Still No Update?!

Not yet! Sorry folks. Same excuse as usual … work has been stressful and busy and I haven’t felt like doing anything Sims related after I get home as I’ve been shattered! I’m going to Orlando, Florida on Wednesday morning so a great portion of my free time has been spent buying the stuff I need, washing my clothes and packing etc. Still got a load to do but I’ve been bitten by the Sims bug today and I’ve gathered all of the screenshots that I need for a Bookabet update. If I’m able to, I’ll try to update that before I go. As for the Stratford DITFT, I’ve started writing Will’s generation, but still need to gather a load of screenshots before I can update that. It’s probably not going to be done before I leave! I do apologise.

I also wanted the opportunity to apologise in advance for not being able to read any chapters that you (the blogs I follow) post in the next two weeks. I’ll be away until the 23rd May and even though there will be free WIFI in the hotel I’m staying at, I might not get the chance to read or comment. I will get around to it when I get back though.

I’ve never been to the US of A so I’m very excited about the trip. Not looking forward to the 9+ hour flight though …. Better get my books ready huh? See you all when I get back. *waves*

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Chapter 22 – The Two First Kisses

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Bookabet Legacy. Last time the Bookabet kids started on the highway to love and romance, Arya found her future spouse all by herself and Ceridwen discovered that she was pregnant again!


Gelert: One of my damn kids has stolen my newspaper. They aren’t going to get my bone though.

Gelert is still as possessive of his toys as he ever was. It’s nice to know that some things never change.

TS3W 2013-03-15 18-37-04-81TS3W 2013-03-15 18-37-15-37

In other news, my simself is now the mother of teenagers. The twins have grown up and one of them is now old enough to admit they have a serious crush on one of the Bookabet kids. Which one do you ask?

TS3W 2013-03-15 18-31-00-94

These two don’t even know each other that well. They weren’t even in the same house when I got this notification! I’m thinking that Rowan has been stalking our Alice.


Alice: Hmm. How strange. All of a sudden I can’t stop thinking about Rowan Chimeree.

Is it a bad sign that Alice is thinking about Rowan whilst using the toilet? I’m not sure what to think about that. I do like the idea of the idea of Alice and Rowan though so I’ll definitely do something about it. Especially since Zoe Durwood is now in a relationship with someone else:

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-10-01-53

That’s fine with me. It’s not like Alice doesn’t have plenty of other options:

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-17-26-50

And yes, I did notice the broken shower …


Not to worry though. I have an app for that.

TS3W 2013-03-15 18-45-02-48

Speaking of Arya, she’s in a cranky mood today because of the lunar eclipse. I’ve never seen this moodlet before and it really made me giggle. It’s so relevant to Arya as it’s something I can picture her actually saying. Arya is also grumpy because she needs to go to bed. Unfortunately, she didn’t get a full night’s sleep because I had to wake her up to meet an unexpected visitor …


Arya: Hello again friend. You will notice that one is now a member of the magical community that you are part of. Every fairy princess needs a unicorn. You are that unicorn.

Unicorn: No chance. Bye now.

Damn you unicorn! One of my biggest criticisms of the Pets EP is that it’s so hard to make friends with strays and that they never EVER come back Sad smile

Still, Arya has her whole life ahead of her to tame a unicorn and if she gets a move on, she’ll have the perfect spouse to do it with. If I’m correct, Hunter Sample has the unicorn finder LTW which is another reason why they’re absolutely perfect for one another.

Before I could send Arya to bed, she was cornered by her slave imaginary friend.


Nymeria: Your majesty. I’ve searched high and low and I can’t find any chickens anywhere, so I won’t be able to feed you chicken drumsticks as you requested.


Arya: First, you stop one from going bed. Secondly, you stop one with failure. One is seriously displeased and you will be … PUNISHED!!

Nymeria: NOOO! Not a prank! Anything but that!!!!!

Arya: MWAH HA HA!!!

I think Arya has been having evil lessons from her little brother.



Arya: One sure does love a successful prank.


Nymeria: That’s IT! I don’t get paid enough for this. In fact, I don’t get paid at all! I QUIT!!!


Arya: How dare one! One can’t quit as one imagined one. So there.

There sure are a lot of ones in that sentence. Not content with tormenting her poor, long suffering imaginary friend, Arya decides to test out the new maid.


Arya: Hello. One must be the new servant ones parents ordered? I am Princess Arya, one’s new mistress. Wait … does that cloud have  a stain?

Stupid maid: A stain? Where?!

Arya: Take that!!


Unfortunate maid: S-s-so c-c-c-cold.

Pranked before she even makes it into the house. I don’t know why, but Arya is really in a pranky mood today. She’d better nip that in the bud before I send her over to meet Hunter later. Also, I’m not sure as these pictures were taken a while ago, but the reason she’s suddenly wearing her swimming costume is because she changed into it after her shower. Because wearing your costume after you’ve gotten yourself wet makes perfect sense.

Now, enough of the pranks and go to bed Arya. I want you perfectly rested for later.


Or not. Clearly, Artemis needs the comfy bed now that she’s about to enter her twilight years:

TS3W 2013-03-15 18-58-02-89

This isn’t something I’m looking forward to. Arya decides to take the notification to heart and decides that it’s time for Artemis/Arya bonding time.


Arya: One loves you Artemis. Now let one kiss your nose.

Artemis: DO NOT WANT!


Arya: Fine then. How about a belly rub instead?

Artemis: Now that I can agree to.



Elsewhere in the house, instead of the skilling that I asked them to do, Franco shows Ceridwen that he still finds her as attractive as ever, despite the huge baby bump she’s now sporting. There had better be only one in there. These two are still very loving towards one another and it makes me happy to hear that they’re the same in other people’s legacies.

Apparently, Franco has some competition on his hands for Ceridwen’s affections:

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-17-21-07TS3W 2013-03-15 19-34-49-34

Looks like Joe doesn’t limit his creepiness to the Wonderland ISBI. She’s happily married and heavily pregnant! Get a grip already Joe!

