Chapter 10: Births, Birthdays and Miserable Hell Hounds


Sim!Jet: Hello everyone and welcome back to the Bookabet Legacy. Last time, Arya grew  up into a beautiful toddler, Franco got stressed out, the Ice Cream Truck was creepy and both Ceridwen and Artemis discovered that they were preggers. Now that that’s taken care of Handler person, where’s my biscuit?!


It’s a bright sunny morning in the Bookabet household and Ceridwen decides to start off the day by making breakfast for her family.

Ceridwen: It’s a beautiful morning … I have a great life. I love my hubby and my babies and my doggies. I can’t wait for the puppies to come Smile


Franco: For me?

TS3W 2012-05-19 17-53-02-71 TS3W 2012-05-19 17-52-58-40

Excellent! I need money for an extension for the house now that Adam is about to grow up and Ceridwen is pregnant again. I’m keeping the Woohooium though Winking smile


Arya: WAAAH …. All of my needs are completely full but I’m going to cry anyway so I can get the attention from my big stinky brother …. WAAAH

This baby won’t stop crying!! I don’t know if it’s because she’s insane or because she wants to be outside?! I think Lucifer made a mistake and this is the actual anti-christ!


Franco: It’s your turn to get her

Ceridwen: I got her last time. Besides, I’m still eating.

Gelert: I shouldn’t have eaten that night-cream on the Mistress’ bedside cabinet … my tummy is all rumbly Sad smile


Looks like Sim!Deefa spent the night again.

Deefa: What can I say, you got good food here.


The family decide to go on a group outing to the consignment store to sell off all the gems and metals that Franco is miraculously carrying about in his pocket. Ceridwen finds a new way to push .. er pull Adam’s buggy

Ceridwen: I really didn’t think this through properly Sad smile

You think?


Ceridwen: That was embarrassing and not that funny … I really don’t understand why the fireman had to leave half way through because he wet his pants laughing. I mean, tat’s just unprofessional!


Thankfully, the rest of the family make it to the consignment store with  no problems and Arya stops crying for once.

Franco: My baby smells like strawberries Smile

Artemis: I like strawberries! Can I has?!


Our troubles are not quite over though as the consignment clerk has a slight invisibility problem at the moment … There’s also the possibility that the clerk is a lazy git who just decided not to get out of bed this morning.


Franco doesn’t mind and uses the opportunity to meet the neighbours.

Franco: Your baby is quite cute … though not as cute as mine. My kids are a photographers dream!


Neighbour: Stop being so rude!

Franco: What’s your problem?!

Franco has a lot to learn when it comes to talking to people.


After a couple of sim hours it appears that the consignment clerk is AWOL and Franco decides to cheer Arya up with a walk home. I’ll just sell the metal and stuff straight from his inventory.

Arya: Lobe tha outside. Me happy girl XD


Arya: Stop lookin at me .. I see into your soul

Ok … I’m slightly scared right now. Arya is a creepy little thing Disappointed smile

And where was Ceridwen I hear you ask?

TS3W 2012-05-19 18-22-13-58

She got this invitation and rushed home to dump Adam and the dogs off and get ready of course!


Ceridwen: You’re looking tall for once Jo!

Sim!Jo: I’ve been practicing my Sim God omnipotent powers. Still working out the kinks but it’s been fun learning.

Ceridwen: Talking of having fun, is there something you want to tell me?

TS3W 2012-05-19 17-33-13-69 TS3W 2012-05-19 17-32-39-83

My simself has been a very busy girl in story progression.  I didn’t even know that they’d hooked up! Why would anyone actually break up with Cocaine Chimeree?! I’m very disappointed in you Steaming mad

On the plus side, Coke babies Open-mouthed smile


Back at the house, Gelert is once again having issues with inanimate objects.

Gelert: Let’s get this straight Mr Bear … This is my house, and those are my humans. You stay out of my way and I’ll stay out of yours. Capiche?


As everything else seems to be breaking down at the moment it only makes sense that one of the main sources of income breaks down on us! I would get Franco to fix it but he’s kind of busy at the moment:


Franco: We’ve been here for ages Arya … please go pee pee. I have a party to get to.

Party? What party?!


Oh yes. Adam’s child birthday party. I think both Ceri and Franco rolled the wish and I especially love Franco so I indulged.

