Hmm. How strange. All of a sudden I can’t stop thinking about Rowan Chimeree.

Is it a bad sign that Alice is thinking about Rowan whilst using the toilet? I’m not sure what to think about that. I do like the idea of the idea of Alice and Rowan though so I’ll definitely do something about it. Especially since Zoe Durwood is now in a relationship with someone else:

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-10-01-53

That’s fine with me. It’s not like Alice doesn’t have plenty of other options:

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-17-26-50

And yes, I did notice the broken shower …


Not to worry though. I have an app for that.

TS3W 2013-03-15 18-45-02-48

Speaking of Arya, she’s in a cranky mood today because of the lunar eclipse. I’ve never seen this moodlet before and it really made me giggle. It’s so relevant to Arya as it’s something I can picture her actually saying. Arya is also grumpy because she needs to go to bed. Unfortunately, she didn’t get a full night’s sleep because I had to wake her up to meet an unexpected visitor …


Arya: Hello again friend. You will notice that one is now a member of the magical community that you are part of. Every fairy princess needs a unicorn. You are that unicorn.

Unicorn: No chance. Bye now.

Damn you unicorn! One of my biggest criticisms of the Pets EP is that it’s so hard to make friends with strays and that they never EVER come back Sad smile

Still, Arya has her whole life ahead of her to tame a unicorn and if she gets a move on, she’ll have the perfect spouse to do it with. If I’m correct, Hunter Sample has the unicorn finder LTW which is another reason why they’re absolutely perfect for one another.

Before I could send Arya to bed, she was cornered by her slave imaginary friend.


Nymeria: Your majesty. I’ve searched high and low and I can’t find any chickens anywhere, so I won’t be able to feed you chicken drumsticks as you requested.


Arya: First, you stop one from going bed. Secondly, you stop one with failure. One is seriously displeased and you will be … PUNISHED!!

Nymeria: NOOO! Not a prank! Anything but that!!!!!

Arya: MWAH HA HA!!!

I think Arya has been having evil lessons from her little brother.



Arya: One sure does love a successful prank.


Nymeria: That’s IT! I don’t get paid enough for this. In fact, I don’t get paid at all! I QUIT!!!


Arya: How dare one! One can’t quit as one imagined one. So there.

There sure are a lot of ones in that sentence. Not content with tormenting her poor, long suffering imaginary friend, Arya decides to test out the new maid.


Arya: Hello. One must be the new servant ones parents ordered? I am Princess Arya, one’s new mistress. Wait … does that cloud have  a stain?

Stupid maid: A stain? Where?!

Arya: Take that!!


Unfortunate maid: S-s-so c-c-c-cold.

Pranked before she even makes it into the house. I don’t know why, but Arya is really in a pranky mood today. She’d better nip that in the bud before I send her over to meet Hunter later. Also, I’m not sure as these pictures were taken a while ago, but the reason she’s suddenly wearing her swimming costume is because she changed into it after her shower. Because wearing your costume after you’ve gotten yourself wet makes perfect sense.

Now, enough of the pranks and go to bed Arya. I want you perfectly rested for later.


Or not. Clearly, Artemis needs the comfy bed now that she’s about to enter her twilight years:

TS3W 2013-03-15 18-58-02-89

This isn’t something I’m looking forward to. Arya decides to take the notification to heart and decides that it’s time for Artemis/Arya bonding time.


Arya: One loves you Artemis. Now let one kiss your nose.

Artemis: DO NOT WANT!


Arya: Fine then. How about a belly rub instead?

Artemis: Now that I can agree to.



Elsewhere in the house, instead of the skilling that I asked them to do, Franco shows Ceridwen that he still finds her as attractive as ever, despite the huge baby bump she’s now sporting. There had better be only one in there. These two are still very loving towards one another and it makes me happy to hear that they’re the same in other people’s legacies.

Apparently, Franco has some competition on his hands for Ceridwen’s affections:

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-17-21-07TS3W 2013-03-15 19-34-49-34

Looks like Joe doesn’t limit his creepiness to the Wonderland ISBI. She’s happily married and heavily pregnant! Get a grip already Joe!

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-17-33-77

The mail box was absolutely full of love letters this morning. This one is for Adam from Faith MacDuff who, if you recall, met Adam at the gym when the Bookabets first moved to Moonlight Falls. Apparently she has carried a torch for him ever since.


Adam: I’ve never felt so peaceful. I’m one more step closer to becoming my idol, Charles Sample.