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-17-33-77

The mail box was absolutely full of love letters this morning. This one is for Adam from Faith MacDuff who, if you recall, met Adam at the gym when the Bookabets first moved to Moonlight Falls. Apparently she has carried a torch for him ever since.


Adam: I’ve never felt so peaceful. I’m one more step closer to becoming my idol, Charles Sample.

Adam spends most of his spare time these days working towards his martial arts skills and has finally achieved the noble art of meditation. Maybe he should meditate on whether he should dump his girlfriend Bailey for Faith? Adam will be growing up in the next couple of sim days. As a farewell present, I want to send each of the Bookabet kids to university. I probably won’t show all of their time there though. What do you guys think?


Anyway, later on this glorious Saturday in Moonlight Falls, I send Arya and Anita out to woo their prospective love interests. In Anita’s case, this is her best mate Nemo Hodgins. Anita really doesn’t want to stay in the ‘friend zone’ though, and does her best to convince him otherwise. He seems to be more willing this time and actually flirts back.

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-35-43-49

In fact, the flirting is so successful, it turns the hang out into an instant date. Progress. Now to get rid of the inconvenient girlfriend. Stupid townie thinking she can date whoever she wants.

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-44-17-27

Another success! Now for the kiss. If you remember, this didn’t go down so well last time.


Anita: Let me just try this kiss thing again.

Nemo: Sure thing babes.

Awww! I’m finding it so hard to get these two together, but I think they make such a good looking couple and Anita keeps rolling wants for him. One step at a time I guess.

TS3W 2013-03-15 20-05-18-47

See. He spooks easily. Maybe next time they’ll actually make it inside the cinema.

Arya, meanwhile, is making herself at home in the Sample household.


Arya: Excellent!  One cannot wait to adopt loads of wild animals with ones future consort Hunter. We’ll adopt them all and they’ll become our royal court. One can teach the dogs to perform shows for us and they will teach us to speak their language. One can only say “woof” at the moment.

She’s thinking about her LTW whilst acting like a dog. How appropriate.

What’s inappropriate however, is the following notification

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-23-39-84

Arya! Why are you even thinking about Forest anyway? From now on, all thoughts of boys will revolve solely around Hunter. Is that clear? Where is Hunter anyway?


Oh there he is. He looks absolutely terrified. Not that I blame him. If Arya was throwing a glass bottle with an unknown substance at me, I’d be terrified also.

Hunter: What are you doing?! These boots are new!

Arya: Hold still and all will be explained in a moment gorgeous one.

Poor Hunter. It’s not too late to back out you know.

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-23-35-56

It’s ok Susan. Calm down! I would never hurt Hunter! Arya had an ‘instant friend’ elixir in her inventory, so I decided to save some time moving the relationship forward. Not that I really needed to as these two get on so well. Building a relationship is a doddle.


Arya: Ones heart beats so fast when one looks at you Hunter. I just can’t help myself. One is sorry if this is too soon.

Hunter: Huh?


Hunter: You just kissed me. I can’t believe it!

Look at his face! One thing I love about Hunter is how expressive he is. For a shy sim, he really wears his heart on his sleeve. The question is, how will Hunter respond to Arya’s advances?


Like you had any doubts whatsoever. I’m actually getting a tooth ache from how sweet this screenshot is. I LOVE this couple!!!

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-45-33-19

See. Look how high their relationship bar is. Hunter clearly adores his very own fairy princess.


He’s so into her, he actually forgets to pee.

Hunter: I … er … really wish you hadn’t seen that. How embarrassing.


Luckily for Hunter, Arya really isn’t the judgemental sort and is quick to reassure him that she still likes him.

Arya: Don’t worry my Hunter. A ginormous pee puddle is no barrier to true love. Although one thinks that maybe you should go and take a shower.

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-45-23-36

As if handling two dates at the exact same time wasn’t enough, another Sample decides that he wants to get to know Asriel a little better.


Although I’m not too sure if loitering around the bushes outside a werewolf bar in the night really counts as a date?

Asriel: Plotting nefarious deeds is so sexy. Don’t you agree Forest?

Forest: I see what you mean. Unleashing my power on the unsuspecting masses sure does have a delicious taste to it.


Asriel: Finally. Someone who understands me. With my genius and your magic, we can finally build the minion army that I’ve always wanted. We can take over Moonlight Falls! And then … THE WORLD!!! MWAH HA HA

Forest: I agree young Padawan. And may I suggest that we start with this bar. Whoever holds this bar also holds the loyalty of the werewolves. With the wolves in our minion army, we will be unstoppable! MWAH HA HA

Do they not realise that a police car is parked just behind them?


Forest: Now that all the plotting is taken care of, can we get on with the flirting already? I don’t want to have to use my voodoo doll on you.

Asriel: Sure. Did I mention that you look like a million quid tonight?

Ah, evil love.

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-43-24-28

Asriel and Forest clearly forgot to do their werewolf research and failed to realise that werewolves have keen hearing. I’m assuming that the reason why this random male werewolf has suddenly decided to ask out the ‘good’ sibling in this family is because they are hoping that she’ll be able to fight off her evil brother with her witchy skills. The answer is no, by the way. Alice really doesn’t swing that way.

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-56-25-91


Back at home, Artemis chooses the perfect moment to age up.

Artemis: Gather around everyone. It’s happening! I hope you’ve all bought me birthday presents.


Gelert: My wife is getting older and is one step closer to leaving me for good. I really don’t appreciate this development.

Neither do I Gelert, neither do I.


Eika: My mother-in-law is sparkling. Is that supposed to happen?


Here she is all elderfied. Due to her natural colouring, she doesn’t look all that different. I wish all of the dogs could stay young forever though and not just Gelert. That’s not going to happen though. I really don’t have enough space in this house for that many animals! Especially considering Arya’s LTW.


Gelert: Don’t worry baby. You still look as good as the day we met. Love you.

Artemis: Love you too. Want to chase me to the kennel?  Winking smile

What a hectic night that was, what with first dates, first kisses and dogs aging up all at the same frigging time! Sorry if you feel that I don’t have enough screenshots for the dates. I’m not kidding when I say that each of the dates all happened at the same time. It’s hard catching screenshots when so much is happening at once.  Thank goodness that it’s all over and the Bookabets can go to bed.

