Chapter 24: Evil Comes in Many Forms


Gelert: Hello readers and welcome back to the Bookabet Legacy. Last time Arya and Hunter Sample sickened the whole family with their ghastly display of public affection, the mistress brought home another one of those wailing infants for the pack to look after and the scary blonde child brought home a much scarier friend. I didn’t like him. Now, if you give me a treat, I’ll let you stay and read the next update.


Adam: It must be amazing being able to fly. I wish I could, for one moment, be able to experience it for myself.

Arya: One does realise that the Flight of Felicity is a gift only to be bestowed on those most worthy by the Fae gods?

Adam: Flight of Felicity?! Oh please Arya! I’ll do all your chores for a week if you bestow it to me.

Arya: On the other hand, one would do anything to get out of doing the hoovering. I’m sure the Fae Gods would agree. Very well oh brother of mine.


Arya: There you go. You are now a honorary member of the Fae. You’ll really love flying but just make sure you stay away from the storm.

Adam: Storm?!

Arya: Yes. Didn’t you know? The Fae god of the storms is having a party and he really does love those lightning bolts.


Franco: I heard about your ‘deal’ with your brother. I know you don’t think that you’re getting out of your chores that easily.


Arya: But father, you forget. One is a member of the high order of the Fae and we don’t get chores. We do pranks instead … like this one.

Franco: What do you think you are doing?!

Arya: Giving you a taste of your hot-headedness.


Arya: Wait a second. Something feels strange …. and hot. Why do I suddenly smell smoke?!



Aphrodite: Why has it gotten hotter in here all of a sudden?


Franco: It’s ok baby girl. I’ll save you even though you tried to prank me!

Aphrodite: Oooh! That extinguisher sure feels nice on a hot day such as this. Really cools you down.

Adam: It looks like I won’t have to do Arya’s chores for her after all.


Adam: *shrugs* Oh well, never mind. The school bus is here so I’d better get to school. In case you die and I don’t get to thank you, thanks for the Flight of Felicity sis.

That’s cold Adam. It looks like my little Anti-Christ has more of his father in him than I initially thought.

Anyway, at this point, Aryas needs were getting lower and lower and I honestly thought that Franco might not be able to save her in time. It would be just my luck that the heiress would die before she even had a chance to have a child! You can imagine how much I was freaking out by now. I want Arya/Hunter genes in the Bookabet family tree!


Luckily, Franco is awesome and managed to  save his daughter. However, the same can’t be said for her clothes.

Arya: This is all Sir Left-Hands fault. He will pay for this.

Anita: What’s all the racket?

Asriel: Oh nothing. Arya was just burning alive. Been there, done that.

Anita: Is that all? Get out of my way already. I want to get to school to see Nemo.

It’s nice to see such a close and committed family ….


Arya: You saved me father!

Franco: Of course I did. What are fathers for? Now get to school before I ground you for ditching.


You could have had a shower first Arya!

Arya: Nonsense. The fact that one survived this terrible trauma is a sign that one is worthy of the Fae crown. Besides, Hunter has never seen ones underwear before.


Artemis: You’re honestly leaving my children in the care of that one? She definitely has a screw loose somewhere.

Aphrodite: But she’s so entertaining.

My sentiments exactly.


Ceridwen meanwhile, attempts to repair the emotional damage that has inevitably occurred to baby Atticus after watching his big sister burning to death.

Ceridwen: There, there baby boy. This bottle will make it all better. And please don’t follow in your big brother and sisters footsteps. Two kids blowing themselves up is enough for anyone to deal with!


Ceridwen: I hope my itty-bitty baby never grows up!!!

Atticus: This is the best thing EVER!!!!

Artemis: How long is this portrait thing going to take? I’m not getting any younger you know.

Also, I’m not sure which of the kids pranked the sofa, but my suspicions fall on three of them. I’ll let you guys guess which.


Well done Franco. That actually looks like it’ll be a great portrait of Artemis. He’s not far from mastering the art skill in this screenshot. After that, I’ll have him working on the writing skill and hopefully he will reach his LTW at some point.


Artemis: Modelling sure does give you an appetite. It’s also very tiring too. I think I’ll rest my old bones a bit.

Aww, this makes me sad. Why is it that I get so sad when my sim pets get older? I would keep Artemis alive and young like Gelert but one immortal fairy god-dog is enough for anyone.