Adam spends most of his spare time these days working towards his martial arts skills and has finally achieved the noble art of meditation. Maybe he should meditate on whether he should dump his girlfriend Bailey for Faith? Adam will be growing up in the next couple of sim days. As a farewell present, I want to send each of the Bookabet kids to university. I probably won’t show all of their time there though. What do you guys think?


Anyway, later on this glorious Saturday in Moonlight Falls, I send Arya and Anita out to woo their prospective love interests. In Anita’s case, this is her best mate Nemo Hodgins. Anita really doesn’t want to stay in the ‘friend zone’ though, and does her best to convince him otherwise. He seems to be more willing this time and actually flirts back.

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-35-43-49

In fact, the flirting is so successful, it turns the hang out into an instant date. Progress. Now to get rid of the inconvenient girlfriend. Stupid townie thinking she can date whoever she wants.

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-44-17-27

Another success! Now for the kiss. If you remember, this didn’t go down so well last time.


Anita: Let me just try this kiss thing again.

Nemo: Sure thing babes.

Awww! I’m finding it so hard to get these two together, but I think they make such a good looking couple and Anita keeps rolling wants for him. One step at a time I guess.

TS3W 2013-03-15 20-05-18-47

See. He spooks easily. Maybe next time they’ll actually make it inside the cinema.

Arya, meanwhile, is making herself at home in the Sample household.


Arya: Excellent!  One cannot wait to adopt loads of wild animals with ones future consort Hunter. We’ll adopt them all and they’ll become our royal court. One can teach the dogs to perform shows for us and they will teach us to speak their language. One can only say “woof” at the moment.

She’s thinking about her LTW whilst acting like a dog. How appropriate.

What’s inappropriate however, is the following notification

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-23-39-84

Arya! Why are you even thinking about Forest anyway? From now on, all thoughts of boys will revolve solely around Hunter. Is that clear? Where is Hunter anyway?


Oh there he is. He looks absolutely terrified. Not that I blame him. If Arya was throwing a glass bottle with an unknown substance at me, I’d be terrified also.

Hunter: What are you doing?! These boots are new!

Arya: Hold still and all will be explained in a moment gorgeous one.

Poor Hunter. It’s not too late to back out you know.

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-23-35-56

It’s ok Susan. Calm down! I would never hurt Hunter! Arya had an ‘instant friend’ elixir in her inventory, so I decided to save some time moving the relationship forward. Not that I really needed to as these two get on so well. Building a relationship is a doddle.


Arya: Ones heart beats so fast when one looks at you Hunter. I just can’t help myself. One is sorry if this is too soon.

Hunter: Huh?


Hunter: You just kissed me. I can’t believe it!

Look at his face! One thing I love about Hunter is how expressive he is. For a shy sim, he really wears his heart on his sleeve. The question is, how will Hunter respond to Arya’s advances?


Like you had any doubts whatsoever. I’m actually getting a tooth ache from how sweet this screenshot is. I LOVE this couple!!!

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-45-33-19

See. Look how high their relationship bar is. Hunter clearly adores his very own fairy princess.


He’s so into her, he actually forgets to pee.

Hunter: I … er … really wish you hadn’t seen that. How embarrassing.


Luckily for Hunter, Arya really isn’t the judgemental sort and is quick to reassure him that she still likes him.

Arya: Don’t worry my Hunter. A ginormous pee puddle is no barrier to true love. Although one thinks that maybe you should go and take a shower.

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-45-23-36

As if handling two dates at the exact same time wasn’t enough, another Sample decides that he wants to get to know Asriel a little better.


Although I’m not too sure if loitering around the bushes outside a werewolf bar in the night really counts as a date?

Asriel: Plotting nefarious deeds is so sexy. Don’t you agree Forest?

Forest: I see what you mean. Unleashing my power on the unsuspecting masses sure does have a delicious taste to it.


Asriel: Finally. Someone who understands me. With my genius and your magic, we can finally build the minion army that I’ve always wanted. We can take over Moonlight Falls! And then … THE WORLD!!! MWAH HA HA

Forest: I agree young Padawan. And may I suggest that we start with this bar. Whoever holds this bar also holds the loyalty of the werewolves. With the wolves in our minion army, we will be unstoppable! MWAH HA HA

Do they not realise that a police car is parked just behind them?


Forest: Now that all the plotting is taken care of, can we get on with the flirting already? I don’t want to have to use my voodoo doll on you.

Asriel: Sure. Did I mention that you look like a million quid tonight?

Ah, evil love.