TS3W 2013-03-15 20-06-25-10

Ceridwen: Er … Franco. I think I’m in labour. Can you take me to the hospital?

You’re kidding me right? Oh well, this little cliff-hanger seems like the perfect spot to end this update. Will Ceridwen deliver her new son, or sons, safely? Will the werewolves manage to successfully defend their bar against the joint evil minds of Asriel and Forest? Will Anita and Nemo EVER get together? Will Arya be able to be her crazy self with the one she loves? Find out next time on the Bookabet Legacy.

But, before we go, have some Story Progression updates:

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-10-05-94

Zeke Hodgins proves that you’re never to old for a promotion. I think he’s going to need it because:

TS3W 2013-03-15 20-05-07-98

The real Ariel wouldn’t need to ask permission as she’s the head of her household, but it made me smile anyway. It’s too bad she didn’t invest in the gym, but at least she didn’t invest in the local swimming pool!

TS3W 2013-03-15 19-15-54-20

After being rejected by Alice, the wolves turned to another sister instead. I’m not sure how successful Sky will be in controlling her brother, but I hope she’s happy with her very own werewolf. It’s funny that she seems to be into boys in this game file.

That’s all I’ve got for the moment. All of my important townies are being quite boring at the moment! It’s possible that I lost some of the Fraps notification screenshots during the reinstall, so I’ll try and remember to check on their relationship statuses next time I’m in game.

Bye guys.

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C1.21– Love Hearts and Lusty Teens

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Bookabet Legacy. Last time, the Bookabet family enjoyed a day in the sun, Artemis stole a Hodgins and Asriel was scared of monsters.


What are you doing out here all alone Stelmaria?

Stelmaria: The master has me on monster watch. I’m supposed to let the monsters eat me instead of him. I don’t mind, but I wish it wasn’t so cold and wet out here though.


Looks like Eika isn’t cold and wet. I noticed that despite not having not returned from hunting, her energy level was increasing. When I clicked on her, I discovered that she was curled up in front of the fire at one of the supernatural hangouts. I’m pretty sure it’s the fairy one … or the vampire one? Anyway, she looks so peaceful here, I didn’t bother disturbing her. Besides, this chair is probably more comfortable than the ones at home!


In other news, I’ve decided to remodel the house. I’m not happy with how boxy it looks at the moment, but this is a work in progress. I have a grand master house plan in my head so I’m going to be adding on to it as and when funds permit. Eventually, it’ll have an upstairs and the yellow bedroom on the left will be a garage/activity room. I’ve never said I was a great house builder, but I hope it’ll look nicer as time goes by. I do quite a bit of redecoration in the next couple of chapters, so don’t get confused if the house background changes quite a bit!


Ceridwen: So shiny

That’s it Ceridwen. Keep on cutting those gems! The gem cutter is one of the most useful things that I’ve bought. Six hunting dogs tend to bring back a lot of goodies between them, and this machine really saves time. The only downside is that it’s really loud, which is why it’s not in the main family room. Also, mental note, the study needs more light.


Resident artist Franco has completed the first heir portrait. This is actually his second attempt, and I’m quite happy with this one. It would obviously look better if I had more lights in the house though. *sigh* Mental note #2.


Franco: Here’s a present for you honey. I know it isn’t your birthday, but some random great uncle sent it to me. Arya got the last one, but I thought you could make use of this one.

Alice: Is …. is that what I think it is? Dad, you’re the best!


Alice: It is what I thought it was!!!! I can’t wait to use this power to save the world. Asriel can’t cross me now.

I love the gifting system. I can’t remember who sent me this one, but thank you to whoever did! Alice has been wishing to join the world of witchery since she first discovered the alchemy station in the Vault of Antiquity. One wish granted.


You know how I might have mentioned a couple of times now how the dogs LOVE Alice? I wasn’t joking. Although now I’m wondering if that’s because she bribes them with poultry.

Eika: Zzzz Give me the chicken already Zzzz

Gelert: Zzzz Get in line pup Zzzz


Of course, not all of the dogs are patient enough to wait for their breakfast.

Artemis: Oy, you with the wings. Wake up and feed me already!


Ceridwen: BLEUGH! I can’t remember the last time I felt this bad.

I sure can Winking smile


Ceridwen misses Asriel’s teen birthday with all that unfortunate throwing up. Luckily for him, his dad and older siblings are there to cheer the little mastermind into teen hood.

Asriel: I wish for … an army of non-imaginary imaginary friends. And a zombie minion or two.


Asriel: World domination is suddenly so much closer!!!


Asriel: Oh yeah. I’m cool.

Oh my … Asriel … I don’t know what to say. You look … different. He chose this look all by himself. I’m so tempted to leave him this way, but it doesn’t match his personality unfortunately. Besides, he looks like a member of the village people.

Anyway, with Asriel’s transition, Ceridwen finally achieves her lifetime want. Go me! Or go Ceridwen I guess.



His new trait is neurotic. I know I was supposed to give him the bookworm trait, but a couple of people have asked if they can download him and age him to adult, and so I needed to know what all five traits would be. When he rolled neurotic, I couldn’t resist giving it to him now as it just suits him completely. He will definitely get Bookworm as an adult. An evil, eccentric, neurotic heavy sleeper? This will be fun!


Asriel has grown up VERY well indeed. I must say I am extremely impressed, and I believe that is what they call a smolder. If a slightly evil one.


Asriel isn’t the only one with a birthday that night. Franco makes the transition into full adult. Spoiler, he looks exactly the same as an adult. Just a few more lines on that sexy face of his.