Speaking of Gelert. he’s getting his love on with Ceridwen.

Ceridwen: We’ve come a long way together haven’t we my old friend? Can you believe I’m almost an adult? Before long we’ll be old and grey and death will claim us.

Gelert: Speak for yourself. I have a deal.


Aaaargh! Burglar!! Call the police!! Or better yet, Gelert!!!

Jodie: Not amused.

Oh, never mind. It’s only Jodie Goode. Ceridwen wasn’t joking about almost being an adult. She, Atticus and Adam are having a triple birthday fancy dress party. Did I forget anything? Oh yes, it’s a full moon tonight. The last birthday party I threw on a full-moon resulted in Arya’s refusing to grow up and Asriel’s becoming evil. Let’s hope for better luck this time shall we?


For some reason, Sky Sample has taken offence to Ivy here. I have no idea why. Also, why haven’t they dressed up? Spoilsports!


Another guest feeling the hate is Cocaine Chimeree. As far as I am aware, Anita has never even spoken to him so I don’t understand how he can find her so boring!


Little Atticus is hungry and tired and needs to get to bed so he’s first up to the cake. Nice costume Ceridwen. It really brings out the colour in your eyes.

Ceridwen: Sarcasm is very unbecoming Atticus. Remember that.


Clearly, the hotdog costume is in this year. Although, as Franco is childish and Anita is inappropriate, the costumes seem to fit their personalities more than Ceridwen. Meanwhile, Alice digs the cheerleading outfit and Adam, again displaying a hint of his inner satanic nature, favours the Jason Vorhees costume. If he suddenly pulls out a sword I’m out of here.

Also, where are all the guests?! I’m positive I saw them turn up.



Wild horse: Is this where the party is at? I know I have my invitation somewhere, honestly.

Simself: Get out of my way horse, I’m missing cake here.

Yep. That sounds like me.



If Atticus wants to cry on his birthday, who am I to stop him?

Sorry. I just couldn’t resist.


Thanks to Atticus, the rest of the party is a huge fail. Half of the guests are hungry and the rest keep bitching about the screaming toddler.

Adam: If you think I’m transitioning on an empty stomach, you’ve got another thing coming.

And so he doesn’t. Sigh. Why am I even surprised?


Asriel, meanwhile, hadn’t even made it to the party. I just love the irony of this picture. All Asriel needs is a birthday cake hanging out of his mouth. I also think it’s fabulous that the future evil mad scientist is wearing the costume of a man-eating plant.



Luckily, all Atticus needs to satiate his hunger is a bottle of the nasty green stuff that sim babies and toddlers are forced to eat. Now that he’s no longer crying, you can see how adorable he is. You’ll see a better picture later after I gave him his customary makeover.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to set him off again. Actually, all it takes is his scary older sister.


Take note of Arya’s costume everyone. It will be significant later.


Arya: Sleep now little one. You are so adorable, you would make a fantastic pixie. How about you join ones royal court?

Atticus doesn’t take long to get over his fear of his big sister. Nobody can really be scared of Arya for long as she can be sweet when she wants to.


Now for some pictures of the guests. The girl at the top is, I think, Emilie Van Gould and she’s very pretty. I’m thinking that I should introduce her to Adam at some point.

The girl in the middle is Rowan Chimeree, my simself’s daughter and the romantic interest of Alice. I love her costume so much and, considering Alice’s namesake, so appropriate I could scream.

Ever wondered what a werewolf mermaid would look like? Look no further than Wilhemina Woolf. Another costume full of win!

This one isn’t a guest, but the fairy zombie at the bottom is Titania Summerdream and is our resident zombie stalker. She honestly turns  up zombified on every single full moon.


Since Adam has joined the newly formed Peter Pan Club along with Arya & Linda Wonder, I sent Ceridwen to the cake. By this time, the guests had all disappeared and most of the Bookabets had gone to bed, leaving Ceridwen with her hubby and Adam to cheer her into adulthood.


That is, until Adam gets distracted with the party crashers.


Adam: I’ve heard that noise before. I don’t fancy being poked and prodded again so I’d better sneak away before they catch me.


Adam: Drat. Too late. Oh well, let’s get this over with.

Honestly, why do the aliens like Adam so much? This is the second time he’s been abducted already! I’m guessing it’s because of Franco’s space genes.


