Introducing the Very Shakespearean DITFT

Hi Everyone.

I’ve finally set up the website and written the introduction for my upcoming Differences in the Family Tree Challenge. I’ve written the first chapter of the pre-founding generation prologue and I’ve been working on the screenshots today, so it should be up in the next couple of days. It’s a project that has been floating around in my head for ages and is completely different from the Bookabet Legacy. It’s in first person narrative and is going to be a lot more serious than the crazy Bookabets. I’d be extremely grateful if you could just head over and let me know what you think so far.

You can find the website here.

As for the Bookabets, they are still alive and in no way have I given up on them. I’ve been gathering screenshots for the next couple of chapters so hopefully these won’t be too far off either. I’ve got annual leave from work all this week so I’ve got plenty of time for simming (for once!)


About jolvsbooks

I'm a library assistant from South Wales with a love of reading, writing and the cinema. I don't fall into the normal cliched view of a library assistant as I have bright read hair, love rock music and I'm not that quiet!! I have two beautiful dogs ... an 8 year old Scottie called Jet, and a 2 year old hyperactive terror Westie called Deefa.
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12 Responses to Introducing the Very Shakespearean DITFT

  1. Susan says:

    I have it on my reading list!

    I think I may reorganize my blogrolls for my two simblogs, perhaps dividing things out along humor/serious lines or somesuch. That would move the Bookabets to the ISBI and perhaps put the DIFT challenge on the Sample blogroll.

    • jolvsbooks says:

      I think that sounds like a good idea. It’s something I need to do with mine as well. My blog roll over at the Bookabets is so cluttered already, so I need to sort that out before I put one over here.

  2. Dragonwife says:

    Yay! New stuff to read!

  3. Aquaowl says:

    Seems pretty cool. Look forward to reading it as it progresses!

  4. JonesISBI says:

    I LOVEEE FLORIDA! I’ve been 4 times and my 5th next year! Isn’t it amazing. Epcot and MGM studios is my fave 😀 wbu?
    Anyway, I’ve recently started reading this legacy i’m on chapter 6, and it’s halirious so far xD
    Could you check out mine and my friend’s legacy?
    It’s not been updated in ages But were working on that! We have 3 chapters saved as drafts so it would mean a lot thank you 🙂 x

    • jolvsbooks says:

      Thank you for the lovely comment and of course I’ll check out your legacy 🙂

      I had a fantastic time in Florida and I definitely want to go back someday. I keep changing my mind, but I think my favourite Disney park was Epcot as well. We did the Keys to the Kingdom tour in the Magic Kingdom (backstage tour) and the romantic side of me will always love that park. It’s got the Disney castle and Beauty’s village so I love the ambience there. I’m also a BIG Harry Potter fan so I also fell in love with The Wizarding World at Universal’s Island of Adventure. So much stuff to love in Orlando!!!

      • JonesISBI says:

        aw thankyou! I love it so much, can’t wait til next year!

        And lol, i went to Wizarding World of Harry Potter, did you go on the ride in the castle? and the ride just outside the castle?

        Orlando is the best! 😛

      • jolvsbooks says:

        Sorry, but I haven’t yet had a chance to start your legacy yet. Things have been busy the last couple of days and I haven’t had the chance to read any blogs! I’m planning to spend the rest of this evening and tomorrow catching up though 🙂

        I loved the Wizarding World and yes, I went on all three of the rides there. I actually had to get rescued from Flight of the Hippogriff (the one outside Hogwarts) as it broke down! It didn’t stop me from going back on it when the ride was fixed though! The ride inside the castle was by far my favourite one inside Hogsmeade though. I also saw Kings Cross Station, the Hogwarts Express railway track and the houses in Diagon Alley in construction as well. It’s all being built in Universal Studios. That means I have to go back when it’s all finished …

  5. Senny Paine says:

    oooooooooo!!! Super excited to read this. Uuuughhh and here I thought I’d just read this and it would occupy my time for a while.

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