Meanwhile, Belisama Hemlock is obsessed with each of the Bookabet kids. My computer ate a load of my Fraps screenshots when I had the virus, and the Belisama Hemlock ones were among the victims. I got notifications that she had a crush on Adam, Arya, Anita and Alice. Clearly, she isn’t fussy which member of the Bookabet clan she gets! Belisama has recently broken up with Jodie Goode, Adams childhood friend and the daughter of Goodwin Goode. Jodie responded to the breakup with this:

TS3W 2012-11-22 11-02-01-38

Too bad that Anita is straight. Otherwise, I’d definitely consider it. Adam is still seeing Bailey Swain, but she’s grown up now and she doesn’t come over anymore. She’s clearly gotten over her stalkerish tendencies.  I’m thinking of finding someone else for our Adam as he doesn’t roll any wants for her. He’s completely straight though. As for the rest of the Bookabet kids, I’ve checked master controller, and I know their preferences as well. You’ll find out what they are later.

Speaking of Adam …


Adam: Wh … wh … WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?

Huh. It’s not like Adam to look so scared. Wonder what he’s so frightened of?




Adam: You don’t want to know what they did to me up there!

Poor baby. Luckily he can’t get pregnant yet. One pregnant sim in the house is enough …


Ceridwen: Hello baby. Where did you come from?

Anita: You’ve got to be kidding right?

No, I’m not kidding. Ceridwen and Franco both wished to have another baby, and like a fool, I gave in. Besides, I’ve just finished a book series that I’ve seriously enjoyed, and I have the greatest boys name. Yes, this baby is going to be a boy. It all works out very well, as Ceri immediately rolled a wish for a boy. Go on producing those magic apples Alice.


Ceri: So, honey. Looks like we’ll need to get the baby toys back out of the attic.

Franco: Really! That’s fantastic. *rolls wish for boy*

Excellent. My plans are coming together nicely.


Maybe Franco isn’t quite as relaxed about the idea as I initially thought.

Franco: If five kids cost this much, then how much will six kids cost?

I’m asking the exact same thing.


How’d this get in here? Moving on …

This is where I installed University Life and got all the store content problems. I thought a nice picture of my simself being arrested would mark the occasion nicely.


Anita decides to test her new smart phone by sending a secret admirer text to Nemo Hodgins.

Anita: Nemo, ur so cute. I ❤ u 4eva xxx

Not content with that, she heads to the Hodgins house to visit and/or stalk him.


Whilst there, Puzzle, being his usual pervy self, decides to cross normal social boundaries.

Anita: Hey, dude. What’s your problem?

Puzzle: Why isn’t my Puzzle pheromone working on this chick? She should be falling all over me by know.

Puzzle, step away from the teenager.


Puzzle isn’t the only creepy member of the Hodgins family. Gwyn isn’t ready to let her baby go yet.

Gwyn: He’s much too young to date. These kids clearly need a chaperone.

Anita: So, I like you despite the fact that your family members are acting really weird. So, you seeing anyone at the moment?


Anita, being inappropriate, feels no shame in diving in for a kiss so quickly.

Nemo: What are you doing? Can’t you see I’m exhausted?

Poor Anita. As soon as she heads home, I get this notification.

TS3W 2013-03-15 18-27-18-39



Oh well, Anita isn’t the only one working on her love life. I don’t know where she got that broomstick though.

Alice: It’s amazing what they can squeeze into those elixir bottles these days.


Alice has decided that if she can’t find Mr Right, she’ll try Ms Right instead. Actually, according to MC, Alice is the only one of the kids who is bisexual. She has a higher attraction for women than men though. Here she is trying to chat up one of her classmates, Zoe Durwood, a fellow witch.

Zoe: OMG! That panda is so cute!!!



Never mind Asriel, it’s time for you to go and meet the new neighbours. So, I finally managed to download and install another one of my favourite legacy families, the Samples, and I sent over Arya and Asriel to meet the new neighbours.


Asriel immediately gravitated over to the evil guy, without any prompting for me. I personally think that evil sims have some kind of Radar of Evil.

Asriel: Look here you. I have plans to take over the world, and if you get in my way, then my army of minions will have to destroy you.

Forest: Taking over the world sounds like a great plan. If you use my mind-control device, we can achieve world domination so much sooner.

Asriel: What a guy. I’ll name the first monster that I create after you.

TS3W 2013-03-15 17-57-50-16

The second he meets Forest, he rolls this for his LTW. That’s not the only notification I got from these two:

TS3W 2013-03-15 17-59-42-93TS3W 2013-03-15 17-53-18-35

Forest likes Asriel even though he’s all burned from failing at the chemistry set. I can’t work out if these two make a cute or creepy couple? Also, I have no idea why Asriel is still showing as a kid on his sim panel. As you can see for yourselves, he is definitely not a child. Theirs weren’t the only hearts flying around …


Arya: Hello. You must be the prince I ordered? Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Princess Arya, and you, sir will be marrying me one day.

Hunter: Ummm … h … h … hello?

You can’t fool me Hunter. I can see those love hearts … and this:

TS3W 2013-03-15 18-00-24-33

Now, be easy on Hunter Arya. This one is shy and quiet and I absolutely adore him.


Hunter: That’s new. Most girls don’t do that do they?


Hunter: Hey, where’d you go?

Arya: Try and catch me future Prince Hunter.

Hunter: Fairy girls are so much fun!!

Awwww. These two are so cute! And I love Hunter so much. You have no idea how conflicted this made me as I’d already chosen Arya’s spouse, and was planning on introducing him when Arya reached her young adult birthday. I might as well admit it now. I’m no longer conflicted. Arya clearly knows who she wants and I tend to grant my sim’s wishes when I can and I can’t see her with anyone else now. In case anyone is interested, the sim I’d picked out for her was Big Macintosh Olympus from the Olympus Legacy. That just isn’t going to happen now.


Adam, upon hearing that the Grand Martials Arts Master Charles Sample had moved to town, decided to come over and meet his idol. At first, Charles didn’t want to know. He is a famous celebrity after all. Undaunted, Adam decided to butter him up with the song that he learned in China. This impressed him slightly ….


…. although, to be honest, he seemed more impressed by all those gross videos on simtube.

I can’t wait until Adam can spar with Charles. Adam will definitely get his behind handed to him when that happens.

Ok. This update is getting really long, so I think I’ll finish up for now. Will Ceridwen have her baby? Will Anita finally get Nemo to commit? Will Arya and Hunter kill you with their cuteness? Will Asriel and Forest kill you and turn you into a Zombie? Find out next time on the Bookabet Legacy.