Although I shudder to think about what happened to Adam up there. Hopefully nothing too bad. He’s still a teenager and I’ve disabled teen/Adult romance in Story Progression. Although the naked alien in the corner of the picture makes me suspicious. Why didn’t I notice that before?

Pollination Technician #668: Ha Ha George. Just you wait until everyone at home sees these pictures. You’ll never live it down!

Pollination #669 (aka George): Come one Bill. Don’t do this to me! I’m sorry I called your mother a human!!

Meanwhile, back at the house:




Asriel: Where’s my mum? Will she still let me sleep in her bed?

There are three things wrong with these pictures:

1: Bonehilda has been in the house longer (I think) than Asriel and he’s seen her many times.

2: Asriel wants to be a mad scientist and so shouldn’t be scared of monsters

3: Asriel is EVIL and by all rights people should be running away from him and not the other way around.

I blame the neurotic trait. Little cowardly evil sim. I just love him even more now.


The next morning and Bonehilda is still feeling smug about scaring the “evil” one the previous night.

Bonehilda: Nobody asks me if I’ve lost weight lately and gets away with it.

Ok. I understand now.


Right Adam, let’s try this again.

Asriel still runs away screaming whenever he sees Bonehilda but apparently, the call for cake is more important than anything else. I concur.

Adam: I wish …. to be dapper.


Wish granted.

Adam: The name is Bookabet, Adam Bookabet.

Asriel: Wow. Adam has just turned into James Bond! I finally have a nemesis!!

Two actually, if you count Bonehilda.


Hellooooo Adam. *swoons*

Adam rolled the computer whiz trait so here is his final tally:

Adam Bookabet

And so the first Bookabet child (and one that I’m particularly attached to) grows up. I’m not going to kick him out straight away though as I have plans to send him to university so that he can get a head start on the law enforcement track.


Ceridwen is the first to congratulate her first born.

Ceridwen: Happy birthday son. Are you too grown up to give your old lady a hug?


Adam: Of course not. You’ll always be my mother no matter how old I am.

Ceridwen: I love you my baby boy.

Awww. I’m feeling all teary now. This seems like the perfect place to stop. Next chapter, you’ll get a BIG surprise. I know I sure did! Also, I’m hoping for fun at the prom. I haven’t played that far yet and I’m having problems with my store content yet AGAIN. I’ve had to do a complete reinstall and I’ve decided to delete my backup store folder in case something in there is blocking my content from appearing in game. I’ve got a ton of to download and reinstall so I’ve been doing small bits of it at a time. In the meantime, I’ve been having fun playing with a tester family in Isla Paradiso who are living on a houseboat I built all by myself. I’ve got the houseboat up for download here and the pictures are below if you want to take a look. It’s completely CC free (to my knowledge) but features store content and content from various SPs and EPs.

Story Progression  updates:

I have no idea as my screen dumps have once again completely disappeared from my Fraps folders. I noticed it when I went to backup my PC before the uninstall and I’m very frustrated by it! One of the notifications, and one that I’m absolutely gutted to have lost. is one from Hunter actually asking Arya to the prom. That’s right. Shy little Hunter taking the initiative and asking somebody he likes to prom. A big deal in my eyes!

I’m now looking for other ways to take screen dumps whilst in game. Suggestions anyone?

Anyway. Enough talking and enjoy my houseboat pictures if you want to take a look. Bye everyone!





Ground Floor Layout: Featuring living room, with bar, toilet and study.


Basement/Hull: Featuring kitchen/dining room with laundry facilities, bedroom with all-in-one bathroom.


First Floor: Master Bedroom and spare bedroom with adjoining balcony, and bathroom.


Top Floor/Outdoor Space: Toilet, Cockpit, BBQ, chess table, easel and telescope.


Sim!Deefa thinking of the finer things in life whilst relaxing on the balcony.


My simself doing what she loves best in the comforts of her living room.


The living room also serves as a spare bedroom for the canine housemates.

Sim!Jet: Zzzzz All other homes are rubbish Zzzzz

Good dog. Have a biscuit.


Ok. This has nothing to do with the houseboat, but it’s my simselfs werewolf boyfriend riding a jet ski. How could I leave it out?!

Until next time, bye guys!


