Chapter 1.19–The Chinese Night of Horrors

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Bookabet Legacy. Last time, Arya became a fairy (and won the subsequent heir poll) and Asriel tried to blow up the house. Also, these pictures were taken a while ago, before Seasons was released. We won’t get to those until the next chapter.


Apollo: What was that noise?! Damn humans waking me up with their antics again … how is a canine supposed to get a decent nights sleep in this place?

Bonehilda: You think YOU have it bad. Try cleaning up after them. If I wasn’t dead already, working in this house would kill me.


Meanwhile, the nutcase himself is apparently unscathed.


It looks like someone is grumpy when they don’t get enough sleep


Apollo: “And let that be a lesson to you”


Arya: Thank you for teaching one to drive Mother. Good deeds such as yours deserve a reward. Now watch this trick …

Ceridwen: Wh … What are you doing to me?!


Ceridwen: I can fly!! In your face Peter Pan!

Arya: Please remove your person from one’s chest mother. Haven’t you ever heard about boundaries?


Meanwhile, Anita is the first of generation one to find the drinks bar. Such an achievement! And so young too!

Anita: If you lived in a house with an insane fairy flinging around pixie dust everywhere, an evil little brother who keeps on blowing up the house, a skeletal  maid, a pack of talking dogs and the anti-Christ, you’d want a drink too!


I wouldn’t do that if I were you Anita. Drinking will rot your brain you know.

(Authors note: In no way do I support or encourage underage drinking. She did this all by herself, and besides, according to EA, she’s drinking ‘juice’ anyway. Just remember, drinking is bad kids … it lowers your inhibitions and makes you do BAD and embarrassing things!)



Anita: The watcher was right. Drinking really does rot your brain. I could swear that my mother is flying around next to me.


Ceridwen: You should really try this Anita. I’ve never had so much fun in my life.

Anita: I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m never going to drink again!!


Anita: There you go pretty girl. You look beautiful now.

Anita always spends so much time with the dogs on free will. It’s so sweet … I was thinking of moving Aphrodite out with Adam when he grows up, but I think I’ve changed my mind.


After spending time with Aphrodite, she decides to take herself off to the park for a bit of light reading:

“Do you think I’ve gone round the bend?”
“I’m afraid so. You’re mad, bonkers, completely off your head. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”

The philosophy I live by. Kudos to those who can tell me which book this is from.


After finishing her book, Alice visits the nearby Vault of Antiquity and stumbles across the alchemy station in the basement. Maybe she will make a fine little witch?

Alice: Never mind the basics, where are the love spells in this thing?

Or maybe not.


A common sight as usual, Adam spends the weekend practicing his martial arts rather than visiting his girlfriend.

Adam: A true sensei focuses on his long term goals … I want to be a master someday.


Anita, meanwhile, is focusing on something more worthwhile than the bottle and tests out the climbing wall.

Anita: I must admit, this is more fun than the juice bar.


Gelert: Look what I found! You don’t want to know how I got that home.

No, I don’t think I do. Still, a space rock may encourage aliens to visit after Seasons in installed, so thank you Gelert!


Dog hunting party collection update time. All of these statues (and the gems in the background) have been found by my pack of dogs. Again, I need the money more than the statues, so I sold all of them. This really is a fantastic way of making money. Thanks guys.


Adam: I know why I’m standing outside. That gem machine is giving me a massive headache. What about you boy?

Apollo: I heard Asriel muttering something about needing a wet dog for his stink juice potion and I fit the bill. I thought I’d get out of his way. I never thought I’d say it, but I want a bath. Where’s that Alice girl? She’ll give me one.


Adam: Hello? Travel agent? I want a flight to China please. When? Right now of course.


Adam: I can’t believe dad. Not letting me go to China unless you came along. To quote him, “You’re not going anywhere unless you take that bloody fairy with you.” Why’d you go and pull that freeze prank on him?