Bye guys.

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Chapter 1.20–Summer Fun

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Bookabet Legacy. I’m sorry that’s its been a while since my last update, but loads of things have conspired against me to prevent me updating! The biggest of which is the fact that my PC managed to get infected with a nasty virus and my Sims file needed to be reinstalled. Thank goodness for backup files though, so I haven’t lost any screenshots! The biggest problem with my game though was what turned out to be a patch or University Life glitch that blocked my store content from showing up, even after a reinstall and machine defragment. After much cussing, googling and forum browsing, I discovered a fix and it all seems to be fine. I’ve even discovered store content that I forgot I had! I haven’t loaded up the Bookabets since the reinstall, but fingers crossed that everything is as it should be!

Anyway, enough of that. Last time, Arya and Adam travelled to China where our crazy little fairy was infected with a dose of full moon lunacy. This led to her giving her brother a lunatic embrace which they both found far too … enjoyable for my liking!


Adam: Listen Arya. What happened in China stays in China. You tell anyone and I’ll go all Anti-Christ on you. Understand?


Arya: Who is this and what has it done with my brother?

I don’t know, but it looks like my normally mild mannered Adam is having a rough day. Also, I’ve just noticed something about Arya.

Is it just me, or is there a certain resemblance between Arya and Merida from Brave? Their hair and eye colour is exactly the same, and I think their nose and mouth are quite similar as well. I always knew my Arya was meant to be a princess!


In other news, this picture marks the installation of Seasons. Yes, that’s how long ago I took this screenshot. I’m such a bad blogger I know. *Hangs head in shame*

Ceridwen: I’m confused. If today is the first day of Summer, then what the hell was it yesterday?!

TS3W 2012-11-21 19-55-00-08

I am not amused. Where is my rain?! I’ve had more than enough eternal sunshine thank you very much!!


Franco: Now to carry on with my latest masterpiece. Every artist needs a great view to inspire them and mine is no exception … Wait a second. Something seems different. Who has been messing with my view?!


Franco: Honey. I know this sounds crazy, but there appears to be a park in front of my view. That wasn’t there when I went to sleep was it?

Ceridwen: The removal men came last night and placed our house on the back of their lorry. We’ve moved half a mile down the road. Have you forgotten already honey? Honestly, your absent-mindedness. *shakes head*


It’s true. I moved the household to a blank lot down the road. This one is exactly the same size, but backs on to a fishing lake which is ideal for my outdoorsy Sims and canine treasure hunters. The new lot is now more in the centre of town which is always ideal.

Now for some Gelert pic spam. It’s been a while since we caught up with everyone’s favourite immortal fairy god dog.


Alice: Good morning Gelert. I love you so much. Give me some smoochie-woochies my beautiful baby.

Gelert: Who are you calling baby? I’m older than you are little girl! And watch the ears … I kind of need them you know.


Gelert: Who am I kidding? I love you too kiddo.



Is this not the cutest thing ever? I’m not kidding, the dogs absolutely adore Alice and she doesn’t even have the animal lover trait. I wonder if it’s because she’s good? I wouldn’t be surprised if that was it actually, as they avoid Asriel like the plague.


Gelert: Now that we’ve got the mushy stuff out of the way, how about some breakfast? I can’t feed myself.


Gelert: AND DON’T COME BACK!!! Hugs from the humans? Check. Breakfast? Check. Chase away the mail carrier? Check. What a productive day so far. It’s good to be me. Next up, check on my kids.


Gelert: What’s up son?

Apollo: You’ll never guess what. I saw this MASSIVE rodent in the park earlier. It wasn’t like any rodent I’ve ever seen before because it had four huge legs and tried to kick me when I tried to bring it home.

Gelert: Er, Apollo. That was a horse.

Apollo: Oh. That’s alright then … What’s a horse?


Gelert: Never mind. It’s ok that you’re not the brightest bulb. I love you anyway.

Apollo: Gosh, thanks pop. I love you too.


After a long action-filled day, Gelert is glad to get to bed later that day. It seems like he’s having a nightmare though …

Gelert: Zzzzz My son is being killed by Bonehilda Zzzzz




Oh … Just teaching Apollo to play dead. Carry on then.


Meanwhile,  Artemis is making friends with the new family in the neighbourhood.

Artemis: Stay still human and let the sniffing commence.

Sebastian Hodgins: Hello pretty girl. Who are you?


Artemis: You smell of … cats. Cats are evil and you will pay for being their servant.

Sebastian: Will a game of chase make up for it?

Artemis: Not completely, but it’s a start.


Sebastian: I’m going to get you!!!

Artemis: NEVER!!!!


Adam: Why are you wearing that to school Arya?

Arya: Because it’s summer of course. Duh. One is  supposed to wear ones swimsuit in the summer. Doesn’t one know anything?


Asriel: What are you doing on my school bus you creep?

Tristan Van Gould: Is the package ready to be delivered?

Asriel: About that. I’ve changed my mind. You can’t have my sister as she’ll be beneficial to my minion army.

Tristan: You can’t change your mind. I’ll suck your blood whilst you sleep.

Asriel: Fine then. I’ll give you a stake whilst YOU sleep. So there …

TS3W 2012-11-10 18-16-36-79

Tristan has it quite bad for Arya, which is ironic as he’s the Simmified version of Edward Cullen from Twilight. It’s quite funny because the Sim version of Bella is dating Adam. The Bookabet kids sure are popular. I would consider setting Arya and Tristan up as I think he has an interesting face, but I’ve already got plans for Arya’s spouse. Winking smile


Whilst the kids are at school, I send the folks off to the Summer Festival for a bit of fun time. Franco immediately gravitates to the roller rink. He’s really not very good though.


Franco: My entire life is flashing before my eyes!


Franco: I’m flying Jack, I’m flying!


Ceridwen: I love my husband so much. He’s so adorable falling on his backside all the time.

In case you’re wondering, Arya has bestowed the Flight of Felicity on her mother again. It helps Arya to level up her fairy skill and is a positive moodlet for the recipient.