About jolvsbooks

I'm a library assistant from South Wales with a love of reading, writing and the cinema. I don't fall into the normal cliched view of a library assistant as I have bright read hair, love rock music and I'm not that quiet!! I have two beautiful dogs ... an 8 year old Scottie called Jet, and a 2 year old hyperactive terror Westie called Deefa.
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14 Responses to Chapter 24: Evil Comes in Many Forms

  1. DragonWife says:

    Ack! Arya really can’t be setting herself on fire like that! I’m glad that Franco was able to fix that before you lost an heir.

    Birthdays are so tricky these days. It’s funny that Adam decided to wait an extra day. What’s with that? The costume party was great, though! I can’t believe there were so many hot dogs!

    Asriel cracks me up. Why was he suddenly so freaked out? The world may never know.

    • jolvsbooks says:

      I’ve never seen a fairy set themselves on fire before! If Arya had died *touch wood* then Asriel would have been the next heir considering he came second in the poll. Luckily, Franco saved the day, which is more than I can say for Adam, the “brave” one!

      It’s strange that this refusing to transition keeps happening. On my part, I’m sure it’s got to do with the full moon, but who knows?

      Asriel makes me laugh. I’m positive it is the neurotic trait but it makes it no less funny. He tries so hard to be evil but his very nature prevents it!

  2. amhránaí says:

    I loved the new chapter 🙂 Adam turned out really handsome and I’m glad you don’t kick him out of the house right away.

    Also, I especially loved the Friends-video in the middle 😉 it fitted so well!

  3. Gargantua says:

    Ahhh, all caught up. It’s a great feeling. 🙂 Adam is a hottie. I’m looking forward to the big surprise in the next chapter. Also, what do you think of the Island Paradise? I haven’t gotten it yet, and I heard that some things like suba diving or some such are only available in that one world?

    • jolvsbooks says:

      Woo! Franco sure has good genetics, for a space man I mean. Hopefully, the surprise should be a good one 😉

      I’m having a good time with Island Paradise. I’ve got a private game file that I play in Isla Paradiso. My sims live the highlife on a houseboat! I haven’t tried scuba diving in other worlds yet but, along with house boating, it seems like it works best in Island Paradiso due to the islands and water surrounding it. I think Sunlit Tides might work well … but Scuba Diving needs specialist underwater lots to work properly. The good thing is that sims can now move neighbourhoods with their smart phone … I have yet to try it though.

      • Cassie says:

        The moving towns thing is cool but really slow to load on my computer and the stuff from the mausoleum doesn’t move with it 😦 I tried this on the first Isla Paradiso save I had and I had to quit without saving 🙂
        ALSO this legacy is on of my favorite legacies of all time! I’m a huge book fan myself.

      • jolvsbooks says:

        Awww. Thanks for the lovely comment 🙂

        I’m currently waiting for my new pc to be built, so I’ll probably test the moving system when it arrives. The new ‘beast’ will be much more powerful than my laptop!

  4. meggyjj says:

    YES, I have finally caught up and I am so glad I have !! This is an amazing legacy I really, REALLY enjoy reading it….well done you! 😀 So looking forward to the next generation, I must admit I am a little bit in love with Arya she is so crazy!!

    • jolvsbooks says:

      Yay! And thank you so much!!! I’ve got a week long break from work now so I’m hoping to get the next chapter up soon and hopefully get a move on with the next generation. I can’t wait for Arya/Hunter babies 🙂 Wonder if they’ll inherit her crazy gene?

  5. References to Problem Child AND Little Shop in one post? It’s like I just relived my whole childhood in ten minutes!

    Adam. Wow. And I don’t normally say that about Sims. Your Bookabets sure do have some mighty fine genes floating around! Well done, miss.

    I didn’t know fairies could die from their own pranks, but it looks like Arya came awfully close…I’m glad Franco was able to save her!

    The evil little coward cracks me up every time. I can’t wait to see what everyone does in University!

    • jolvsbooks says:

      I loved those films growing up. Especially LSH.

      I almost fell off my chair when Adam grew up. I was very impressed! In fact, I stole him and married him off to my simself in a private legacy that I’m playing. It’s not just because he grew up so well … he’s always been my favourite out of Gen 1 and I’m extremely attached!

      Just wait until the evil little coward grows up. He’s definitely a match for Adam in the looks department. Atticus is a teenager at the moment but he also has potential … in that hot nerd way. These boys definitely take after their father!

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