Arya: So that one could go to China silly boy. Some martial arts master you’ll make. Didn’t you know that predicting the actions of ones enemy is half the battle?


Arya: Why aren’t you flying big brother? Oh, I forgot, you can’t. Not much of an anti-Christ are you? I would get that checked if I were you. Flying is so much fun you know.

Adam: This is going to be a long trip. Come on Arya, let’s get to the market before it closes.


Arya: Sir Left-Hand. I might have known you would find me here. What do you want you villain? You won’t get away with it you know


Arya: You see, I smuggled my trusty knight Sir Right-Hand through customs and you know he is stronger than you. Take him away Sir Right-Hand.


Arya: Let that be a lesson to you, dear subjects. Nobody threatens Princess Arya of the Fae.

Store Keeper: What a crazy girl. Very entertaining though.


Arya: Hello store-keeping peasant. Is one laughing at Princess Arya of the Fae?

Store-Keeping Peasant: Why yes, yes  I am. You are very funny you know.


Arya: One thought so … Did you know you had a crack in your ceiling?

Idiotic Store-Keeping Peasant: WHAT? WHERE?


Arya: Take that peasant!

Idiotic Store-Keeping Peasant: WHAT IS THIS? WHY IS MY HEAD SO FULL OF …


Idiotic Store-Keeping Peasant: … STEAM?! *whistles like a tea-pot*


psychotic faced Arya: One suddenly has a craving for a cup of tea. Do you serve Oolong here?


Raging mad Store-Keeping peasant: GET OUT OF MY SHOP!!!

Arya: Is it something I said?

TS3W 2012-11-10 17-09-25-02 

Making Arya a fairy was the best decision EVER! She really is so much fun to play.


Arya: Such rudeness. All one wanted was a cup of tea. I guess he doesn’t stock Oolong. One will have to make do with a Chinese tea-fish instead.

What’s a Chinese tea-fish?


Arya: Haven’t you heard of a Chinese tea-fish? It’s a fish made of tea-bags and if you’re nice to it, it’ll give you one of them. Makes delicious tea you know. Doesn’t look like they’re biting today though.

I wonder why. It’s not like you’re fishing in a SWIMMING POOL or anything.


What ARE you doing Arya?

Arya: I managed to catch a Chinese tea-fish and I was so nice to it, it invited me to its parents house for lunch. They live in the river you know.


Why are you wearing your formal wear though? It can’t be comfortable swimming in that?

Arya: Nonsense … and besides, if someone asks you to meet their parents, one should make an effort to dress nicely. Now go away, one is going to be late.


Let’s just leave her to it shall we and check on Adam? Where are you off too?

Adam: I’m just on route to do something I’ve dreamed about since I first learned martial arts.


Martial Artist: Good luck child. May the best martial artist win.


Wow! That was intense. I took a screenshot of the score, but damned if I can find it. He lost anyway.

Adam: I don’t mind losing to such a great competitor. I’ll just have to practice harder.


Why do you look so upset Arya?

Arya: One doesn’t want to talk about it. Let me just say that one no longer likes Chinese tea-fish. Plus, one feels a little … odd.

That’s rich coming from you.

TS3W 2012-11-10 16-48-32-29

Oh. Ok. I get it know. This should be fun. Actually, downright creepy will be more accurate. I should warn you now that I had no control over the events that enfolded that evening …


The evening started off quite peacefully, with Adam learning a Chinese song off one of the locals …


… when the effects of the full moons embrace started to affect Arya quite strongly. Her eyes took on an eerie shade of lunacy and she started fidgeting in her seat, having thoughts that she’d never had before. She started eyeing her companions, but nobody in her eye line fit the bill. No, that Egyptian tourist opposite was undeserving of Princess Arya’s affections. All of a sudden, she heard the most beautiful baritone. She’d never heard Po and his checkers sang that way, and it stirred her very soul.