Ceridwen: Hello readers. I bet you’re jealous of me right now. This snow cone is so GOOD.

She’s right. I am jealous. We don’t have snow cones in the UK. We have slush puppies instead and I so want one right now.


The Hodgins family are all out with a vengeance today. Ceridwen introduces herself to Gwyn …


… whilst Ariel skives off from her job as concession vendor.

Ariel: I don’t feel like working today. I want to enjoy the festival and play my guitar instead.


Not to be outdone, Nemo is also here, playing truant from school and rocking the skinhead look and Llama face paint. Personally, I think he’s never looked better Smile with tongue out


Ooh, schools out. Quick Anita, go make friends.

Anita: Why creator, I’m impressed.

They seem to get on well. I’ll just leave them to it.


Meanwhile, Franco decides to bond with his oldest son in a friendly game of football (or as the US call it, Soccer).

Franco: You can’t beat me son. I’m a soccer legend and you can’t even play basketball. Na Na Na Na Na

Adam: Really? Are you ready for this?


Franco: HELP!!!

Anita: *behind face-painting booth flirting with Nemo* HEY!! THAT HURT ADAM!!!


Adam: You can’t beat me old man. I’m the All-Weather Champion.

TS3W 2012-11-22 11-12-33-93

It’s true, he is.


Elsewhere, Alice and Arya decided to take part in a hot-dog eating contest and Gwyn joined in. This makes me happy. Who’s going to win? Take your bets now!


Alice: I win! You guys are losers. Where’s my prize?


Alice: For real now, can I get my prize? You know, for being a star?

Poor Gwyn. Total fail Sad smile


Asriel had scouts after school, so couldn’t join the family until the end of the day. Of course, he’s feeling a bit rebellious about taking part in the family greeting card.

Asriel: How dare my family have fun without me. I’ll show them.





Sebastian: It’s getting really late, can’t I go home yet?!

Artemis: Don’t be stupid. You’re mine now. Brush me slave.

Actually, Sebastian brushed her all on his own. So cute Smile


This is why it’s handy having a fairy in the house. No need for repairmen … my fairy mechanic can handle things from now on.

Arya: One cannot be a princess without getting their hands dirty from time to time. Although one is not going to clean up that water on the floor. Sir Right-Hand, summon Bonehilda at once.


Asriel: It’s ok chemistry set. I’ll never risk losing you again … not when I’m so close to perfecting the secret formula.


Asriel: I’m so close, I can smell it. Before long, I will be able to make you real Stelmaria. And then, I’ll steal my siblings toys and make them real … and then, they will all follow me. I will finally have my minion army! Mwah Ha Ha …


Asriel: … But first, I’m sleepy. Every evil mad scientist needs their beauty sleep. Must check under the bed to make sure the monster is fed.


Asriel: Gosh, he looks … hungry. And why are there more than one of you?!




Asriel: That’s better. I’m safe as houses here. They’ll eat my mummy first … she’s bigger.

And with that, I’m going to finish for this chapter. Next time, we have birthday shenanigans, a new house and a surprise. Do you want to know what it is? You do? Well, you’ll just have to read the next update. Bye for now folks!

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Lack of Update

Hi everyone,

Yet another apology for not updating. My pc has been acting very poorly lately … It has just recovered from a very serious trojan (time to update my anti-virus software methinks!). Anyway, I thought all was ok, but when I installed University this morning, I noticed that none of my store content was showing up in game. I don’t know if removing the trojan removed some of my files? I’ve tried to reinstall some of my store content but no dice. I’m now in the process of uninstalling/reinstalling the Sims 3 collection. I’m hoping this will also get rid of some dodgy CC that I can’t get rid of.

Now, before you all panic, all of my save files/screenshots are backed up onto my external HD, and I did this before the virus, so the Bookabet and Stratford files should be ok. I do have enough screenshots on the Bookabet save for a couple of updates as well as the screenshots for Part 2 of the Stratford Prologue, but in between fixing my pc, working and actually having a social life I simply haven’t had time to write the chapters!! Having said that, part 2 of the prologue is mostly written and I managed to take all the screenshots I needed for that, so that shouldn’t be too far off. I do have the rest of my annual leave next week so I’m hoping that at least one chapter from each blog will be up then. Sorry to keep you all waiting 😦

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Introducing the Very Shakespearean DITFT

Hi Everyone.

I’ve finally set up the website and written the introduction for my upcoming Differences in the Family Tree Challenge. I’ve written the first chapter of the pre-founding generation prologue and I’ve been working on the screenshots today, so it should be up in the next couple of days. It’s a project that has been floating around in my head for ages and is completely different from the Bookabet Legacy. It’s in first person narrative and is going to be a lot more serious than the crazy Bookabets. I’d be extremely grateful if you could just head over and let me know what you think so far.

You can find the website here.

As for the Bookabets, they are still alive and in no way have I given up on them. I’ve been gathering screenshots for the next couple of chapters so hopefully these won’t be too far off either. I’ve got annual leave from work all this week so I’ve got plenty of time for simming (for once!)

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Chapter 1.19–The Chinese Night of Horrors

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Bookabet Legacy. Last time, Arya became a fairy (and won the subsequent heir poll) and Asriel tried to blow up the house. Also, these pictures were taken a while ago, before Seasons was released. We won’t get to those until the next chapter.


Apollo: What was that noise?! Damn humans waking me up with their antics again … how is a canine supposed to get a decent nights sleep in this place?

Bonehilda: You think YOU have it bad. Try cleaning up after them. If I wasn’t dead already, working in this house would kill me.


Meanwhile, the nutcase himself is apparently unscathed.


It looks like someone is grumpy when they don’t get enough sleep


Apollo: “And let that be a lesson to you”


Arya: Thank you for teaching one to drive Mother. Good deeds such as yours deserve a reward. Now watch this trick …

Ceridwen: Wh … What are you doing to me?!


Ceridwen: I can fly!! In your face Peter Pan!

Arya: Please remove your person from one’s chest mother. Haven’t you ever heard about boundaries?