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-43-24-28

Asriel and Forest clearly forgot to do their werewolf research and failed to realise that werewolves have keen hearing. I’m assuming that the reason why this random male werewolf has suddenly decided to ask out the ‘good’ sibling in this family is because they are hoping that she’ll be able to fight off her evil brother with her witchy skills. The answer is no, by the way. Alice really doesn’t swing that way.

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-56-25-91


Back at home, Artemis chooses the perfect moment to age up.

Artemis: Gather around everyone. It’s happening! I hope you’ve all bought me birthday presents.


Gelert: My wife is getting older and is one step closer to leaving me for good. I really don’t appreciate this development.

Neither do I Gelert, neither do I.


Eika: My mother-in-law is sparkling. Is that supposed to happen?


Here she is all elderfied. Due to her natural colouring, she doesn’t look all that different. I wish all of the dogs could stay young forever though and not just Gelert. That’s not going to happen though. I really don’t have enough space in this house for that many animals! Especially considering Arya’s LTW.


Gelert: Don’t worry baby. You still look as good as the day we met. Love you.

Artemis: Love you too. Want to chase me to the kennel?  Winking smile

What a hectic night that was, what with first dates, first kisses and dogs aging up all at the same frigging time! Sorry if you feel that I don’t have enough screenshots for the dates. I’m not kidding when I say that each of the dates all happened at the same time. It’s hard catching screenshots when so much is happening at once.  Thank goodness that it’s all over and the Bookabets can go to bed.

TS3W 2013-03-15 20-06-25-10

Ceridwen: Er … Franco. I think I’m in labour. Can you take me to the hospital?

You’re kidding me right? Oh well, this little cliff-hanger seems like the perfect spot to end this update. Will Ceridwen deliver her new son, or sons, safely? Will the werewolves manage to successfully defend their bar against the joint evil minds of Asriel and Forest? Will Anita and Nemo EVER get together? Will Arya be able to be her crazy self with the one she loves? Find out next time on the Bookabet Legacy.

But, before we go, have some Story Progression updates:

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-10-05-94

Zeke Hodgins proves that you’re never to old for a promotion. I think he’s going to need it because:

TS3W 2013-03-15 20-05-07-98

The real Ariel wouldn’t need to ask permission as she’s the head of her household, but it made me smile anyway. It’s too bad she didn’t invest in the gym, but at least she didn’t invest in the local swimming pool!

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-15-54-20

After being rejected by Alice, the wolves turned to another sister instead. I’m not sure how successful Sky will be in controlling her brother, but I hope she’s happy with her very own werewolf. It’s funny that she seems to be into boys in this game file.

That’s all I’ve got for the moment. All of my important townies are being quite boring at the moment! It’s possible that I lost some of the Fraps notification screenshots during the reinstall, so I’ll try and remember to check on their relationship statuses next time I’m in game.

Bye guys.

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C1.21– Love Hearts and Lusty Teens

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Bookabet Legacy. Last time, the Bookabet family enjoyed a day in the sun, Artemis stole a Hodgins and Asriel was scared of monsters.


What are you doing out here all alone Stelmaria?

Stelmaria: The master has me on monster watch. I’m supposed to let the monsters eat me instead of him. I don’t mind, but I wish it wasn’t so cold and wet out here though.


Looks like Eika isn’t cold and wet. I noticed that despite not having not returned from hunting, her energy level was increasing. When I clicked on her, I discovered that she was curled up in front of the fire at one of the supernatural hangouts. I’m pretty sure it’s the fairy one … or the vampire one? Anyway, she looks so peaceful here, I didn’t bother disturbing her. Besides, this chair is probably more comfortable than the ones at home!


In other news, I’ve decided to remodel the house. I’m not happy with how boxy it looks at the moment, but this is a work in progress. I have a grand master house plan in my head so I’m going to be adding on to it as and when funds permit. Eventually, it’ll have an upstairs and the yellow bedroom on the left will be a garage/activity room. I’ve never said I was a great house builder, but I hope it’ll look nicer as time goes by. I do quite a bit of redecoration in the next couple of chapters, so don’t get confused if the house background changes quite a bit!


Ceridwen: So shiny

That’s it Ceridwen. Keep on cutting those gems! The gem cutter is one of the most useful things that I’ve bought. Six hunting dogs tend to bring back a lot of goodies between them, and this machine really saves time. The only downside is that it’s really loud, which is why it’s not in the main family room. Also, mental note, the study needs more light.


Resident artist Franco has completed the first heir portrait. This is actually his second attempt, and I’m quite happy with this one. It would obviously look better if I had more lights in the house though. *sigh* Mental note #2.