She turned around, and drifted over to the source of that voice. Their eyes met, and Adam was trapped in the fairy’s gaze. Her eyes were glowing and Adam forgot everything. He was under a fairies spell, made stronger by the light of the moon. His hands made their way up to her fiery locks. He couldn’t believe that anything could be this beautiful, and this supernatural creature in front of him shook him to his very core. He started to lean closer …

Chinese local: I don’t want to interrupt or anything, but aren’t you brother and sister?! You do realise that’s illegal don’t you?

With that, the spell was broken.

TS3W 2012-11-10 16-53-34-39

Adam: What the hell just happened?! For one second, I was seriously attracted to you!! I was just about to … to … kiss you. I’m just going to throw up now. Let’s never talk about this again!

Arya: Agreed dear brother. I have no idea what just came over one. Please get out of one’s sight before it happens again.

OMG!!! I can’t believe that just happened. It’s the creepiest thing to EVER happen in my game. Arya had the ‘moon lunacy’ moodlet and I was controlling her when the ‘lunatic embrace’ action appeared in her action queue bar. Not knowing what it did, I let it happen, and now I want to gauge out my eyes. *shudders*

TS3W 2012-11-10 16-50-47-19

Oh no, here we go again.


Luckily, this local had the foresight and strength of will to refuse the hug.

Chinese local: Get away from me kid. I saw what it did to your brother. There is no way I want to be enthralled to you.

You can refuse?! I’m now more creeped out by the fact that Adam agreed to the hug! It’s probably because they’re best friends. Still disturbing though!


Arya: One just wants a hug. Preferably from one that isn’t related to me biologically.

Chinese local: I said no. Bad fairy, no cookie.


Arya: One does not say no to Princess Arya of the Fae. One will pay for this outrage.

Actually, this is the creepiest thing to happen this update. Arya doesn’t even have the evil trait. Eat your heart out Asriel.


Luckily, the moon settles back to its monthly axis, and there appears to be no lasting damage. Adam and Arya wake up with no memory of the events the previous night. In fact, both of them have the sudden want to explore a tomb. Nothing like running from your troubles right? Maybe they remember more than they’re are letting on?


Arya: Look at this tomb. I bet there are all kinds of wild animal in there for one to adopt. One has always wanted a pet mummy … or a dragon.


Adam: There must be a switch here somewhere. Come and help me find it Arya.

Arya: In a moment Adam. One is having a little trouble right now with a certain traitor.


Arya: I’m telling you Sir Left-Hand. You won’t get the treasure. It’s mine, do you hear? MINE!


Arya: Get him Sir Right-Hand, and this time don’t fail me … No Sir Right-Hand. You wouldn’t! After all I’ve done for you.


Arya: The treachery.

Adam: HELP! I’m stuck in this tomb with a crazy sister with a tendency to strangle herself. Why did I agree to this trip?


Arya: Adam. I can hear them talking to me. The dragons. They’re everywhere.

Adam: For the last time Arya. GET OUT OF MY PERSONAL SPACE!!!!


Arya: You know what happens when people shout at me, don’t you dear brother?

Adam: You wouldn’t.

Arya: She would.


She did.


Adam eventually got his little sister to focus and they were able to make their way through the tomb. For the brave Adam, it was everything he’d ever dreamed of.

In case any of you are wondering, that’s the aura of body and mind Arya is wearing there. I thought it would help Adam build up his athletic skill in the tomb.


They worked together to dismantle the many booby deadly traps awaiting them. Cue Indiana Jones music with a difference.


Adam thinks he’s Indiana jones too.

Adam: You aren’t going to stop me fiery death pit. I’ll just vault over you with my awesome ninja skills.


Adam: That wasn’t supposed to happen. Oh bugger it … This is kind of HOT!!!!! Aaaaagh


Adam: Hello. Watcher person. I’d kind of like a little help right now. It’s kind of hot in here you know.

I’d get used to it if I were you. Being the anti Christ, you should be impervious to fire.