Meanwhile, Anita is the first of generation one to find the drinks bar. Such an achievement! And so young too!

Anita: If you lived in a house with an insane fairy flinging around pixie dust everywhere, an evil little brother who keeps on blowing up the house, a skeletal  maid, a pack of talking dogs and the anti-Christ, you’d want a drink too!


I wouldn’t do that if I were you Anita. Drinking will rot your brain you know.

(Authors note: In no way do I support or encourage underage drinking. She did this all by herself, and besides, according to EA, she’s drinking ‘juice’ anyway. Just remember, drinking is bad kids … it lowers your inhibitions and makes you do BAD and embarrassing things!)



Anita: The watcher was right. Drinking really does rot your brain. I could swear that my mother is flying around next to me.


Ceridwen: You should really try this Anita. I’ve never had so much fun in my life.

Anita: I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m never going to drink again!!


Anita: There you go pretty girl. You look beautiful now.

Anita always spends so much time with the dogs on free will. It’s so sweet … I was thinking of moving Aphrodite out with Adam when he grows up, but I think I’ve changed my mind.


After spending time with Aphrodite, she decides to take herself off to the park for a bit of light reading:

“Do you think I’ve gone round the bend?”
“I’m afraid so. You’re mad, bonkers, completely off your head. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”

The philosophy I live by. Kudos to those who can tell me which book this is from.


After finishing her book, Alice visits the nearby Vault of Antiquity and stumbles across the alchemy station in the basement. Maybe she will make a fine little witch?

Alice: Never mind the basics, where are the love spells in this thing?

Or maybe not.


A common sight as usual, Adam spends the weekend practicing his martial arts rather than visiting his girlfriend.

Adam: A true sensei focuses on his long term goals … I want to be a master someday.


Anita, meanwhile, is focusing on something more worthwhile than the bottle and tests out the climbing wall.

Anita: I must admit, this is more fun than the juice bar.


Gelert: Look what I found! You don’t want to know how I got that home.

No, I don’t think I do. Still, a space rock may encourage aliens to visit after Seasons in installed, so thank you Gelert!


Dog hunting party collection update time. All of these statues (and the gems in the background) have been found by my pack of dogs. Again, I need the money more than the statues, so I sold all of them. This really is a fantastic way of making money. Thanks guys.


Adam: I know why I’m standing outside. That gem machine is giving me a massive headache. What about you boy?

Apollo: I heard Asriel muttering something about needing a wet dog for his stink juice potion and I fit the bill. I thought I’d get out of his way. I never thought I’d say it, but I want a bath. Where’s that Alice girl? She’ll give me one.


Adam: Hello? Travel agent? I want a flight to China please. When? Right now of course.


Adam: I can’t believe dad. Not letting me go to China unless you came along. To quote him, “You’re not going anywhere unless you take that bloody fairy with you.” Why’d you go and pull that freeze prank on him?

Arya: So that one could go to China silly boy. Some martial arts master you’ll make. Didn’t you know that predicting the actions of ones enemy is half the battle?


Arya: Why aren’t you flying big brother? Oh, I forgot, you can’t. Not much of an anti-Christ are you? I would get that checked if I were you. Flying is so much fun you know.

Adam: This is going to be a long trip. Come on Arya, let’s get to the market before it closes.


Arya: Sir Left-Hand. I might have known you would find me here. What do you want you villain? You won’t get away with it you know


Arya: You see, I smuggled my trusty knight Sir Right-Hand through customs and you know he is stronger than you. Take him away Sir Right-Hand.


Arya: Let that be a lesson to you, dear subjects. Nobody threatens Princess Arya of the Fae.

Store Keeper: What a crazy girl. Very entertaining though.


Arya: Hello store-keeping peasant. Is one laughing at Princess Arya of the Fae?

Store-Keeping Peasant: Why yes, yes  I am. You are very funny you know.


Arya: One thought so … Did you know you had a crack in your ceiling?

Idiotic Store-Keeping Peasant: WHAT? WHERE?


Arya: Take that peasant!

Idiotic Store-Keeping Peasant: WHAT IS THIS? WHY IS MY HEAD SO FULL OF …


Idiotic Store-Keeping Peasant: … STEAM?! *whistles like a tea-pot*


psychotic faced Arya: One suddenly has a craving for a cup of tea. Do you serve Oolong here?


Raging mad Store-Keeping peasant: GET OUT OF MY SHOP!!!

Arya: Is it something I said?

TS3W 2012-11-10 17-09-25-02 

Making Arya a fairy was the best decision EVER! She really is so much fun to play.


Arya: Such rudeness. All one wanted was a cup of tea. I guess he doesn’t stock Oolong. One will have to make do with a Chinese tea-fish instead.

What’s a Chinese tea-fish?


Arya: Haven’t you heard of a Chinese tea-fish? It’s a fish made of tea-bags and if you’re nice to it, it’ll give you one of them. Makes delicious tea you know. Doesn’t look like they’re biting today though.

I wonder why. It’s not like you’re fishing in a SWIMMING POOL or anything.


What ARE you doing Arya?

Arya: I managed to catch a Chinese tea-fish and I was so nice to it, it invited me to its parents house for lunch. They live in the river you know.


Why are you wearing your formal wear though? It can’t be comfortable swimming in that?

Arya: Nonsense … and besides, if someone asks you to meet their parents, one should make an effort to dress nicely. Now go away, one is going to be late.


Let’s just leave her to it shall we and check on Adam? Where are you off too?

Adam: I’m just on route to do something I’ve dreamed about since I first learned martial arts.


Martial Artist: Good luck child. May the best martial artist win.


Wow! That was intense. I took a screenshot of the score, but damned if I can find it. He lost anyway.

Adam: I don’t mind losing to such a great competitor. I’ll just have to practice harder.


Why do you look so upset Arya?

Arya: One doesn’t want to talk about it. Let me just say that one no longer likes Chinese tea-fish. Plus, one feels a little … odd.

That’s rich coming from you.