Ceri: These boots were totally made for walking … and dancing.‘


Coke: This child has just wedged itself into my stomach and I don’t know how to remove it. A little help please?


So close yet so far apart Sad smile

I have an idea though. Ceridwen to the rescue!!


Ceridwen: Why don’t you go over and kiss Coke? He’s been staring at you since he arrived

Sim!Jo: Really? All righty then.

Coke: What is that founder up to?


Sim!Jo: You’re looking mighty fine today Coke

Coke: Let’s ditch this party and go home Winking smile

Ceridwen: Plumbob, our work here is done.


Sim!Jo: Kissy time now?

Coke: Ok then

I love the new Party Influence interaction


Sim!Jo and Coke finally separate long enough for sparkly time though

Sim!Jo: I just want the cake

Franco: My son is growing up … woo hoo

Ceridwen: Maybe Franco should have done the cake bit. My back is about to give out


Adam: This feels weird


Look, Adam matches the rocket on his T-shirt Smile

Adam: Rocket baby a go


Ceridwen: OMG my son is now a child … I’m getting so old Crying face

Pretty Ceridwen is pretty … especially when pulling weird faces


Franco: Going to watch my wife and eat some cake.

Have I mentioned how much I love Franco? I love Franco … he’s so sweet and helpful around the house In love

Maid: Do I eat the cake or tidy it up?


Maid: Who am I kidding? ALWAYS EAT THE CAKE!!!

Adam: Hello creator person


Adam: Will you be my friend if I give you a hug?

Awww.This was entirely autonomous Smile

I gave Adam the family trait Bookworm so he is now a disciplined, brave bookworm. He aged up in this ensemble and I gave him a makeover, but looking at him now I kind of miss the cowboy hat.


Dog: And for my next trick … I will attempt to be a statue and remain frozen like this until my master needs me again.


Artemis: What are you doing near my buried treasure … er I mean my house. No treasure here … nope. Not a bit.



LEAVE THE DOG GNOME ALONE ARTEMIS!! Sheesh, Gelert isn’t the only one with issues!!


Sim!Jo: Thanks for the party. I had a great time but I’m all partied out now … come on Coke Winking smile

Maid: OMG! It’s the handler … I’m so star struck!

Despite being loners, both my simself and Coke have both become celebrities. And because Ceri and Franco are friends with the both of them, they have 1 star fame points as well. So it begins Eye rolling smile


Gelert: Where is this cake I’ve heard so much about? I hope you’ve saved me some mistress Ceridwen or I will be seriously displeased


A reason why I love Franco so much. He autonomously cleans up the dirty plates despite being a childish and absent-minded sim.


Highchair Bear: I’ll will kill you all with germs … Mwah ha ha

Maybe Gelert was right Disappointed smile


Gelert: What is this new contraption? It makes funny happy noises. I feel like … like …


…. howling along. I’m feeling goooood


Whilst Gelert gets his first taste of the awesomeness that is Muse, Dog also makes his reappearance.

Dog: What can I say. Muse rocks

They totally do


Dog: I’m off to find my master now and ask him why his subconscious has made me look like this. I’m a scary hell hound Sad smile

Sorry Dog but I can’t take you seriously in that get up


Dog: I understand if you don’t want me to look like a scary hell hound,  but can’t you have imagined me as a dragon, a troll or a snake or something? That way I could have at least been green. I’m a boring beige rag doll.

Adam: Don’t you ever stop talking? This conversation is boring me now … go and wash the dishes or something.


Dog: Hell hounds don’t wash dishes *grumble*


With the money from the gems and the metals that Gelert collected, I’ve been able to build a bedroom off the kitchen for Adam. I bought bunk beds as it’ll be suitable for when Arya grows into a child.


Arya has a a bit of a wait until her birthday though. Her parents have yet to teach her all her skills.

Ceridwen: You are insane and your brother is brave. Our house is going to burn down one day Sad smile Can you say fire alarm?


Another reason why I love Franco. He is a closet Hopeless Romantic

Franco: This picture represents my heart … Bleeding with love for my wife and family


And to top it off, he decides to tackle the Highchair of Death.

Franco: Wouldn’t want my kids to get ill from this stinking highchair

I Red heart you Franco!!


Enough of me and my weird crushes on pixelated married men … this is what you’ve all been waiting for, am I right?