Luckily, Adam, being a brave sim, doesn’t panic and has the foresight to put himself out with a shower-in-a-can.


Adam: Who knew fire could be so much fun. I want to do it again!

I don’t think I could watch my Adam burn again, so no. I’d rather you didn’t if that’s ok?


While Adam is having a great time literally playing with fire, Arya is doing the sensible thing and testing the walls for any weaknesses.

Arya: Please let me inside your temple Great Dragon God so that one may steal … er … borrow your treasure. One promises to bring it back, honestly.


Apparently, the Great Dragon God is stupid and falls for Arya’s lies. Subsequently, she beats Adam to the treasure horde.

Arya: Look at all the shiny. Can I keep it?


After returning back to base camp, the game started seriously freezing. So, in a panic, I had Adam call for a flight home. I know the WA worlds can glitch a game something rotten if you’re not careful. Besides, the reason I came to China was for Adam to buy the martial art equipment he wanted and so he could spar with someone. As they say, the rest is gravy.

Adam: Hello, travel agent? Please let me go home NOW!! My sister is getting that look in her eye again. I’ve had all the fairy pranks I can take!!!

It’s true. Arya really does love to prank people. Anyway, this is a good time as any to end things for now. These are more or less the end of my pre-Seasons screenshots, so next update, we’ll have some fun with Seasons. Bye for now everyone Smile


Creepy Ice-Cream Truck: Where is he? Where’s the anti Christ? Don’t tell me that I’ve driven this creaky truck all the way to China and He isn’t even here? His Evilness is going to kill me.

The ice cream truck … wherever you go, we WILL find you.


About jolvsbooks

I'm a library assistant from South Wales with a love of reading, writing and the cinema. I don't fall into the normal cliched view of a library assistant as I have bright read hair, love rock music and I'm not that quiet!! I have two beautiful dogs ... an 8 year old Scottie called Jet, and a 2 year old hyperactive terror Westie called Deefa.
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19 Responses to Chapter 1.19–The Chinese Night of Horrors

  1. Dragonwife says:

    I love the fairy pranks and Ceri flying around was hilarious. I like all of the character development with all of the kids. But all I can really remember about this update is OMG-YOU-CAN’T-DO-THAT-WITH-YOUR-BROTHER!!! I’ve never had to deal with lunatic embrace, but that was super creepy!

    • jolvsbooks says:

      Lol! Think how bad it was to watch it all unfolding … creepiest thing ever. Luckily, there was no lasting damage. Apparently, the full moon affects insane sims in strange ways … It’s never happened to her before though. I don’t blame Arya in the slightest as she can’t help being insane. I do blame Adam for accepting the hug though!! What was he thinking?!

  2. Samantha says:

    I absolutely love your story, I’ve read through all of it and am currently also going through your recommended story list. This update was funny but also very very scary, with the Adam and Arya thing. *shiver* Anyways, love it.

    • jolvsbooks says:

      Hi. Nice to meet you and thanks for reading. The Adam and Arya thing was very disturbing … the full moon does crazy things to my sims it seems 🙂

      My blog roll needs a bit of a overhaul as a lot of the legacies I read have been cancelled and I still need to add links to a lot of them! Not to mention that I’ve discovered some new ones. When I find the time I’ll get around to it … maybe!

      • Samantha says:

        I’m kinda sad that the full moon never effects my sims. 😆 I think it’d be kind of interesting, though disturbing.

        I don’t really mind if they’ve been cancelled, because they’re still good stories. And besides, you have quite a big list already! It’s going to take me awhile to get through them all.

  3. Susan says:

    I always love seeing World Adventures in a simblog! I’ve never had troubles with game glitches, probably because I’m running Twallan’s Overwatch. I think if you have that, you’re in pretty good shape.

    Adam and Arya made adorable traveling companions. And I’m going to scrub the rest out of my brain.

    I haven’t had any sim do anything interesting during the full moon either. I don’t know if the lunatic embrace is a fairy thing or what. I don’t actually think any of my sims have gotten the Lunacy moodlet though, so that’s probably it.