TS3W 2012-11-10 16-48-32-29

Oh. Ok. I get it know. This should be fun. Actually, downright creepy will be more accurate. I should warn you now that I had no control over the events that enfolded that evening …


The evening started off quite peacefully, with Adam learning a Chinese song off one of the locals …


… when the effects of the full moons embrace started to affect Arya quite strongly. Her eyes took on an eerie shade of lunacy and she started fidgeting in her seat, having thoughts that she’d never had before. She started eyeing her companions, but nobody in her eye line fit the bill. No, that Egyptian tourist opposite was undeserving of Princess Arya’s affections. All of a sudden, she heard the most beautiful baritone. She’d never heard Po and his checkers sang that way, and it stirred her very soul.


She turned around, and drifted over to the source of that voice. Their eyes met, and Adam was trapped in the fairy’s gaze. Her eyes were glowing and Adam forgot everything. He was under a fairies spell, made stronger by the light of the moon. His hands made their way up to her fiery locks. He couldn’t believe that anything could be this beautiful, and this supernatural creature in front of him shook him to his very core. He started to lean closer …

Chinese local: I don’t want to interrupt or anything, but aren’t you brother and sister?! You do realise that’s illegal don’t you?

With that, the spell was broken.

TS3W 2012-11-10 16-53-34-39

Adam: What the hell just happened?! For one second, I was seriously attracted to you!! I was just about to … to … kiss you. I’m just going to throw up now. Let’s never talk about this again!

Arya: Agreed dear brother. I have no idea what just came over one. Please get out of one’s sight before it happens again.

OMG!!! I can’t believe that just happened. It’s the creepiest thing to EVER happen in my game. Arya had the ‘moon lunacy’ moodlet and I was controlling her when the ‘lunatic embrace’ action appeared in her action queue bar. Not knowing what it did, I let it happen, and now I want to gauge out my eyes. *shudders*

TS3W 2012-11-10 16-50-47-19

Oh no, here we go again.


Luckily, this local had the foresight and strength of will to refuse the hug.

Chinese local: Get away from me kid. I saw what it did to your brother. There is no way I want to be enthralled to you.

You can refuse?! I’m now more creeped out by the fact that Adam agreed to the hug! It’s probably because they’re best friends. Still disturbing though!


Arya: One just wants a hug. Preferably from one that isn’t related to me biologically.

Chinese local: I said no. Bad fairy, no cookie.


Arya: One does not say no to Princess Arya of the Fae. One will pay for this outrage.

Actually, this is the creepiest thing to happen this update. Arya doesn’t even have the evil trait. Eat your heart out Asriel.


Luckily, the moon settles back to its monthly axis, and there appears to be no lasting damage. Adam and Arya wake up with no memory of the events the previous night. In fact, both of them have the sudden want to explore a tomb. Nothing like running from your troubles right? Maybe they remember more than they’re are letting on?


Arya: Look at this tomb. I bet there are all kinds of wild animal in there for one to adopt. One has always wanted a pet mummy … or a dragon.


Adam: There must be a switch here somewhere. Come and help me find it Arya.

Arya: In a moment Adam. One is having a little trouble right now with a certain traitor.


Arya: I’m telling you Sir Left-Hand. You won’t get the treasure. It’s mine, do you hear? MINE!


Arya: Get him Sir Right-Hand, and this time don’t fail me … No Sir Right-Hand. You wouldn’t! After all I’ve done for you.


Arya: The treachery.

Adam: HELP! I’m stuck in this tomb with a crazy sister with a tendency to strangle herself. Why did I agree to this trip?


Arya: Adam. I can hear them talking to me. The dragons. They’re everywhere.

Adam: For the last time Arya. GET OUT OF MY PERSONAL SPACE!!!!


Arya: You know what happens when people shout at me, don’t you dear brother?

Adam: You wouldn’t.

Arya: She would.


She did.


Adam eventually got his little sister to focus and they were able to make their way through the tomb. For the brave Adam, it was everything he’d ever dreamed of.

In case any of you are wondering, that’s the aura of body and mind Arya is wearing there. I thought it would help Adam build up his athletic skill in the tomb.


They worked together to dismantle the many booby deadly traps awaiting them. Cue Indiana Jones music with a difference.


Adam thinks he’s Indiana jones too.

Adam: You aren’t going to stop me fiery death pit. I’ll just vault over you with my awesome ninja skills.


Adam: That wasn’t supposed to happen. Oh bugger it … This is kind of HOT!!!!! Aaaaagh


Adam: Hello. Watcher person. I’d kind of like a little help right now. It’s kind of hot in here you know.

I’d get used to it if I were you. Being the anti Christ, you should be impervious to fire.


Luckily, Adam, being a brave sim, doesn’t panic and has the foresight to put himself out with a shower-in-a-can.


Adam: Who knew fire could be so much fun. I want to do it again!

I don’t think I could watch my Adam burn again, so no. I’d rather you didn’t if that’s ok?


While Adam is having a great time literally playing with fire, Arya is doing the sensible thing and testing the walls for any weaknesses.

Arya: Please let me inside your temple Great Dragon God so that one may steal … er … borrow your treasure. One promises to bring it back, honestly.


Apparently, the Great Dragon God is stupid and falls for Arya’s lies. Subsequently, she beats Adam to the treasure horde.

Arya: Look at all the shiny. Can I keep it?


After returning back to base camp, the game started seriously freezing. So, in a panic, I had Adam call for a flight home. I know the WA worlds can glitch a game something rotten if you’re not careful. Besides, the reason I came to China was for Adam to buy the martial art equipment he wanted and so he could spar with someone. As they say, the rest is gravy.

Adam: Hello, travel agent? Please let me go home NOW!! My sister is getting that look in her eye again. I’ve had all the fairy pranks I can take!!!

It’s true. Arya really does love to prank people. Anyway, this is a good time as any to end things for now. These are more or less the end of my pre-Seasons screenshots, so next update, we’ll have some fun with Seasons. Bye for now everyone Smile


Creepy Ice-Cream Truck: Where is he? Where’s the anti Christ? Don’t tell me that I’ve driven this creaky truck all the way to China and He isn’t even here? His Evilness is going to kill me.

The ice cream truck … wherever you go, we WILL find you.

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