Artemis: Hello … everyone? I’m going into labour now and I demand your attention!!



Let me just take a moment to absorb the cuteness

Ok I’m done. Artemis had a boy and a girl and the puppies were completely identical except for the head structure. One of the puppies has a fluffier head than the other so they’re very hard to tell apart in photographs and as I took these snapshots a few weeks ago I’ll probably get them muddled up. I wrote down the puppies names and traits but I’m not sure which is which!! I double check and tell you next time. I’m going for a Mythology theme for the dog legacy and so I named the girl Aphrodite after the Greek goddess of love and Apollo after the Greek God of the sun.

I think Aphrodite is the fluffier one and her traits are Loyal and Playful. Apollo is Non-destructive and Loyal. I think it’s adorable that both puppies inherited the loyal trait from their dad Smile


Artemis: My work here is done … I want food now please

Franco: Yeah sure … but who’s that?

I don’t know. She is one of their neighbours who gate-crashed the birthday party and REFUSES to leave!!! I wonder if she moonlights as an Ice Cream Truck driver in her spare time?


Aphrodite*: I don’t like you or your ugly snake boots. *cute little puppy growl*

*I think?


Apollo*: Run away from the scary lady!!

*could be? They’re so frigging identical!! Cute though SmileScreenshot-538

How do you feel about being a father Gelert?

Gelert: Say what now?! *Dur face*

I think Gelert is a little shell shocked by the new development.


Adam wastes no time in choosing his favourite of the litter.

Adam: Look at the cute puppy!! We’ll be best friends

Apollo: You do the fussing and I’ll do the licking. Best Friends Forever.

So cute!!! I think this one looks more like Gelert. Also, this is Adam post makeover … I was trying to go for a look that suited his personality but I’m not sure if this is it. What do you guys think? I also think he looks a lot like his dad, but he might have Ceridwens nose?


To cap off an already long and eventful day, Ceridwen decides to go into labour herself later that night scaring the wits out of her son

Adam: ALL I WANTED WAS A BEDTIME STORY Sad smile Sad smile Sad smile

Franco: Zzzz Please don’t fire me Zzz


Ceridwen heads off into the nursery to give birth alone whilst Franco is left to deal with his traumatised son. Somehow I don’t think a book on Psychology is going to cut it.

Franco: … and that’s why my dream was so interesting. I’m self-employed and can’t get fired. The dream was obviously a representation of my own fears and self-doubts.

Adam: ….

I think you’ve lost the kid Franco. I still love you Franco so don’t worry.


This is where I discovered that I haven’t got any screenshots of the babies.

Ceridwen: Babies?!

Yes, babies. Sorry about that readers, but I haven’t played past this night so you can get your first eyeful of the twin girls next time. Besides, it’s not like you’re missing anything … all sim infants look the same!

I did write down the names and traits of the babies though:

Anita Bookabet is absent-minded like her dad and loves the outdoors like her big sister. She likes French Music, Spaghetti and the colour red. She is named after the tough kick-ass Vampire slayer and Necromancer heroine of the series by Laurell K Hamilton.

Alice Bookabet is Good and Grumpy, which will be fun. She likes kids music, veggie burgers and the colour Violet. She is named after the title character in Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and also my favourite character in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.

That’s a good place as any to finish, so I’ll leave you with a suitably adorable picture of Artemis and Aphrodite all snuggled up and toasty warm:


Artemis: Zzzz I love my puppy Zzzz

Aphrodite: Zzzz I love my mummy Zzzz


About jolvsbooks

I'm a library assistant from South Wales with a love of reading, writing and the cinema. I don't fall into the normal cliched view of a library assistant as I have bright read hair, love rock music and I'm not that quiet!! I have two beautiful dogs ... an 8 year old Scottie called Jet, and a 2 year old hyperactive terror Westie called Deefa.
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15 Responses to Chapter 10: Births, Birthdays and Miserable Hell Hounds

  1. Awwww, that last picture almost made me die from the cute!! Now I want puppies… 😦 Alice is my favorite from Twilight as well, therefore I automatically cast my vote for her as heir. 🙂

    • jolvsbooks says:

      The puppies are adorable and a good mix between their parents, but it would be nice if they weren’t so identical lol!! Alice has already got one heir vote and she hasn’t even been seen yet! 🙂 I’m not looking forward to her toddler years … Arya is bad enough!