Franco: Here’s a present for you honey. I know it isn’t your birthday, but some random great uncle sent it to me. Arya got the last one, but I thought you could make use of this one.

Alice: Is …. is that what I think it is? Dad, you’re the best!


Alice: It is what I thought it was!!!! I can’t wait to use this power to save the world. Asriel can’t cross me now.

I love the gifting system. I can’t remember who sent me this one, but thank you to whoever did! Alice has been wishing to join the world of witchery since she first discovered the alchemy station in the Vault of Antiquity. One wish granted.


You know how I might have mentioned a couple of times now how the dogs LOVE Alice? I wasn’t joking. Although now I’m wondering if that’s because she bribes them with poultry.

Eika: Zzzz Give me the chicken already Zzzz

Gelert: Zzzz Get in line pup Zzzz


Of course, not all of the dogs are patient enough to wait for their breakfast.

Artemis: Oy, you with the wings. Wake up and feed me already!


Ceridwen: BLEUGH! I can’t remember the last time I felt this bad.

I sure can Winking smile


Ceridwen misses Asriel’s teen birthday with all that unfortunate throwing up. Luckily for him, his dad and older siblings are there to cheer the little mastermind into teen hood.

Asriel: I wish for … an army of non-imaginary imaginary friends. And a zombie minion or two.


Asriel: World domination is suddenly so much closer!!!


Asriel: Oh yeah. I’m cool.

Oh my … Asriel … I don’t know what to say. You look … different. He chose this look all by himself. I’m so tempted to leave him this way, but it doesn’t match his personality unfortunately. Besides, he looks like a member of the village people.

Anyway, with Asriel’s transition, Ceridwen finally achieves her lifetime want. Go me! Or go Ceridwen I guess.



His new trait is neurotic. I know I was supposed to give him the bookworm trait, but a couple of people have asked if they can download him and age him to adult, and so I needed to know what all five traits would be. When he rolled neurotic, I couldn’t resist giving it to him now as it just suits him completely. He will definitely get Bookworm as an adult. An evil, eccentric, neurotic heavy sleeper? This will be fun!


Asriel has grown up VERY well indeed. I must say I am extremely impressed, and I believe that is what they call a smolder. If a slightly evil one.


Asriel isn’t the only one with a birthday that night. Franco makes the transition into full adult. Spoiler, he looks exactly the same as an adult. Just a few more lines on that sexy face of his.

Meanwhile, Belisama Hemlock is obsessed with each of the Bookabet kids. My computer ate a load of my Fraps screenshots when I had the virus, and the Belisama Hemlock ones were among the victims. I got notifications that she had a crush on Adam, Arya, Anita and Alice. Clearly, she isn’t fussy which member of the Bookabet clan she gets! Belisama has recently broken up with Jodie Goode, Adams childhood friend and the daughter of Goodwin Goode. Jodie responded to the breakup with this:

TS3W 2012-11-22 11-02-01-38

Too bad that Anita is straight. Otherwise, I’d definitely consider it. Adam is still seeing Bailey Swain, but she’s grown up now and she doesn’t come over anymore. She’s clearly gotten over her stalkerish tendencies.  I’m thinking of finding someone else for our Adam as he doesn’t roll any wants for her. He’s completely straight though. As for the rest of the Bookabet kids, I’ve checked master controller, and I know their preferences as well. You’ll find out what they are later.

Speaking of Adam …


Adam: Wh … wh … WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?

Huh. It’s not like Adam to look so scared. Wonder what he’s so frightened of?




Adam: You don’t want to know what they did to me up there!

Poor baby. Luckily he can’t get pregnant yet. One pregnant sim in the house is enough …


Ceridwen: Hello baby. Where did you come from?

Anita: You’ve got to be kidding right?

No, I’m not kidding. Ceridwen and Franco both wished to have another baby, and like a fool, I gave in. Besides, I’ve just finished a book series that I’ve seriously enjoyed, and I have the greatest boys name. Yes, this baby is going to be a boy. It all works out very well, as Ceri immediately rolled a wish for a boy. Go on producing those magic apples Alice.


Ceri: So, honey. Looks like we’ll need to get the baby toys back out of the attic.

Franco: Really! That’s fantastic. *rolls wish for boy*

Excellent. My plans are coming together nicely.


Maybe Franco isn’t quite as relaxed about the idea as I initially thought.

Franco: If five kids cost this much, then how much will six kids cost?

I’m asking the exact same thing.


How’d this get in here? Moving on …

This is where I installed University Life and got all the store content problems. I thought a nice picture of my simself being arrested would mark the occasion nicely.