    • jolvsbooks says:

      To be honest, Overwatch really does help my game run a lot smoother, but I didn’t want to tempt fate whilst it was freezing. Plus, I had everything I needed from China and I was missing Gelert and Asriel too much!

      Adam and Arya probably get on the best out of any of the siblings … probably because they are the oldest and Adam is so laid back and friendly. He’s an easy guy to get along with, and he seems to enjoy Arya’s crazy antics. In fact, whenever she pranks him, he gives her a thumb up! I knew they’d make great travel companions. Actually, they got on a little too well … so brain scrubbing is probably a good idea.

      I’m trying to remember if Arya used to get the lunacy moodlet before she became a fairy and I’m sure she did. It might be part of the insane trait and I don’t think she gets it every full moon. I’ll have to keep a closer eye on her!

  4. Aquaowl says:

    That lunatic embrace… Was just… Creepy.

  5. FranklinMarklin says:

    I’m not the only one who had to deal with that! Okay, well it was never incest (well, the second time sort of was, but nobody was friends with the guy so I suppose it worked out in the end) and my incident was much more…. neighborhood-spanning (the first time anyway), I guess would be descriptive of it. I don’t know if it would be worse for you to keep Arya in the home or out in the world, but you can control her and cancel out the action so I wouldn’t worry too much. Still though, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww………..

    • jolvsbooks says:

      Thank goodness that Arya’s lunacy hasn’t spread that far!!! I’ll definitely have to keep an eye on her! Luckily, the unfortunate incident hasn’t had any side effects and her relationship with her brother is back as it should be … it sounds like you had a much worse time of it!

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      • FranklinMarklin says:

        Given the fact that this happened in my ISBI/Wishacy and it was my first experience with the full moon, I was just going WTF the whole time. Thankfully it was only one of them. I can only imagine the chaos if all the insane sims got in on it. *shudders* The weirdest thing is that the post detailing the first occurrence is actually going to post this Saturday on its blog. Coincidences are such strange things.

  6. Abigail says:

    Seriously awesome! The Lunatic Embrace did happen to my teenage girl sim and her insane father, so no worries. Well, some worries, but still. I love the Alice in Wonderland quote. Nice touch. I love Arya! Why is the ice cream truck in China? That doesn’t happen to me. Anyways, I love your stories, you are great with comedic relief!

    • jolvsbooks says:

      Hi 🙂 Nice to meet you and thanks so much! The Lunatic Embrace is very creepy, but also very entertaining. Arya and Adam are no worse for wear, so no harm done! Arya is such an awesome sim … she is always doing something funny and she’s so easy to write about. As for the ice cream truck, it follows me around EVERYWHERE! I’ve never seen it in a WA world though, that’s definitely a first for me!!

  7. LOL, what in the world. I guess the full moon takes lunacy very seriously and makes people 100% looney. I enjoyed Arya’s encounter with the merchant at the store making steam come out of his ears. XD
    That picture of her glaring at the local she tried to hug is so creepy.
    I love the martial arts skill, especially when they get to higher levels and then you make them use the training dummy. It’s so awesome. ❤

    • jolvsbooks says:

      Adding lunacy onto an already loony sim is just asking for trouble. I don’t think she’ll be asked back ton China any time soon …

      She really does pull the cutest/creepy prank faces! As he’s disciplined, I had to have Adam learn the martial arts skill. He’s naturally talented and I love the faces he pulls whilst training. It’s one of my favourite skills 🙂

  8. LMAO, the Lunatic Embrace! I’ve seen my insane sims do it to people, but not their family members. I guess she really is insane. And so hilarious, I love Arya.

    • jolvsbooks says:

      I couldn’t believe it when she tried it on Adam. Maybe it was a bad idea sending the two teenagers on holiday on their own!

      It probably shows, but I love Arya too 🙂

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