      • The identical pet offspring thing seems to be an issue with a lot of folks; I’m looking forward to future generations to see if that remains a theme or if throwback genetics ever make an appearance…

      • jolvsbooks says:

        I’ve never played with pet genetics before, so it will be interesting to watch how they develop. Any differences between them will be more noticeable when they grow up …

  2. DragonWife says:

    Puppies! They’re soooo cute!

    I love Alice, too, so that might influence any voting I do. This family is just so darn cute!

    • jolvsbooks says:

      The puppies are gorgeous even if they’re hard to tell apart! I’ve got loads of puppy spam so keep tuned 😉

      Alice is really popular so far .. I wasn’t really being fair naming her after such a popular character 🙂

  3. Susan says:

    Hee! More book names!

    The Anita Blake books come very well-recommended from my friends, but I haven’t actually gotten around to reading them.

    Alice in Wonderland is one of the great revered stories from my husband’s childhood. I only read it and Through the Looking Glass a few years ago, and I enjoyed it of course.

    I have never read Twilight, and I think I’m going to have to because it is SOOO controversial. Most people I know love to make fun of it, but a few people really do love it. I haven’t seen the movies either. And I’d never heard of Alice.

    • jolvsbooks says:

      I like the Anita Blake books but they are very controversial and some say Laurell K Hamilton is losing her touch. I still read them because I’ve invested so much time in the characters! She also created the genre of Vampire Romance and was around a long time before Charlaine Harris and Keri Arthur etc.

      Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass were one of my favourite books growing up so the name is very nolstagic for me.

      I read Twilight a long time before the films came out and I enjoyed them … They aren’t great works of literature but they are good as a typical teen romance. They are the sort of books that you have to keep reading until the end. Although I much preferred The Host.

      My Alice already has a few heir votes and she isn’t even a toddler yet!!

  4. Zaffie says:

    Ah I love this legacy! It’s epic in so many ways! Especially the dogs, the dogs are incredibly awesome. I ❤ Gelert. Also, is there an alphabet theme as well as the book/mythology one? This legacy is epic, it's totally going on my Must-Reads list. Would you do me a huge favour and check out my new legacy? THANK YOU!
    Also, I find it amusing that you live in South Wales. I live in New South Wales. xD

    • jolvsbooks says:

      Aww thanks for the lovely comments 🙂

      I’m a dog person in real life so of course my sim dogs steal the show!! Yes, as I am crazy I’m attempting an Alphabet Legacy so all the kids/puppies will be named after a different letter per generation. Of course I’ll check yours out 😀

      I think that’s funny too! South Walians rule … both New and Old 😉

  5. Zaffie says:

    Naturally. 😀 Besides, Wales is awesome. I’ve never managed to go, but I’ve always wanted to. Is it gorgeous and amazing?

    Thank you for checking mine out! 😀 And yes, I’m very much a dog person too. I have two of them, both Maltese x Poodles (Moodles, apparantly) and they’re adorable. The older one is 3, kind of a white/apricot colour and named Honey, and the younger one is nine months, silver/black, and called Nyxie. They’re both girls. 😀 Dog people are the best.

    Now hurry and update! This legacy is too epic to go as slowly as the others! xD

  6. This puppy cuteness is too much, I can’t handle it, *faints*
    LOL, just kidding. Ugh, I love mythological names. They’re just… idk, they sound amazing. XD

    • jolvsbooks says:

      Sorry for that! Actually, generation 2 is about to be born so I’m about to go through it all over again. Sign, here we go. I hope my computer can handle the cuteness!

      I love mythological names too. They sound so regal 🙂 I’m still debating what to name generation B.

  7. Alice is my favourite Twilight character, too! I can’t stand Bella or Edward, always favoured the other Cullens. And I’m with you, The Host is a much better book (though a terrible movie). Actually a unique concept!

    Simself babies with Coke sounds like a good idea, I should put some Chimerees in one of my towns…

    • jolvsbooks says:

      The Host movie was such a huge disappointment! So much potential there as well. *shakes head*

      I always find myself drawn to the quirky characters in books and film. Luna Lovegood, Alice Cullen, Moriarty (Sherlock) … It’s probably because I’m a little bit mad in RL!

      Coke is awesome and makes beautiful babies!

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