Anita decides to test her new smart phone by sending a secret admirer text to Nemo Hodgins.

Anita: Nemo, ur so cute. I ❤ u 4eva xxx

Not content with that, she heads to the Hodgins house to visit and/or stalk him.


Whilst there, Puzzle, being his usual pervy self, decides to cross normal social boundaries.

Anita: Hey, dude. What’s your problem?

Puzzle: Why isn’t my Puzzle pheromone working on this chick? She should be falling all over me by know.

Puzzle, step away from the teenager.


Puzzle isn’t the only creepy member of the Hodgins family. Gwyn isn’t ready to let her baby go yet.

Gwyn: He’s much too young to date. These kids clearly need a chaperone.

Anita: So, I like you despite the fact that your family members are acting really weird. So, you seeing anyone at the moment?


Anita, being inappropriate, feels no shame in diving in for a kiss so quickly.

Nemo: What are you doing? Can’t you see I’m exhausted?

Poor Anita. As soon as she heads home, I get this notification.

TS3W 2013-03-15 18-27-18-39



Oh well, Anita isn’t the only one working on her love life. I don’t know where she got that broomstick though.

Alice: It’s amazing what they can squeeze into those elixir bottles these days.


Alice has decided that if she can’t find Mr Right, she’ll try Ms Right instead. Actually, according to MC, Alice is the only one of the kids who is bisexual. She has a higher attraction for women than men though. Here she is trying to chat up one of her classmates, Zoe Durwood, a fellow witch.

Zoe: OMG! That panda is so cute!!!



Never mind Asriel, it’s time for you to go and meet the new neighbours. So, I finally managed to download and install another one of my favourite legacy families, the Samples, and I sent over Arya and Asriel to meet the new neighbours.


Asriel immediately gravitated over to the evil guy, without any prompting for me. I personally think that evil sims have some kind of Radar of Evil.

Asriel: Look here you. I have plans to take over the world, and if you get in my way, then my army of minions will have to destroy you.

Forest: Taking over the world sounds like a great plan. If you use my mind-control device, we can achieve world domination so much sooner.

Asriel: What a guy. I’ll name the first monster that I create after you.

TS3W 2013-03-15 17-57-50-16

The second he meets Forest, he rolls this for his LTW. That’s not the only notification I got from these two:

TS3W 2013-03-15 17-59-42-93TS3W 2013-03-15 17-53-18-35

Forest likes Asriel even though he’s all burned from failing at the chemistry set. I can’t work out if these two make a cute or creepy couple? Also, I have no idea why Asriel is still showing as a kid on his sim panel. As you can see for yourselves, he is definitely not a child. Theirs weren’t the only hearts flying around …


Arya: Hello. You must be the prince I ordered? Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Princess Arya, and you, sir will be marrying me one day.

Hunter: Ummm … h … h … hello?

You can’t fool me Hunter. I can see those love hearts … and this:

TS3W 2013-03-15 18-00-24-33

Now, be easy on Hunter Arya. This one is shy and quiet and I absolutely adore him.


Hunter: That’s new. Most girls don’t do that do they?


Hunter: Hey, where’d you go?

Arya: Try and catch me future Prince Hunter.

Hunter: Fairy girls are so much fun!!

Awwww. These two are so cute! And I love Hunter so much. You have no idea how conflicted this made me as I’d already chosen Arya’s spouse, and was planning on introducing him when Arya reached her young adult birthday. I might as well admit it now. I’m no longer conflicted. Arya clearly knows who she wants and I tend to grant my sim’s wishes when I can and I can’t see her with anyone else now. In case anyone is interested, the sim I’d picked out for her was Big Macintosh Olympus from the Olympus Legacy. That just isn’t going to happen now.


Adam, upon hearing that the Grand Martials Arts Master Charles Sample had moved to town, decided to come over and meet his idol. At first, Charles didn’t want to know. He is a famous celebrity after all. Undaunted, Adam decided to butter him up with the song that he learned in China. This impressed him slightly ….


…. although, to be honest, he seemed more impressed by all those gross videos on simtube.

I can’t wait until Adam can spar with Charles. Adam will definitely get his behind handed to him when that happens.

Ok. This update is getting really long, so I think I’ll finish up for now. Will Ceridwen have her baby? Will Anita finally get Nemo to commit? Will Arya and Hunter kill you with their cuteness? Will Asriel and Forest kill you and turn you into a Zombie? Find out next time on the Bookabet Legacy.

Bye guys.

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